RED's Scarlet X - Annouced Today

Alongside Canon's new C300 announcement, after 3 years, Scarlet is now for real.
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  • Oh my. That sounds really really good. Pricing is genuinely unbelievable, especially with the Canon mount. *resists urge to spend entire savings on camera package*
  • This redefines the way we make films in my mind.
  • That camera is high priced!
  • edited November 2011
    Trust me, for what it is, its low priced.
  • I do wish they'd make a good looking camera though, lol. Canon just took a bit of a groin shot with that announcement as far as I can tell.
  • A joke that has been doing the rounds..
    [quote]Wait... if the Scarlet sensors are just Epic sensors that didn't measure up... it's LITERALLY an Epic Fail???[/quote]
    Seriously though, this does sound like a very cool camera.

  • I do wish they'd make a good looking camera though, lol.

    Does the 'lol' mean you're joking? Because seriously yo, who cares? The thing could look like a rusty can and I'd still want one.
  • Not joking. No doubt I'd snatch one of these up if by some miracle I ever had the chance but it's ugly.... imo. Like you said though, who gives one about that.
  • The $9750 is the base price for the main housing. You're looking at $14,000-$16,000 to have a functional unit.

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