robin hood son of herne

Hi im Alan pell, im making what could be the biggest none budget movie ever, with a cast of hundreds
my hoood story has castles , horses, medieval battles , etc , the proceeds going to HFH charity.
also will there be any more preset film looks i like them im home fx ?


  • You already have a thread here. No need for a new thread.
  • Hey Alan, as Matthias has said you already have a thread about this topic- perhaps you could edit the original one to include the facebook link and also your youtube page. Another thing you could do is pm one of the moderators and ask them to place a link to this thread in the production diary page at the top of the forum. It's a permanent page so it'll always stay at the top and people will always be able to find a link to your work through that. All the best, excited about the stuff you've shown so far on your facebook page!

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