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Hey. So, I took Axel's advice, and went to post this on the FxHome forums, but still no response from anybody.. So since this sectoin IS to talk about anything (within politically correct bounderies of course) I don't think anyone will mind me posting this here.
Again, I am using Visionlab Studios still. *sigh*
Yeah, so anyway, I need a bit of help achieving the effect where the people in Harry Potter are just shooting random jinxes at eachother, like this:
The part where one's wand flashes, then the other wizard (the one blocking) gets kind of a plasma liquid smoke cloud thing. I had sort of thought about just adding a small blur and a displacement map to a bamf, but I think that effect could be done a whole lot better. (Note, that i need help with the blocking, not the shooting.) Any help is very appreciated.


  • Your video isn't working.
  • Link doesnt work mate
  • I fixed the link, so it should be working now.
  • Thanks Axel. By the way, the part where they do this the most is the Siruis/Harry vs. Luscious fight scene (In the beginning?) Thanks in advance again!
  • Ok, guys, I REALLY need an answer on this one. So, come one! Let's get those answers goin'!
  • I've used muzzle flashes in both Hitfilm and Visionlab as shield hits with pretty good success. Basically, you flatten the core ejection and increase the number of side ejections, blending them together as much as possible to get a disk shape. I then change the barrel angle of the radial flares to make them slightly wrap around whatever is behind the muzzle flash. Then it is simply a matter of tweaking color and transparency to get the look you are after.
    Here is a link to an example where the shields were done in VisionLab...
    Hope this helps. I had uploaded a "Shield Hit" preset to FXHome, but I'm not sure where to find that now.
  • Not quite what I was after, but thanks though. :)
  • I actually think rtrowbridge's idea is probably the best way to go. It's a really easy way to create a shield-like shape that can flicker and change on each frame and be fully rotated to face any angle you want. Obviously it doesn't have to look exactly like his Star Trek example.
    What about his technique doesn't work for you?
  • Well, it doesn't really get the effect I was going for. It does make a great spaceship shield, but not what I'm after.
    The effect I'm after is seen alot here, specifically when Bellatrix's laugh is cut off by a spell she blocks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmWhsPy_-5s
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    I think if you actually tried using rtrow's method, you could find a way to make it work. What you just posted is essentially a larger, and quicker version of his shield flare. Have you tried experimenting with this at all? Maybe if you showed us what you've come up with so far, someone can offer some better suggestions on how to tweak it.
  • Yeah, in that video it looks like exactly something you could do with the muzzle flash effect. You realise it doesn't have to look exactly like rtrowbridge's version, right? You can customise the colour/density/etc to look more like a magical shield.
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    Yeah I knew it didnt have to look just like the star trek shield. However, due to everyone's responses, i just remembered that you can change the textures of the flash. Thanks all!

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