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Keegan Larwin

Keegan Larwin is a freelance filmmaker, VFX Artist, and motion designer based out of New York City. You can see his work on big and small screens alike. He has designed for names like Showtime, Hallmark, Vox Media, and Spotify. His work in film and TV has extended to shows like FX’s American Horror Story and Showtime’s Kidding with Jim Carey.

Keegan’s humble beginnings were in the suburbs of Ohio, making movies on his DV camera and whipping up VFX in FXhome’s Effectslab lite to dazzle his schoolmates. He then attended college at Kent State University studying film before directing his first feature film, Unlucky (2016). He moved to New York in 2016 and has been successfully freelancing in Film, TV, and Advertising ever since.

FXhome’s software was crucial in developing skills that would carry Keegan in his professional career. The friendships and connections he made on the forums and in the FXhome community over the years have helped him grow as a filmmaker and business owner.

Keegan Larwin
Keegan Larwin