This program is no longer for sale, so unless you already have a serial code you will be unable to activate. Why not try the latest version, Ignite Pro, instead?

Step 1: Uninstall any existing copies

Firstly, uninstall any existing copies of Ignite Pro 2017 that you already have on your computer.

Step 2: Download the installer

Click the download button below that corresponds to the operating system you are running. This will download the installer to your computer.

This version of Ignite Pro 2017 was released on 2nd Feb 2017. A newer version is now available. Download your latest version instead.

Download Windows installer - version 1.0.6201 (280MB) »

Download Mac installer - version 1.0.0432 (314MB) »

Step 3: Run the installer

Run the Ignite Pro 2017 installer file on your computer by double clicking on its file icon (this requires administrator privileges on your computer). Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Step 4: Activate the software

Step 5: Finished

Ignite Pro 2017 is now ready for you to use!