Viewer panel

viewer panel

The Viewer is where you see the results of your editing and compositing.

It's also where you'll make many of your compositing decisions, as it can be faster and easier to move layers around in the viewer than by entering numerical values into the Controls panel.

The Viewer is the most customizable of all the Edit & Effects panels.

Viewer & timelines

The Viewer is linked to your currently selected timeline. Whenever you select an open timeline the Viewer will update to show the current playhead position for that timeline.

This means that switching between different timelines can cause the Viewer's contents to change completely.

Editing Viewer

When using the Editor sequence the Viewer will update dynamically depending on your currently selected tool, providing useful information that helps to make accurate editing decisions.

For detailed information see the Editing tools chapters.

2D & 3D

HitFilm's Viewer functions in both 2D and 3D. If you're working on the Editor sequence you will always see the 2D viewer. When you're creating composite shots you can work in 2D or 3D.

There are some differences between the 2D viewer and the 3D viewer. When you work in 3D you get additional controls for the z-depth of layers and the ability to control cameras in 3D space. You can also have multiple views from different points of view, making it easier to position layers in 3D.

Viewer display properties

Along the top of the Viewer are a row of menus. These are used to customize the Viewer for your particular needs. There any many useful features here:

Change the visible channels.
Switch between different rendering qualities.
Turn different positioning guides on and off.
Choose from different 3D views (when in a 3D composite shot).

You will continually adjust the Viewer depending on what you're doing. For full details head over to the Customizing the view chapter.

Transforming layers

One of the main features of the Viewer is being able to transform layers using a more visual method than adjusting numerical values in the Controls panel.

The transform widgets provide quick access to position, rotation and scale.

For more information on the transform widgets, see Transforming layers in 2D and Transforming layers in 3D.

RECAP The Viewer gives you visual feedback about your project and is used to control your layers in a more direct way.