Layer properties

All layers have a layer properties section. This is not visible on the timeline and must be accessed via the Controls panel.

The Controls panel will always display the layer properties section for the currently selected clip or layer.

The contents of the layer properties section will vary depending on the type of layer.

Visible - turns the layer's visibility on and off. Even if a layer is invisible it can still affect other linked layers.
Dimension - some layers can be switched between 2D or 3D. Composite shots can also be set to 3D unrolled, which is explained in Working with layers.
Alignment - 3D layers can be set to align Along Motion Path, which changes the orientation based on the layer's position keyframes, or Towards Active Camera, which orients the layer so it is always billboarded to the camera.

When aligning Along Motion Path an additional property is provided for specifying the axes of alignment.

Blend - different blend modes affect how layers combine with each other when occupying the same area of the frame.
Motion blur - motion blur can be enabled and disabled for each individual layer.
Parent - a list of other layers in the composite shot, duplicating the parent menu on the timeline.
Promote lights - embedded 3D unrolled composite shots provide this property. Any lights inside the composite shot will also affect layers in the parent composite shot.

Some layers have additional layer properties, such as cameras and lights. These are explained in the Special layers section.

RECAP Layer properties can only be accessed through the Controls panel.