Using comps on the editor sequence

Composite shots can be used on the Editor sequence in the same way as other media, such as videos and images.

All of your composite shots are listed in the Media panel and can be added to the Editor sequence timeline.

A composite shot that has been used on your Editor sequence can be edited using the same tools that you use for other media. More information can be found in the Editing tools chapters.

Composite shots are not previewed in the Viewer during edits and are not displayed in the preview trimmer.

Composite shot duration

Trimming the in and out points of a composite shot on the Editor sequence only affects that individual clip; the original composite shot is unaffected.

If you want to lengthen a composite shot beyond its original maximum duration, you first need to adjust its duration using the Composite shot properties window.

Opening composite shots from the Editor sequence

Double-clicking a composite shot on the Editor sequence will display the composite shot's contents on its own timeline.

This is a far more efficient workflow than needing to constantly re-export your visual effects shots for each iteration.