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PhotoKey Pro 8: New Features & Updates

New creative effects, a refined interface and 250 included backdrops make PhotoKey 8 Pro our most exciting upgrade yet.

Upgraded keying tools


250 high-quality backdrops


Improved Photoshop plug-in


New effects & filters


More layers, more control


Interface refinement


Faster and smarter

Our keying tools are the best in the business. PhotoKey 8 Pro makes working with green screen as simple as drag, drop and click.

Chroma Key Explosion - before Chroma Key explosion - after (transparent background)

Luminance key

Create a realistic matte effect based on the luminosity of your source data. Ideal for cutting out subjects from white or black backgrounds and perfect for when you’re working with smoke, fire and transparent elements. No green screen required.

Remove color matting

Works hand-in-hand with the luminance key to improve the appearance of cut-outs and remove any dark or bright edges. Essential for creating convincing composites from any image.

Transport your clients

Putting together an image library takes a lot of time. Skip the hassle and take your subjects anywhere in the world with our bumper pack of 250 print-resolution, 20 megapixel standard backdrops.

Included with PhotoKey 8 Pro as standard, it covers a diverse set of themes including: Adventure, Beauty, Corporate Portrait, Gothic, London Sightseeing, Pets, Seniors, Studio Background and Urban.

Improved Photoshop plug-in

Built to work alongside the software you know and love, PhotoKey 8 Pro is fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC for the best photo editing experience.

Interface screenshot of the PhotoKey 8 Pro plugin in Adobe Photoshop CC

Works with Photoshop CC

Up-to-date and compatible with the latest version of Photoshop, get started right away with PhotoKey 8 Pro’s advanced keying and luminosity tools.

Compatible with Actions

If part of your batch processing involves repeating commands, you’ll already be familiar with Photoshop’s Actions tool. PhotoKey 8 Pro integrates seamlessly with your Actions palette to record complex operations and automate your workflow.

New effects & filters

Duo tone effect in new PhotoKey 8 Pro

White balance skin tones

The automatic skin tone filter first detects any faces in the image using intelligent facial recognition technology. After analyzing skin tone and ambient light, PhotoKey adjusts the hue, saturation and exposure of the entire image, giving you a more natural result.

Duo Tone

Produce striking results by superimposing one half-tone color over another. Popularized by Spotify, this effect brings out middle tones and highlights to create truly striking images.

Color vibrance

Used extensively in comic book and cosplay projects, PhotoKey’s color vibrance tools give you a rich and instant boost of hue and saturation.

Vignette exposure

This alternative vignette effect adjusts the exposure of the edges of the frame for a subtler and more natural result. Brighten your vignette to create a halo effect, or use the tool to tone down unwanted vignette in your original image.

Warhammer 40k cosplay space marine photoshoot using Color Vibrance effect

More layers, more control

Warhammer cosplay actor in photoshoot

Work with up to 16 layers

We’ve doubled the number of layers you can add to your project for enhanced flexibility. Build the composite shot you really want.

Blend modes & transparency

Change the blend mode of your layers and enjoy even greater control over complex images and the interaction of its layers.

Refined experience

Screenshot of the refined, Hi-DPI interface of new PhotoKey 8 Pro

Quicker and easier

Access your backdrops at the click of a button, rename your layers and enjoy additional filters and refinements in PhotoKey 8 Pro.

HiDPI support for Windows

Experience a beautiful, high-resolution interface on Mac and Windows with support for both Retina and HiDPI displays. PhotoKey has never looked better.