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Filmstro - Features and Specifications

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Music Library

Filmstro gives you access to an ever-growing dynamic music library. Search for music by mood, genre, instrumental palette or musical style. You can also search using keywords or add music to your ‘favorites’ category.

Usage Rights

The Pro license covers the following use cases:

  • Personal YouTube (including monetized videos)
  • Personal Vimeo (excluding Vimeo On Demand)
  • Personal Social Media (excluding ‘boosted’ content)
  • Personal Website and Showreel (excludes wedding videos)
  • Short Films (excludes rights to sell)
  • Podcasts (unmonetized only)
  • Company Website, Video Platforms and Social Media
  • Crowdfunding Videos
  • Wedding Videos
  • Podcast (monetized)
  • Apps, Games, Audiobooks and Software
  • Live Events
  • Vimeo (On Demand)
  • DVDs

This license can’t be used for content that will be used on broadcast TV or Radio. For licenses with extra coverage, please get in touch with Filmstro.

Dynamic Control

Using the 3 slider technology you can control the momentum, depth and power of the soundtrack. Moving the sliders will auto-generate keyframes on the graph editor. All keyframes are deletable and movable.

Exporting Soundtracks

Modifiers can be applied to the 2D data in the Sequence Items and Tracks. Some can also be applied to the Master Track.Export your final soundtrack as a .WAV file to import into your NLE, or export the entire video with the soundtrack embedded in the new exported video. Filmstro sessions can also be saved as .stro sessions, which can be opened on any computer using Filmstro.

System Specs


OS X 10.12 Sierra or above.


Microsoft Windows 7 or above.

Internet connection

Good internet connection.




~ 40GB free on system drive (SSD preferred)


For more FAQs on how Filmstro works please check out the FAQ section here.

Get in touch with your questions or feedback for Filmstro on support@filmstro.com

For regular updates on the latest music releases, check out the following channels: