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ACCESS:VFX is an industry-led non-profit that aims to improve inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunity in the VFX, animation, and games industries. The organization works with young people across the UK, US, and Canada to inspire, educate, and mentor along the path to exciting opportunities in these emerging industries.

Our mission is to make creative tools available to everyone regardless of advantage or background is mirrored in our membership as part of the incredible ACCESS:VFX. We’re so proud to work closely with the cause and excited to see the positive impact this fantastic non-profit continues to have across the world.

Javert Valbarr - FXhome's VFX artist and product expert teaching students with AccessVFX
Javert Valbarr teaching students HitFilm at AccessVFX

“Our company has been built on the belief that everyone should have access to the tools they need, to tell the stories they want to share. ACCESS:VFX is doing fantastic work to help fix these problems and we’re proud to be on board.”

Josh Davies – CEO, FXhome