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Send in the Clones

Tempted by the dark side? Learn how to use the Force (read: masking and layering tricks) to turn a single stormtrooper into a deadly imperial army. Join the clone(ing) wars with our duplication tutorial.

Can you imagine casting 400 Stormtroopers for a three minute short? To keep costs down and production value high, we used masking: a simple technique used to duplicate actors. Watch the full tutorial on removing and adding elements.

Project files

If a corridor of Stormtroopers isn’t enough for you - how about a hangar full? We used just one 3D Stormtrooper model, a particle system and HitFilm Pro to create a battalion of CG baddies.

Add some movement variation for an army that Darth Vader would be proud of. Except he’s Darth Vader - so he’d be fairly derogatory about the whole thing.

A View to a Kill

Get a rebel’s eye view of a laser-cladded AT-AT or watch asteroids float by from an X-wing cockpit with simple tracking and grading tools.

We wanted our menacing AT-AT to pinpoint and target our gun-toting rebel as soon as she burst out of the bunker – so we tracked her. In this UI tutorial we’ll show you how to track and automatically animate layers.

Project files

Upgrade the effects on your probe droid’s targeting system with footage distortions and colorful grades. Give your AT-AT a high-tech edge that’ll send the rebel army running back to Yavin 4.

Project files

Don’t underestimate the power of HitFilm Pro.

Whether you want to scale up your AT-AT 3D model for a ground-trembling reveal, or draw the viewers’ eye with some low flying Tie-Fighters - you can bring a sense of scale and peril to your film by importing and animating complex 3D models.

Free AT-AT model included

Project files

Straight-shooting Stormtroopers

Pew pew pew! Make Stormtroopers classically miss their targets or (finally) shoot straight with this Rogue One-style shootout tutorial featuring the iconic star wars blaster effect.

Download the project files to quickly recreate the effect– or challenge yourself to build your own laser shootout from scratch. Either way, you’re in for a blast(er).

Learn to drag and drop muzzle flash effects – and add subtle illuminations to your shooters with a single click. No one will know your scene wasn’t built by a pro.

Project files

Stormtroopers can’t seem to land a single hit. Here we teach you how to use stock footage and advanced tracking techniques to accentuate those off-target shots with visual effects like blaster impacts, flying sparks and smoke.

Project files

Iconic titles

A long time ago, in a galaxy (not so) far away, there was an epic title sequence…

Create an iconic opening with text that changes size, movement, speed and appearance. Import an image from other software or design your title completely inside HitFilm Express to ramp up the sci-fi factor.

Project files

Behind the scenes

Rogue bats, lurking drones and 48 hours in a ice-cold bunker – see what it took to bring the HitFilm Rebellion project to life.

Find out how we channeled our inner George Lucas and created a Star Wars fan film with our friends at Emmy award winning Ember Films, without a huge Hollywood budget.

Josh and Kirstie break down what it took to find a set, plan the filming, create the props and, most importantly, keep everyone fed!

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