Portal Combat

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Film Riot are YouTube's biggest name in indie filmmaking - so they're pretty neat. So neat they're sharing their files in a big ball of filmmaking deliciousness so you can recreate Portal Combat using HitFilm Express for FREE.

Follow along as Ryan Connolly and the Film Riot team show you how.


Every video needs editing… even that one you put on Facebook.

Using the awesome Portal Combat footage, follow Ryan's tutorial as he shows you how to cut it to pieces. You'll be editing like a pro in no-time. 1

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  1. or at least like someone who's followed an editing tutorial.


Editing is fun but what you want are those badassical special effects… amirite?!.

HitFilm Express has got you covered - it's an editor and professional visual effects product too. Did we mention it's free? Yeah, you're welcome.

Grab the files below and jump into the mysterious world of Ryan Connolly as we show you how to get portaling…

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Muzzle Flashes

Portals not your weapon of choice? How about an AK or a Glock? Now we're talking!.

HitFilm Express has everything you need to make that BB gun look sweeeet! Download Ryan's box of delights and follow along as we show you how to bust a cap

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