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The time is now. Don't choke!

A new player has entered the game. Are you ready to step up and take your gaming 🎮 ambitions to the next level? We're going to teach you everything we know about creating the best Fortnite gaming videos and building your channel. 🔥

Accept the quest and let's get started.

Press Start

Learn how to record gaming footage on your PC using free OBS software.

Capturing your best gaming moments can be a mine(craft)field 🤐. We'll look at settings for bitrate, resolution, frame rate, and capturing your display so that you can record the perfect Fortnite footage without a hitch.

Leave no scope for error

Don't be a noob - make sure that your audio is crisp and clear before uploading your latest creation to your fans.

Think using Aimbot is a crime? Well, bad audio is worse. We show you how to set up your microphone 🎙️ correctly, and which voiceovers are best for your style of video. Watch us fix our audio by using some of the best effects included in Audacity software (completely free).

Crank up that edit ✂️

No Gaming channel is complete without dramatic zooms, green screen and layered facecam footage!

Get that golden reaction caught on camera! Use chroma key to enhance your personality and place your facecam anywhere in the world 🌎 - or simply cut it out to layer over your screen recording using PiP. Fashion yourself after the biggest online gamers in the world and add a little flair with sharp keyframed zooms using HitFilm Express.

Equip yourself, we're going in.

Resurrect boring 😣 content with a sweet edit 🙏

Life (and attention span) is too short for your fans to be watching boring content. Cut your video and audio like a professional with J and L cuts, and jazz up your final shot with motion-tracked memes and graphics. All for free in HitFilm Express.

Don't lag behind on style

YouTube's Gaming channel has 82 million subscribers right now. So you need awesome graphics and channel art to make you stand out from the crowd.

Cool effects are just one bunny hop, skip and jump away with HitFilm. We’ll take you through some of the best effects for graphic design: gradients, masks and customized text.

Don't fight the boss. Be a boss.

You don't need a fancy designer, or motion graphics artist to be the OG. HitFilm Express has everything you need. 💪

Get your fans excited for your next Fortnite video, and give that channel an overhaul. Using Production Crate assets, we'll show you how to create flashy, bold, colorful titles for your content.

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