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Can one man save the world with cardboard cutouts? Follow us into battle as we learn to transform one shockingly ill-equipped vigilante into an unstoppable superhero - with the power of HitFilm Express.

Somebody get this man a shield

Hit ‘em where it hurts with the 3D Model Render Pack and epic stock*.

Take out ten henchmen with a single throw of your own 3D shield*. Get the Cap’s signature toss trajectory with realistic motion blur. Want to deal the final blow in style? In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use texture and lighting effects to get that scrappy cardboard looking just right.

Project files

* Wall Hits stock courtesy of ActionVFX
* Shield model courtesy of Joey Maniglio

You’ve been thunderstruck

Light ‘em up Asgard-style with the full arsenal of Lightning, Lens Flares and Electricity VFX.

Tiny humans, did they really think they could best the God of Thunder? Show them the meaning of mighty with our electricity and lightning effects tutorial. We’ll show you how to crack open the heavens with simulated light flares — or rain down fury with 3D particles.


These boots were made for rocking

Some got shields, some got smarts. Help your big-brained heroes protect their assets with some high-tech VFX.

When creating your own superhero movie, sometimes, your budget just can’t stretch to a super-actor who can actually fly. With a bit of masking, some frame-by-frame animation and a lot of imagination, we’ll help you turn your actor’s jump into a full on lift-off.

Raw Footage

Fancy boots aren’t just for billionaire playboys. Soar to new heights with your own pair of fly superboots. Using the 3D particle simulator, we’ll show you how to create built-in thrusters, realistic sparks, and an epic lift-off scene.

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