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Short (under 30 mins)

If you’re looking for a quick lesson in VFX, these tutorials are for you. Each one is under 30 minutes in length and packed with information, giving you the perfect opportunity to quickly learn a new effect or technique and replicate it for your project.

Zoom and Beyond video editing masterclass thumbnail - Laptop with 'Zoom and Beyond' title

Zoom and Beyond

Achieve the perfect look for your podcasts, livestreams, meetings, and more, in this lockdown-themed set of tutorials!



Learn how to create your very own hair-raising horror film inspired by the legendary IT movies. From creating an IT inspired title sequence to morphing yourself into a scary killer clown, we’ve got you covered!


Upside Down

Learn how to create a Stranger Things-style title sequences and turn your neighbourhood into the Upside Down with our latest visual effects masterclass.



Dodge bullets, explode buildings, and master every VFX you need to make your own action short film with no budget.



Become a VFX wizard with your very own spellbinding disapparition,
invisibility and spell casting effects. All possible using HitFilm!

Halo Jump VFX tutorial - FXhome Masterclass

Halo Jump

Ready to create your first action short? In this filmmaking masterclass we’ll clone your soldiers and make them fly in our homage to the Godzilla HALO Jump scene.

Heads Up VFX Masterclass - Iron Man heads-up-display tutorial

Heads Up

Suit up for battle with your very own version of the iconic Iron Man heads-up display.

What you're saying...

Vic Warren

Vic Warren

I’m new to video editing and find the video tutorials very helpful.

Abbie D.

Abbie D.

I’m so excited about this master class thing.