Android mobile screen - Android and iOS developer job posting at FXhome Ltd - Norwich, UK

Android and iOS Developer (CONTRACTOR)

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Norwich, UK

We are looking for an Android and iOS Developer (CONTRACTOR):

  • Preferably a dedicated independent developer; no agencies.
  • Primarily looking for experts in 3D Apps, Augmented Reality and Video Recording. (ESSENTIAL)
  • With a strong understanding of 3D Math (matrix transforms, rotations etc.) (ESSENTIAL)

You will be contributing to FXhome’s ground-breaking iOS and Android app development, helping push new boundaries in Virtual Production. Working with video media, augmented reality and helping create appealing User Interfaces.

Essential Requirements

  • Proven experience in Android App Development
  • Familiarity with Kotlin programming and recent Android SDK
  • Familiarity with Google ARCore, MediaRecorder
  • Experience with Google Play APIs, Subscriptions and In-App Purchases
  • Knowledge of version control (Git, Mercurial, etc.)

Useful Skills

  • iOS App development experience, Swift (or Objective-C)
  • Basic understanding of 3D Math (matrix transforms, rotations, etc.)
  • Android NDK (extending app functionality with C++ libraries)
  • Familiarity with video formats.

About us

We set up FXhome in 2001 with a clear goal – to change the world of filmmaking for the better by giving everyone the opportunity to create amazing visual effects whatever their level. 20 years later, we produce the fastest growing VFX software product on the market and work with world-renowned industry partners.

Our community spans over 160 countries with over 5.9 million+ creatives now using our post-production software from all walks of life: from YouTubers, gamers, vloggers, filmmakers, and motion graphics artists to award-winning directors and breakout viral stars. Our users remain at the heart of everything we do.

How to apply

Please apply by submitting your CV and any supporting information to

Alongside your CV, please provide us with:

  • Links to apps you are credited for, either directly or by confirmed association with a company.
  • Details of any awards of recognition you/your team have received from apps you have developed.
  • We’re also interested in any tech related outside projects you may be involved in (local developer groups, game jams, etc.)

FXhome’s privacy policy for candidates can be found here.