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What's new in Imerge Pro?

5 updates in the last 12 months.

    1. Version 4.0


      New in Imerge Pro Version 4.0

      • Added a "Glow" Effect, used to give images subtle or vibrant lighting effects.
      • Added a “Displacement" Effect, which can be used to distort an image to match the contours of the layer below.
      • Added a “Threshold" effect, which can threshold an image's brightness to create a two tone style.
      • Added a “Keystone Correction" effect, allowing you to fix perspective distortions.
      • Added a “Chromatic Aberration" effect, to give your images stylized looks.
      • Added a “Matte Cleaner" effect, giving you the tools to clean up pre-keyed images.
      • Added a “Hue Colorize" Effect, allowing you to recolor the image to a given hue.
      • Added a “Long shadow" effect, which enables you to add realistic shadows to objects you are compositing in.
      • Added a “Surface Blur" effect, which preserves edges while blurring.
      • Added a “Rotational Motion Blur" effect.
      • All effects can now save their current state into a custom preset, to be reused later.
      • Gradient editors now have the option to save their current gradient color as a custom preset.
      • Custom canvas sizes can now be saved as presets and used when resizing or creating a new project.
      • The color picker now shows all of the colors currently in use within the project and gives you the option to save a color as a custom preset.
      • Added effect stack presets, which allow you to save an entire stack of effects as a custom preset to be used later.
      • Added export presets, giving you the ability to save export settings as a custom preset.
      • Added project templates, which allows you to save any project as a template.
      • Added the “Blend-If" blend mode, which allows you to control how two adjacent layers blend together.
    1. Version 3.0


      New in Imerge Pro Version 3.0

      • Added the Group Layer type which allows you to organize your project and, more importantly, to create localized stacks of layers, masks, and effects which don't affect the layers below the group.
      • Added Clip and Knockout blend modes which allow you to, using an alpha clipping region, either restrict what comes through from the layers below or punch through the layers below.
      • Added a "Colorize Black and White" effect which is used to apply a color or a gradient of color to a black and white image.
      • Added a "Remove Stock Background" effect which is used to remove white or black backgrounds from stock photos.
      • Added a "Highpass" effect which applies a high pass filter to the image.
      • Added a "Highpass Sharpen" effect which allows you to sharpen images easily using a high pass method.
      • Added a Straighten tool which provides a fast and intuitive way rotate the entire canvas or layer selections.
      • Added a Layout menu which provides a number of options to align or distribute a set of selected layers.
    1. Version 2.1

    2. Version 2.0


      New in Imerge Pro Version 2.0

      • Added a GPU accelerated RAW conversion engine which improves highlight recovery and RAW file load times.
      • Added support for the following export formats: 16 bit PNG, 16 bit TIFF, 16 bit RGBE (HDR) and 16 bit OpenEXR.
      • Added an global insert menu which is used to search and pick insert operations from a context sensitive list based on the currently selected item.
      • Added a more comprehensive layer search which takes into account: layer types, layer state, effects, masks and content items which can be combined to allow complex searches.
      • Added a new “maintain positions” option to the canvas settings dialog which, upon canvas resize, will update all layer positions and dimensions to give the effect of adding more canvas space to a project.
      • Added a resize tool which provides a more flexible way of changing the canvas size while maintaining layer positions.
      • HUD elements now snap to various, configurable, points of interest when they repositioned or resized.
      • Redesigned content items to allow bigger thumbnails, more image details and settings.
      • Added option “Zoom to Extent”, which calculates a zoom level such that all layers fit within the viewer.
      • The highlight recovery on the exposure effect has been improved.
      • Project previews, layer thumbnails and content thumbnails now support high dpi monitors.
      • Greatly improved the speed of project loading, initial renders and multiple image imports.
    1. Version 1.2


      New in Imerge Pro Version 1.2

      • macOS 10.14 Mojave is now supported.
      • New controls to allow easily switching between point and paragraph text, and setting the size of paragraph text.
      • Improved behaviour of anchor, origin and position controls to make them more predictable.
      • Improved drag-and-drop of effects and masks.
      • Added support for selecting contiguous ranges using the shift key on layers, effects and masks.
      • Added ability to nudge multiple selected layers via canvas controls using the arrow keys.
      • Added 'Select all' keyboard shortcut to various contexts.
      • Added Project template for 8.5 x 11 inches (US Letter).
    2. Version 1.1


      New in Imerge Pro Version 1.1

      • Enhanced spinbox number inputs to support mouse drags changing the value.
      • Canvas controls will now disappear when editing effects which do not need them.
      • Mask and Effect mode changes are now undo-able.
      • All font settings are now remembered when adjusted and used for new text layers.
      • Added information about OS and hardware requirements to installer.
    3. Version 1.0


      New in Imerge Pro Version 1.0

      • Initial Release.