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Ready or not, here they come

Dodge bullets, explode buildings and master every VFX you need to make your own action film. Your mission (should you choose to accept): do the impossible with HitFilm Express.

Target locked

Learn how to create high-tech computer screens and drone displays with cinematic color grading techniques, masking, and TV Damage effects.

Need better tech in your action short? This tutorial will show you how to make realistic computer and video screens with animated lines and grain. You’ll even learn how to create a cctv camera effect with Fractal Noise and Block Displacement effects.

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This time you’ll be bulletproof

Make a clean escape with built-in camera tracking tools, stock footage and particle effects.

Get back to base in one piece with this bullet-hit effects tutorial. Using motion tracking tools, you’ll learn how to land shots like a pro, and skillfully evade enemy fire with sparks and smoke effects.

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* Stock footage provided courtesy of ActionVFX.

A good opener is everything

Create action film-style movie titles that kick ass and list names— with smoke, fire and light rays.

Ready to shift your short film into high gear? This tutorial will show you how to use text effects like Extrude and Inner Glow, alongside the Particle Simulator and distortion effects to create Hollywood-quality opening title sequences. Get your audience in the mood for action.

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* Stock footage provided courtesy of ActionVFX.

Race against time

Push your viewers to the edge of their seats with an obligatory countdown clock scene.

Can your agent get out before it all goes boom? Ramp up the suspense with a digital clock display courtesy of HitFilm Express. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Glow to countdown the minutes in style, and Block Displacement to add a glitching effect to displays.

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Behind the scenes

Join Josh, Javert, and Oli as they take you through the low budget filmmaking process which brought Classified Mission: Renegade to life.

Music is one of the most important elements for a filmmaker to consider. Let Javert take you through how he used Filmstro to craft the perfect soundtrack for Renegade.

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