Big Truck  impacting with a car. Accident scene. Can anyone show me how its done on this software? I would like to see  a tutorial i have not seen one yet for hitfilm 3. Hi everyone im new to this software. I have Hitfilm 3 Pro and im trying to do a truck wreck scene with this software and can it be done any suggestions. I have the 2 scenes recorded already and i would like to know how to edit them to make the accident. I have 2 videos i did at a cross section. I have the big truck coming down the street and a video of a car coming across the street,and they both will meet up at the same point and the big truck will impact the car at the point. The effects i would  like to see is the car damaged or explode. If anyone can help me with this or show me a tutorial that uses hitfilm software for a wreck scene i would appreciate it. Big Shots to Hitfilm.I love the software like the tutoials they have on youtube but i would love to see more. Thanks , To all that replied to my reply thanks. I will be looking forward to hearing from everyone's     input. Im new to this but a fast learner and all input is good input. Lets keep Hitfilm going so they can  keep making software in the future.                                          


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