Sometimes space triggers Trimmer instead of the Viewer window/timeline

I have something in the Trimmer and I've set my in and out points. I'm now find the right place to insert this on the timeline and that means playing stuff back in the Viewer window. The problem is, I can't get my spacebar presses to be registered by the Viewer instead of the Trimmer. This happens quite often. Clicking in the Viewer window or one the timeline or moving the playhead with the mouse does not return the spacebar to controlling the Viewer.

Edit: After using the play button in the Viewer window, now the spacebar does nothing at all...

Correction: the spacebar can be used to pause but only after pressing it twice. Then it does nothing at all. If I then click anywhere in the timeline, spacebar returns to controlling the Trimmer.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Bear in mind trimmer workflow assumes the playhead is in the correct position BEFORE you trim. 

    Remember that discussion on how the Trimmer window mimics old tape based workflow? 

  • My problem isn't related to the position of the playhead but the action of the spacebar. I use the spacebar to start and stop playback in the Viewer window and this isn't working.

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