DARKNESS UNVEILED - Lightsaber Duel - LCC 2018 (11/1/18)



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    @Andy001z I will try to get that source footage on here so you will all be able to compare it :) And Lol about the name, When I was working on the composite shot, everytime I would click to save it said Deleted because that is what I named it, and sometimes I thought I deleted it by accident :D

     How can I import a video on here directly from my computer? Does that work?

  • @HIS_Films no way to directly upload files of anykind to this forum (keeps it smaller and cheaper) but drop it to YouTube private link or any online storage with a link is normally the way. Just make sure you use the private link option to only the media and not the whole storage area.

  • got it I will do it :)


  • Here is the original footage provided from Production Crate.


  • Does he look like Ryan Secreast? the host for American Idol?

  • So here is another entry for Production Crate's Ten second contest!

    Tell me what you all think :)


  • Knocked it out of the park again. :D He looks a little like him, but... perhaps because he's not actually Ryan Seacrest, how about  a play on the name? Bryan Seachest?

  • I Should have done that! To late now, kind of, since I would have to redo the voice over and the thumbnail, I already submitted it in the contest :(

    Thanks though, Glad you liked it!


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  • @Triem23 Thanks! Glad it made you laugh :D

  • And here is my final entry! Not the best but I just thought to throw it out there!


  • Very fun!  I like your sense of humor. Got a good chuckle from these last two. :)

  • Wow love it, thanks for the orginal post, really shows the work you put in. Great stuff. i might have to look at these little comps for something fun to do. (like I've got time - NOT!)

  • Thanks @jsbarrett! Glad it made you laugh, I only want to show clean comedy, to me the filthy comedy is not really that funny, but that is me :)I am not really good at comedy, but my family helps :)

  • @Andy001z You should totally try! It is kind of fun, since you only got ten seconds to do something :)

    A lot of the entry's just used the original footage, but I wanted to do something a little unique :)

    Thanks! Glad you liked them :)

  • Here is my first "Scenic" video! This series will be called: Road Trip Clips

    this one is short, but others will be a bit longer :) Hope you enjoy it!


    please like and subscribe if you have not already ;)

  • Nice work! For a first-time road-trip video, you did really well.

  • Thanks @jsbarrett ; I am glad you liked it!

    #2 to come out this week, sometime maybe today or tomorrow or the end of the week or next year (nah, not that long) but I never like to make dates because usually it takes longer then I say, and I know that you know how that feels ;)

  • Nice use of cuts and transitions, was watchable.

  • @Andy001z Good! That is what I want to here, thanks :)

  • Here is #2 of the "Road Trip Clips" Virginia Beach! This one was really fun to make, waking up before 6 to sea the sunrise was so beautiful, I enjoyed it so much, and I hope you can likewise enjoy it as well!


    likes are appreciated :)

  • Longer AND better.  Double whammy!  :)


  • Thanks @jsbarrett glad you liked it! Another one possibly to come out today or tomorrow!

  • Is the black line down the right hand edge visible in Hitfilm? Or did you accidentally offset the base clip in another editor, as it looks like some of those effects are not possible in Hitfilm and were added later?

  • @Palocono hey, I did not notice that until you said it, so I checked my editor in Hitfilm express and sure enough  when I was moving key frame by key frame I accidentally shifted the video over, is there any way I can replace the fixed version with the one on youtube without losing my views and likes?

    This was done entirely in Hitfilm express 2017, except for the verse at the end that was done in After effects using animation compositor (I think that is what it is called, the one with the horse) Is this the effect effect you thought was not done in hitfilm or is there something else? The transitions that are detailed are stock footage from production crate that I used in hitfilm :)

  • Yes, it was the text. ;) No you can't replace it. It will become a new video.

  • oh ok, well thanks, I will check that next time I edit :) hope you enjoyed it ;)

  • And here is number 3! Pilot Mountain in North Carolina. This one to me is my favorite because of all the rocks and cliffs and beautiful green trees! Hope you enjoy, and please let me know your thoughts, and any tips will be appreciated! Do not forget to subscribe and like :)


  • I forgot to say, I originally was going to have all three together in one video, and now that I see all three video's I am glad I did not, it would have been really boring, this weekend I am going camping at a lake, and can't wait to get some footage of that, and maybe with our drone ;)

  • Could I suggest that you watch the final video with no music and no transitions, then weed out the clips that have nothing special about them? If you're panning from A to B, make B interesting when you get there. :)

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