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Hi, I edit videos of the game Black Ops 3 which is part of the COD franchise.  I apply the preset instagram 30 fps project mode, but when I upload the video to instagram the "killfeed" (which is in the bottom left of the screen) is cut off.  Anybody know how to help me would this?  I would appreciate it greatly.  Thank you


  • The left side of the screen is basically cut off (add on)

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    When I export videos to instagram from Hitfilm, parts of the screen are cut off.  I tried messing with the pixel width/height but it didnt work.  I need a solution to this soon, plz somebody help me I would greatly appreciate it, THANK YOU.

  • If you export to the desktop, are parts cut off? What version of HF are you running?  What size (pixels) is your video? What are you exporting it at-what are your export settings? Finally-what edits/effects are you applying to the video? Also-does instagram only accept certain resolutions? 


  • The issue is most likely going to be one of aspect ratio. Make sure that when you export your video, you use letterboxing to change it to a 4:3 aspect ratio, if it is widescreen. Because Instagram is not going to allow a full widescreen image into their constraints, so you have to add the white or black bars above and below the video in advance.

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    Instagram video uses a square aspect ratio. The game video uses the aspect ratio it was captured it. Likely 16:9. You'll need to use the scale property for the video layer to shrink to fit. 

  • @TriFlixFilms - it was addressed in his other thread on the subject, which I have now merged into this one. Haven't heard back yet as to whether it was resolved.

  • "which I have now merged into this one"

    ahhh.... thought I was losing my mind because when I wrote my comment only the OP had commented, now there are several additional :'D

    Glad it got resolved, thought he fell through the cracks and no one helped him @axlewilkinson

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