TDDavis' Li'l Projects thread - Rendering Fire in Eevee with transparency- 7/19/2020



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    My oldest texted Saturday for me to look at green screen clips of Misha Collins of Supernatural for his charity Gishwhes.  She wanted to submit one.  This is what I came up with.  She threw together a costume later that day & drove 3 hrs to get here Sunday and we filmed her part.  There was a 30 sec limit so it's not much.  Got it edited last night and this morning with the help of @inScapeDigital 's preset marketplace and recycling one if my junk renders.  Hope it's at least watchable.   She said she's not supposed to youtube it so here's a link if you'd like to see it. I misunderstood.  She was supposed to upload to Youtube and send in a link for the contest.

    Hope you enjoy it.  2nd semi-real project with Hitfilm.
  •  Holy crap!  Is that guy birthing out? ??

    (Proving that no one should check the forum after a night of pubbing.)

  •  @Stargazer54    That was my exact first thought when I looked through the choices of green footage and second was the Ace Ventura rhino scene, but the rules said SFW  only so I had to go clean. Hope your head isn't too fuzzy today.

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    Just noodling around today to try an effect someone asked about to see if I could do it  It's not the best and I may try using a real particle sim instead of atomic particles if I continue to tweak it. I hate only on thing more than appearing on camera and that's speaking on camera, but here I am doing my best Jabba the Hutt impersonation! Nailed that!!! 



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    @tddavis ; The first pffft was perfect timing!   Then you had a little pause and kind of a jump cut to the larger particle cloud.

    If it were me I would cheat and do a dissolve between the two  and you might just have it "nailed".  A quick dissolve might save you hours/days of fiddling with particles.

    Good effect, though.  You've got the hang of things.

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    Thanks.  I'm not sure why the particles made that little hiccup that was all one continuous effect, but I went with it and used 2 different sounds for it.  A cut and dissolve might be the answer.  But I meant I nailed the Jabba impersonation not the effect :)

  • @tddavis Really cool beginning to the effect. :) 

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    Wrong button!

    Am I crazy or am I seeing interlacing artifacts?

  • @spydurhank @Triem23  Thanks.

    Triem is that what's causing the sparkly effect around things?  My camera just started doing that and I don't know what's up with it.  I'll add a deinterlace effect and see if that corrects, then I'll check into the camera and see what I've done to it.


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    The horizontal "combing" at the edges? Yeah, looks like interlacing to me. Take a look at your camera and double check you didn't put yourself into a 1080i mode or something.

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    @Triem23  Yep!  Somehow I got it set to 60i instead of 60p. I have no clue when that got changed.  That sure explains my last few videos looking crappy.  Thanks for that save.

    @Stargazer54  You were right.  Tightened up up with a bit of an edit and a dissolve and adjusted the sound accordingly and it flows much better.

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    Okay, this took me far too long to figure where I was messing up, but I think I am close. I followed a tutorial for Blender on making a Fully Interactive Ocean.  Turns out some of the settings used are changed at the very end and it won't look right using the ones as you follow along!  Anyway, I haven't figured out why the conning tower doesn't continue to create foam as the sub goes under but that's for another day.

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    Looking good!


  • @Triem23 @Andy001z  Thanks.  Next project, or rather old project revisited is to get that sandstorm looking decent...  I really wish I could find an interactive tutorial for dust/sand spray so the J2 could interact with the dunes.  Not sure if such a thing even exists but I'm looking around.  Might just have to finally put in the effort to learn particle emitters.

  • @spydurhank  Thanks.  I'm trying to learn this Blender thing as much as possible.

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    Wow!  That is looking nice.

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    I think you have to delve into particles. Whether Hitfilm or Blender, particles are going to be needed for sand. No way around it. Hitfilm particles are insanely powerful, but Blender is probably the better choice for this shot. 

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    @Stargazer54  Thank you.  This ocean modifier is supposed to deform the water as the object passes through it but mine doesn't as much, if any, as the tutorial.  I downloaded his project file to try and figure out exactly what controls this feature because I think it could be applied to a desert plane made out of the ocean modifier and turn the waves off to make that shallow depression behind the J2 like you did in the crash sequence test before you changed the angle to hide it.

    @Triem23   Starting to delve into them I found an add on for Blender called Molecular that does some pretty neat sand animations but not a lot of tutorials just demos.  I'm going to delve into that more and trying to make sand out of an ocean :)

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    The first one yes.  That is the tutorial I have tried my best to replicate and I'm just too dense to get it, I guess.  That is exactly the look I am trying to achieve though.  I think I have run across the second but not watched yet because it didn't have a storm effect to it but it will be useful at some point.  Thanks for linking that.

  • You probably are not looking for stock footage for the sandstorms, but here are some nice ones, unfortunantly they are not free, you have to pay 39/year for their pro stuff, (but then they also have some great free stuff) on their website, witch is not bad at all!

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    @HIS_Films  Thanks for the link.  I had not run across those clips in my searches.  That's the look I want and I may have to snag one of those.

    Edit:  Okay, I snagged about 5 of them.  One's even 4K so that should work.


  • Alright, glad it is something that is going to help you! :) I really like most of their stuff!

  • @HIS_Films  Went to put my new downloads into an archive folder with other downloads and found out that at some point I had downloaded two of free ones a while back before I was even looking for this project and absolutely completely forgot them.  I need to make myself a catalog of everything I have... 

  • Yea same here, I am starting to get a lot of stock footage, from a lot of different resources like: Video CoPilot, ActionVFX, ProductionCrate, etc. So I am trying to organize all my files and not have duplicates, because I now have a lot!

  • @tddavis  I had same issues with that same dynamic paint tutorial with an ocean impact I tried doing in Blender as well. Closest I came was creating an additional fluid simulation just under the surface of the ocean and in turn that would allow for splashes to happen. I am not quite sure as to how to post a picture to the forum or else I could post some screen shots of the ocean/dynamic paint settings I used in Blender for the tie fighter I did falling into the ocean.


  • @FlyingBanana78  I remember seeing your scene above.  Didn't dawn on me that you used the same method.  To post a PNG, or JPEG to the forum you have to upload it to a hosting site or to a cloud storage (I use Google Drive or OneDrive) and then post the link here or in a PM by clicking on the person you want to share it with user name and then the Message button at the right.  I would love to see you settings.  I still haven't found the setting that gives him that deep groove in the water though... I need it!! :)

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