WhatChef? Reviews (my latest project)

So I've reworked my food channel once again. Taking on board a lot of advice from HitFilmers (is that a word?). and put together a quicker pacing food review series combing my hobby of VFX (hopefully that is something different)


As much as I liked filming Aussie Foods series (if any one here saw that lol) i can see how that dragged on to long with me walking around for 2 minutes before I actually reviewed food. So I split that part off into its own channel called WhatExplorer? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6p8MoinTrznlsAZHXBiIMQ

That channel is a work in progress as I learn best way to editor and film those types of episodes.

In this new Food Series I'm combing all my other review ideas into one and adding VFX that will compliment the review. To keep it at a weekly release, Im limiting it to one VFX gag or shot per episode.

I'm also including some elements from Aussie Foods series,  I'm soon got parody myself in an upcoming episode, with some idea I got from Triem23 (so thanks for that) I'm hoping my new concept appeals to people.

I'm also bring Cookinator back for Special episodes and another Recipe series about Greek food.  I got asked to do fast food reviews, you know the ones where the reviewer sits in the car. I've done one but haven't figured out how to put my twist on it, so I',m not like everyone else. As you can tell that's what I always aim for. So busy busy.

I often get asked by family members why I bother, with so few subscribers and views, my answer I love creating. Sure would be nice if more people watched but hey, its fun as I'm sure many on this forum could agree.

We do it to create.



  • @WishingStaffstudios ; "We do it to create."

    Truer words were never spoken.  Keep pushing on, man!

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     Thanks @Stargazer54

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Like Stargazer says, you speak truth.

    BTW, The Fanta Jelly Fizz episode has great pacing on it. That was a nice, tight, fun review.

  • @triem23 thanks. Hoping the new format works

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    Warning: Opinions and some very silly suggestions ahead ;)

    I watched your new videos and while they're better for being shorter and snappier, I'm not sure you've quite found your 'groove' yet.

    The 'one VFX shot per episode' is a good idea and I think if you played that up so that people were anticipating it as the payoff, it might encourage engagement just to see it. The Greek Biscuits one was great, although I'm sure: a lot more work than the explosions and smoke in Fanta Jelly.

    Giving away the ending right at the beginning "..are they as good? No!" might have been a point where people went "OK thanks bye!" though. :)

    I sort of mentally compartmentalize these videos as similar to unboxings with a mini review added, because they're: show box, describe briefly, give your expectation/opinion based on what is shown/presented, then 'open up/taste' and see if your first guess was correct. You can't really do a very in depth review of a biscuit, so it ends up as grade from "Mmm!" through "Meh" to "Yuk!", so maybe pull more extreme faces?  Make your face into a cartoony emoji and use that as the score?

    If no obvious excuse for a VFX joke, maybe have some of the payoffs for the crappier stuff being: blown up, warped through a wormhole, dematerialised, hit by lightning, lasers, squashed by falling weights, thrown up out of the frame by a spring,  de-rezzed away, etc. ? You can do that by using the Difference Key to separate them from an empty background so no rotoscoping is required. Wile E. Coyote has lots of suggestions. ;)

    Or...perhaps more cutaways and intentionally bad jokes?

    Exterior:"This week: Jelly!" cutaway to well lit closeup of jelly box on table in kitchen <Clang! SFX>
    Exterior: "Can you nail it to a wall?" cutaway to jelly still in carton nailed to a wall, cutaway to jelly out of carton nailed to wall, slightly drooping, cutaway to blob of prepared jelly dripping from nail into a bowl of the rest of it .<Downward kazoo SFX>
    Exterior. "Only in its raw state! So what does it taste like?"
    cutaway to large blob of jelly between two slices of bread with a huge  nail through it, like an American Deli sandwich. Arm swipes away sandwich <record scratch SFX> replaces it with jelly in dessert bowl with cream and some fruit slices, orange, apple, strawberry etc. <Choral 'Ahhhh!' SFX>
    Exterior:"Tastes delicious! Great at kids parties and for something refreshing and light on calories and you can even add a few of your five a day fruits or veggies to it" Cut back to dessert bowl with fruit slices, which is swiped away <record scratch SFX>  and replaced by one with some jelly with a stick of celery in it...and a large nail. Hand comes in and removes nail...replaces it with a sprout....then adds a very large unpeeled Orange.

    And...I'm not sure where you go from there... but...be silly, play up to the camera, do some slapstick, go against expectations, or something...? :)

  • It's great to see you coming up with new ideas for your content all the time! I'm liking the sounds of the exploration channel too! Keep creating :)

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    @Palacono great ideas. Especially the Willie e coyote concept. Cause your right I won't be able to have specific product related tags each week.

    @Olithompson thanks

  •  Thanks for all feed back. Plenty new episodes on the way, inspired by these.

    Just finished my most ridiculous ​episode yet



  •  @WishingStaffstudios oh man... that intro was EPIC 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Beautifully done! 

    (The green is off-putting, but I'd try 'em) 

  • Funny- at first I thought you were going to try and tie Doritos to the shape of the ships in the movie "Arrival".

    I don't think I would like the lime but if it tastes like Fruit Loops! Pour me some in a bowl with milk!

  • Haha great job on the intro :D

    They look super weird...I really want to try them!!

  • Yep, very nicely done and I also want to try them now. I think they'd go well with a Margarita in one hand and some dips on the side. If not, then... another Margarita. ;)

  •  Hahaha.


    Thanks for the comments

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