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    @CedricBonnier Darn it, I've looked for that list option before and don't know how I missed that icon. :(

    I'm happy to explain how having multiple media bins (actually, to be more clear about it, they're actually Media Bin Views) :)

    With no thumbnail option, there is no real advantage to widening the area used by the Media Bin...nor any other tab really. So putting it where the Viewer was only gives you access to the height which you can get better where it already is (Trimmer moved to a separate tab) down the left.

    If it did have thumbnail mode, then any area  would be useful, so then maybe the Viewer area could be used.

    The idea of two Media Bin Views would be you could have a list ;) down the left and a thumbnail view of whatever you'd last clicked on - or the contents of a specific folder - in the centre/Viewer window.  So two ways of looking at the same thing, or different parts of the same thing. Overview and detailed.

    You could perhaps CTRL-Click on media on the 'normal' view to set the starting point of where to list as thumbnails (or takes, or...whatever) in the other 'detail' window.

    Then, with all your media sorted nice and neatly in folders, or as a list, on the left, you'd open it up as whatever other "view type" you wanted in the other: thumbnails, takes, date etc.

    With a medium/large number of files the alternative is to select list view, find your folder/files, then back to the current view to make selections, then back to list view to find another file type or take, then back to current etc. and repeat, which could be quite time consuming.

  • @CedricBonnier
    I do like your idea when using two monitors that you can use one for more media space.


    When working on visual effects, I would like to choose to use one monitor to view just the specific layer I'm adjusting effects on in solo mode. While the 2nd monitor shows the Final composite.

    Another feature request:
    There are times when I may have only one monitor to work with. Like when I'm at a coffee shop and I want to start or continue work on a project. 

    1. Swap the Trimmer view for a Final Composite view. Where the viewer to the right lets me solo the effect layer being worked on.
    2. The ability to pop out the Final Comp window, scale it up, and play back the shot(s).
    3. Of course, the ability to save this layout, so I can switch to it at any time.

  • Two editing things.

    1.  Is it possible to have, even if it's limited, a drop down menu for the composite shots that are tabbed in the editor timeline?  Currently the only option is 'float container', which is only specific to that composite shot.  The ability to at least rename and adjust properties would be very helpful.

    1.  It can be difficult to move media files into a folder when you have a lot to work with.  Is it possible to make it so you don't have to drag the file directly into the folder icon but rather only into the area that the other files are in so you don't have to keep your mouse cursor lingering up towards the top or bottom area so the screen can scroll?


    Thanks for listening.

  • I'd like an option to have the Checkerboard Background turned off for new projects.

  • Scroll wheel editor/composite shot timeline zooming!

  • I have Hitfilm 4 Express and would love to have the export settings (I frequently use mp4) pull up in different window instead of holding up the whole program. I end up waiting to continue editing while a project exports.

  • Options for editor defaults.

    e.g.  Preview mode to none

    This give programme speed boost by default for not effort.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    To expand on what iDatus writes--if defaults for Editor track sizes and Thumbnail preview Modes could be set in the Options Menu that would be helpful.

    Same with Media Pool display settings.

    My current advice to users is to make  blank "template" projects with those settings dialed in as preferred, then open the software by clicking on the template.

  • Scroll wheel editor/composite shot timeline zooming! - @adamraitano

    You can do that by holding Ctrl/Cmd + mouse wheel

  • You can do that by holding Ctrl/Cmd + mouse wheel - @cedricbonnier

    Thanks!  That does the trick!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @CedricBonnier if I had known that trick, it would have been in a tutorial already... 

  • The color grading workflow could use some major improvements. The tools work nicely, but it would be hugely helpful to be able to grade groups of clips.

    Once they're color matched, it would be ideal to be able to do the primaries grading on a group of clips at once. We'd still need clip specific grades for color matching and for most secondaries of course, but a group wide color grade would be excellent.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Or track-wide? 

  • Track wide might work; you could always organize the edit timeline to put all of the members of a single group on a particular track.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @WhiteCranePhoto track level plays into my habits as a Vegas Editor. ;-) There's a fair amount of Wishlist requests with >do thing like my other software!<

  • I'm not much of a track effects fan. To use them it forces you to organize things to fit the track usage. Track wide would affect the whole video and one likely has multiple scenes to grade. So now you have track for each scene in the video and have to keyframe to stop it from affecting other scenes.

    I don't know  Premiere but I have briefly watched a couple of TUTs and it seems to have something like a grade clip/event. Adjustment layer they call it, although it is really just a timeline clip/event. You size it as needed and it affects stuff underneath. This kinda like a grade layer in Hitfilm where we can size the grade layer in/out points to only affect a subset of the timeline time.

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    Nesting and un-nesting of sequences on the NLE timeline. To allow cleaning up of complicated NLE timelines and allow all sorts of improvements to workflows, like grade layers just for a particular sequence.

    Like this clip. From about 3:02

    Or new composite shots based on multiple existing clips from the NLE timeline, which would functionally be equivalent.

    So where we can currently select a single clip on the NLE timeline and right-click to "create composite shot", this would just involve being able to select multiple clips and do the same. Each clip could be given its own layer with the same layer priority from the NLE timeline.

    Can already do nested comps, so the nesting itself doesn't seem a problem, and a nested composite is surely more complex than a nested NLE sequence, but the main difference would be not having to start from scratch.

    The next step on from this would then be the ability to drag and drop between the main NLE timeline and a nested NLE or comp timeline and vice versa.

  • We need clip groups for color grading, and we need better I/O options. Particularly for ProTools export, and for NLE project import.

    Batch syncing audio + video... the merge function works pretty nicely, but it forces a rather rigid workflow and falls flat on its face for bigger projects. It needs to be available on the timeline.

    RedCode... HitFilm has 8K support, but there's no way to import 8K footage... I can export 8K ProRes from RedCine-XPro, but not much can import that (so far, just Edius). And also being able to import raw, both RedCode and CinemaDNG image sequences, would enable us to put those nice new color grading tools to good use. :)


  • We need clip groups for color grading, and we need better I/O options. Particularly for ProTools export, and for NLE project import. - @WhiteCranePhoto

    Could you elaborate a bit on the I/O options please?

    It is often very useful for us to know exactly what use case you are expecting to solve with the functionality wished for.

  • To echo what @adamraitano said: The ability to move assets from folder to folder in the media bin by dropping them in with the other files, not having to scroll all the way up to the folder icon would be a) useful and b) just like every other "move file to an open folder" mechanism in Windows (maybe Mac too?).

    As soon as you start to get tidy with things in the Media Bin, it starts to be very annoying very quickly.

    @CedricBonnier Also the CTRL-Zoom on the timeline is a bit temperamental. It seems to get stuck if you zoom all the way out, move to somewhere else on the timeline then try and zoom in again. Clicking on the timeline again generally unsticks it - but sometimes will not and moving the molehill/mountain sliders at the bottom is required - but it's like it loses focus at the slightest (and non-obvious/accidental) thing and can't get it back.

    It can even get stuck just zooming in, out, in, out, in, out while doing nothing else at all.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @NormanPCN Oh, I'd also like grade layers in the Editor timeline. I'd also like to be able to add effects at the BIN level! 

    Yeah, track-level effects do require planning a track around an effect, but sometimes you want that. It's particularly useful for audio mixing. For my tutorials, as the example, the template for that has a track set up with noise gate, noise reduction, de-essing and compression. So the instant the screencap video is loaded, the mix is basically done. 

    @CedricBonnier for I/O options, certainly the oft asked-for ability to import and export base XML EDLs, which would facilitate moving projects between Hitfilm and other NLE's. Realistically this would be something quite basic--it should only be footage cuts... MAYBE dissolves if that's doable. Anyone asking for more doesn't understand that effects just can't transfer from FCP to Ae to Hitfilm...

  • @CedricBonnier Triem23 is correct, for the most part. The ProTools export does need audio handles options in addition, but it's basically just an AAF project export. 

    Triem23 has the NLE project import spot on of course; the idea is to enable using HitFilm for finishing an already edited project, so it would basically require importing a timeline and conforming to the original project media, then doing the color grading, compositing, and titles in HitFilm along with the final export... which might eventually start leading into DCP output options.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @WhiteCranePhoto cuts, opacity envelopes, volume envelopes and pan envelopes should travel. Nothing else. ;-) I already tried to plant the idea in @NormanPCN about a Vegas script for Vegas Export to Hitfilm. I would pay good money for that script. 

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    @Triem23 The seed took root. Not sure when I will be able to start on it. On something like that, once I jump in, I won't come up for air until I'm done. So...

    I only briefly looked at Vegas EDL export and FCP7/Resolve XML export. I had previously snooped around inside the Hitfilm HFP(xml) file just because I am nosey. So maybe I am shooting myself in the foot. I only looked at how timeline clips are laid out on the timeline. I would expect to do transitions/overlaps as Hitfilm dissolve transitions.

    edit: Hitfilm uses UIDs for identifying things. One thing to find out is if the UID is based on anything or just has to be something unique.

    My initial idea was that since the HFP project is undocumented I would have an empty HFP project on disk to use as a template for the output file and simply insert the NLE timeline clips into that section of the file and then output a new file. That way any of the Hitfilm project file voodoo/overhead I don't have to worry about.

  • Imo losing transitions other than dissolves isn't a problem. The editor will usually provide a low resolution reference render with the edl or xml or aaf, which the finisher/colorist can use to make sure that the conform is good, and what transitions and framing changes the editor made. 

    Most transitions are implemented in proprietary ways anyway, after all.

  • I notice that when I rename of a composite, for example in the editor timeline, from day "xyz-123.mp4" to "comp shot 2" it will change in the media panel as well as in the the composite shot list in the editing timeline.  However, it won't actually change the name in the editor timeline itself.  Why is that?  In any case, if I might put that in the suggestion box.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Current Hitfilm behavior is to load media assets onto a timeline at 100 percent of their scale. Much of the time this is desireable behavior. 

    Vegas Pro behavior is to auto-scale media added to the timeline to the size of the project. Much of the time this is desireable behavior. 

    Is it possible to put a toggle in the Preferences Menu for "Default Media Scale?" Behavior would toggle "Media Size/Timeline size."

    As a concrete example, one would want to default scale to media size when importing large assets for background plates. A default to Timeline Size would be helpful for anyone doing slideshows. 

  • @Triem23 would this new behaviour keep the aspect ratio or ignore it?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @CedricBonnier I think the most useful behavior for the greatest amount of users would maintain the image's original aspect ratio, scaled to the vertical dimensions of the timeline. For someone doing a slideshow with portrait oriented images, this becomes a "one-and-done," for landscape, this might leave pillarboxing or chop the very edges of the frame (depending on the aspect ratio of the media), but nothing is perfect.

    Unless one ALSO added a drop-down for default aspect ratio, which could give the three options available in the Editor timeline right-click context menu? 

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