Ignite Update Removes Plug-ins (Resolved)

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According to several reports the latest Ignite Update does remove BCC FX from Vegas Pro and Resolve, saying BCC_OFX_Float.dll could not be load. Re-installing BCC does not help.

I could not test on my own right now because I'm midst in a project and if the Ignite update removes some of the elements used in Vegas Pro it'd be a big disaster.

EDIT: Yes, my BCC plugins are all gone.


  • @Avalon - Where are you seeing these reports?

    I have been investigating the issue you have reported this afternoon & I believe to have found the issue that you touch upon here.

    From my investigations, I don't believe it is Ignite that is causing it. It is seemingly related to having BBC10 & HitFilm Pro 2017 installed simultaneously.

    I have logged this issue internally & forwarded my findings to Boris also.

    All I can do for now is apologise for the inconvenience caused & promise to keep you updated when I hear anything with regards to this issue.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


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    I saw the reports in a german video forum and in the Magix forum for Vegas Creative Software.

    By the way — there was another post after my first one here which is gone now. And my post was edited and the foreign post was added to mine, but I did not do that. Gremlins working …

    Thanks for caring. 

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    @Avalon UPDATE -I have found a workaround to get things working for now:

    NOTE: Make sure all OFX host Products are closed & not running when attempting this. 

    1) Remove BCC 10 by uninstalling

    2) Navigate to C:\Program Files\Boris FX, Inc\Lib & delete the 'BCC OFX 10' folder

    3) Navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\HitFilmPro2017 and delete the 'BCC_OFX_3DObjects.ofx.bundle' folder

    4) Navigate to C:\ProgramData\FXHOME\HitFilm Pro 2017\ofxPluginCache & delete all contents in this folder

    5) Reinstall BCC10 

    You will now have access to BCC10 in HF Pro 2017 & Vegas 14 without any issues.

    Thanks! I'll let MAGIX know of the issue also.

    Not sure about the posts, all I've ever seen is yours but I'll keep an eye out for any more users with similar issues.

    No problem, sorry I cannot be of more help right now, but Boris are investigating.


  • I think this is good help for now. Thanks a lot.

  • @Avalon & @HolgerWittig,

    There was an update to Boris recently which I have just installed & it has seemingly resolved the problem. Have you guys updated?

    Can you let me know if the issue is resolved for you also so I can feed this back to the relevant parties?


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