THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @BadWolfKnight Nope, I'm wrong about that--the new preset system just loads the built-in presets.

    Ok, I'm 99% sure THIS time, that putting a LUT in, right-clicking and selecting Save Preset will create a preset in the folders at the bottom of the Effects panel.

  • @Mercifull

    Brillant ! Altering layers with a real VHS distortion clip makes the effect look more realistic than simulating this distortion, even if HF's TV damage effect and other distortion effects look really good ! Thumbs up :)

  • I'm thinking of a feature that might be useful, let's call it "persistant control window" or "persistant preview window". For instance, if you're working with embedded composite shots, sometimes you want to adjust only one parameter in a sub-composite shot, so you have to leave the main one, adjust the parameter in the sub composite shot and go back to your main one. There is no way to keep previewing a composite shot while adjusting something in another one. Persistant windows would make possible to adjust something in a composite shot while previewing another one.

  • Ability to automate keyframes from an audio source, similar to trapcode sound keys in after effects. This would litteraly complete this program for me and id gladly pay extra for it.  

  • Being able to link/unlink more than one audio and video track would be a fantastic addition.

  • Composite hierarchy this is essential if you are having embedded comps 

  • I posted in the pro support "audio waveform editing". I'm glad to see some added audio features in this latest incarnation, but what is sorely lacking is doing precise audio editing and control... my suggestion is to be able to bring the audio file into the trimmer, once there, be able to scrub through the audio clip with a verticle line indicating your location on the waveform (much like the scrub bar in the editing timeline) also, it would good to be able to magnify the waveform in trimmer window while trying to make precise in/out cuts.  (Many times I need to extract small sound bites from much larger files and its nearly impossible to do it in hitfilm, even after I find the right spot on the clip I need trim it to the exact point.... and its hit and miss right now... thanks!



  • I'd love to be able to work with multiple audio tracks individually.

    Also, maybe a direct export to Streamable in addition to YouTube? I use Streamable to share snippets of what I'm working on with others, so it's probably really niche, but it'd be cool to see.

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    There've been several different audio threads posted today (Feb 4, 2017), and the general consensus is that Hitfilm could still improve audio waveform display.

    To me it seems that the big issue it Hitfilm is rendering a "bottom up" waveform with the 0-line at the bottom. A "Center Out" waveform with 0 centered and peaks extending to the top and bottom would be easier to read.

  • +1 for ArtMitchell's suggestion about a playhead in the trimmer for audio files

  •  Also horizontal zooming of the waveform, spreading it out over a larger area to be able  to see the ups and downs of the waveform easier

  • I hear the editor is getting a major revamp, think it needs it but from my perspective tidy up options there all over the place.

    Spend ages going around wondering which bit I click, example save as - for composite shots.

    Whilst we are on save as composite shots, can we have the name of the composite shot in the file name please? At the moment its blank :(

  • Export frame from composite shot. Can we use the size properties of the composite shot and not the project please?

  • @Triem23 - if you open the Options window (Preferences on Mac), you can change the way the waveform is drawn. Setting audio waveforms to Channel Composite will give you a  "Center Out" waveform with 0 centered and peaks extending to the top and bottom.

  • @AxelWilkinson  is the same  thing  applicable to pc

  • +1 for ArtMitchell's suggestion as well

  • We need a collect file option...

  • When dragging separate models together into one model it would be good to be able to Parent one part to another (such as a hand to an arm, etc.) otherwise one has to import each body part to a separate layer... (unless that changed with Pro 2017). I'm lovin the new version. Thanks!


  • @DrFnord you have always been able to drag a multi-part model into a single layer.

  • Being able to use 3d models in express would be nice to have...

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     @Triem23 yeah I watched that one a number of times when I first got Hit Film and that's how I've brought models in as multiple parts. 

    What you can't do is Parent those separate parts to each other; they will only Parent to an external layer. I had a puppet which I modeled  but found that when I animated a leg using a point the foot wouldn't follow....oh wait a minute...I'm not sure if I tried parenting the foot to another point layer which was parented to the leg's parent point.


    I'll have to give it another go....

  • @DrFnord one thing that video won't show you is each submodel (or each animation group in a model) can be parented to a point layer. Because that was added in Hf3. Maybe not to each other, but points, yeah. 

  • Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I will enter it as a feature request.

    When I double click a clip in the Media panel, it appears in the Trimmer panel as I would expect, but the Trimmer panel does not become the active panel and although play will work (space bar), the previous and next keyboard shortcuts ( , & . ) do not work until I click on the Trimmer panel to make it active.

    I would request then the Trimmer panel becomes the active panel whenever a clip is clicked on in the Media panel.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    I'd like to specifically request that the Trimmer Panel NOT automatically become active when clicking Media in the Media Pool, as I don't use that holdover from linear editing and trim my clips directly on the timeline.

    The current method of having to click a panel for it to become active may not be optimal for everyone, but the above workflow suggestion would be detrimental to a subset of users.

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    It's the Trimmer panel that I'm asking to be made the active panel, not the Timeline panel.

    Not sure it's a hold over to edit this way, or really a linear thing. Pretty much a standard feature on most NLE applications. Double click a clip to send it to the trim window for trimming.

  • Feature Request:

    Right click on a clip(s) on the Timeline, on the context menu I would like to see the option 'Select in and out for selected clip(s)'.

    Selecting this would then place an in and out point for the currently selected clip or area of clips.

  •  @LarryPlane I meant "Trimmer." "Timeline" was a typo."

    History lesson from my editing days back around 1990, before digital video was a reality as less than a million bucks....

    So you've have two decks... Deck A and Deck B, and each deck would have a frame accurate recording head. You'd put tape into Deck A and scan through it with your shuttle/jog wheel and set In and Out points. Then you'd double check that Deck B was actually on the frame you wanted to insert the clip on, because back then you really didn't want to have to make an edit 2 minutes into a 90 minute show... Then you'd click the "Assemble" button and you'd wait for Deck A to rewind, spin up, start playing, then Deck B would record when A hit the In point and both decks would stop at the out point.

    Repeat forever. For multi tape/multicam productions you'd have to swap tapes in A a lot. Considering these decks were $10,000 or more each, your average college AV department didn't have multiple "A" decks sitting on a switcher to keep multiple tapes loaded....

    Anyway, the Trimmer window is absolutely a virtual recreation of this linear workflow. The Trimmer window is "Deck A" and the Timeline is "Deck B." Where it becomes "non-linear" is you can move around and change your timeline tracks after initial placement--something near impossible to do on linear tape.

    Anyways I, and about half of the editors I know locally never use the Trimmer Window--we consider it redundant. If other editors want to use Trimmer windows, that's great. Don't care what your workflow is as long as it's not screwing up other workflow methods.

    So, your proposal of sending media to the Trimmer automatically absolutely messes up the workflow of editors who don't use the Trimmer. Heck, I have the Trimmer window turned off in Hitfilm! Would this panel I don't want keep appearing if I double-clicked in the Media Pool?

    Now, let me describe a potential alternate implementation--and I'm stealing this from Vegas Pro...

    FEATURE PROPOSAL Perhaps a setting could be added somewhere in the Options Panel to toggle "double-click media sends to Trimmer window?"

    I'll also "+1" Larry's idea for a right-click option on timeline to set in/out points based on selected clips--these need not be contiguous clips. Just highlighting the first and last would do it.

  •  Feature Request:

    Possibly this can be done already, I just can't seem to find a way to it.

    What I would like to do is copy and paste the Transform settings from one clip to another, or preferably, to a group of clips, by right clicking on the Transform dialogue, then highlighting a clip or clips and pressing Ctrl+V to paste those attributes across (similar to how effects can be copy and pasted between clips in the current version of HF).

    For example, I want to adjust the size and position of one clip (I am editing 1080 clips on a 720 timeline and want to reframe). Once I am happy with the reframing, I want to copy and paste these scale and position parameters from this clip to any other clip that is similar or from the same media clip.

    A global, or master option would be ideal, where I could make a change on one clip and see it adopted by any other instance of that same clip that is on the timeline, but you know, copy and paste would also be fine :)

    Apologies if this can already be done.

  • @LarryPlane you have to highlight the specific Transform properties of the source clip you want to copy and the specific properties on the destination clip. 

    This isn't as convenient as what you suggest, especially on multiple clips, but can be done. 

  •  @triem23 FEATURE PROPOSAL "Perhaps a setting could be added somewhere in the Options Panel to toggle "double-click media sends to Trimmer window?"

    That would work just fine for me.

    Re: Copy and paste of specific properties. Not sure I understand you correctly. If I open up the Controls Panel, then dial down the Transform options, I can alter the scale or position, but right clicking ether in the Transform text, or in the scale text or position text, just shows 'Reset' or 'Collapse All' there is no copy option.

    Clicking on the text of Transform or Scale and pressing Ctrl+C then using Ctrl+V on another clip does nothing.

    What am I missing?

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