Boris Title Studio is broken (Resolved)

I've been trying to use Title Studio to add some simple titles, and running into some very lame bugs that you'd expect from Microsoft, not someone competent.

1) It always complains about not being able to create the directory:

C:\Program Files\Boris FX, Inc\Lib\BCC OFX 10\FilterSets\

when I launch the UI. 

2) Changing the color of 3D text has no effect.!AnkPSq9AIf_f9leDAtki2MLFKZb_

3) I deleted the whole shebang, starting over with an empty canvas. Following a tutorial on the Boris site, I created a new flat text object. The result was completely unusable:!AnkPSq9AIf_f9lmcWlHQU5MXfJSE

The logical default should be for the container to be transparent, and the text not, but that's clearly not the case here, and I'm looking for the way to fix this... any ideas?



  • When I have created my text composite shot and I do a proxy the only thing I get is a black screen.  If I have footage that I am trying to put the text onto then the text just simply does not show up.  Am I doing something wrong?  Thanks for your help.

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    No immediate ideas, other than writing Boris as well. There seem to be specific issues with Title Studio. 

    I guess my other idea is use 3D Extruded Text. 

    @adamraitano I mergedyour thread with this one. Two threads with issues on the same plug-in in five minutes makes a messy forum. 


  • @WhiteCranePhoto We've reported 1) to Boris a while ago and received a new build last week containing the fix. It will be in HFP2017 update 2.

    Regarding 2 and 3 to be honest I'm not the best person to ask. Maybe someone on here has played with BCC Titling and can give you an answer, otherwise reaching Boris for help on how to use their plugins sounds like a good idea.

  • I got most of the way there with the 3D text, after quite a bit of poking around to find the materials options. The materials options are a bit limited though :-/

    I'll pester Boris about the opaque container.

  • #1 As a workaround, I created that folder myself.

    #2. Are you changing the material style?  I can change the color of the default 3D text with the solid color material styles ("color - ???"). Don't try a texture style as all of those will crash BCC and Hitfilm. Hopefully update 2 fixes that as well as #1.

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  • @NormanPCN yep, texture style crashes in BCC will be fixed in update 2 as well ;)

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    @CedricBonnier I assumed as much. I was doing a little fishing.

  •  I just purchased Hitfilm Pro 2017 and find that both Boris and Mocha don't scale properly on a 4k monitor. I have been in touch with Boris and got no help at all other then "we have not tested  4k monitors"

    Can someone from FXHome put some pressure on these plugins  manufacturers to  get a working product.

    Thank You

  • I started to do some editing with my new Hitfilm Pro 2017 and could not find the marker tool and a way to lock a video track. I tried "M" which is normally used but this did not work.  The manual does not seem to reference these tools.

  • @Dietmarf Hitfilm doesn't have markers at the moment, or a way to lock video. The manual could do with expansion in areas, but it's safe to say if the manual doesn't mention it, Hitfilm doesn't 9yet) do it.

    @Aiden at Digital Blast put this video together--basically you're using another layer with colored planes on it to define a region. The plane edges become "markers" since the playhead likes to snap to event edges.

  • Thank you, that was helpful

    Cheers Dietmar

  • Yeah, Aiden came up with a clever technique. 

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