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    • A Series of Unfortunate Events Title Sequence by inScape Digital - A template for terrible titles. Compatible with HitFilm Pro 2017+.
    • Cinematic Intro Template by AGArtsCo - Textured metallic BorisFX 3D intro. Compatible with HitFilm 4+ Pro.
    • Waterfall by inScape Digital - Flowing water simulation with Caustics. Compatible with HitFilm 3+ Pro.
    • Lower Third by inScape Digital - Futuristic lower third template with picture. Compatible with HitFilm 3+a Express and HitFilm 3+ Pro.
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    The lower third ain't showing up yet. You happened to update this thread at an exact moment I was in the marketplace.... Oh, and sending you a preset.

    I'm thinking you might want to go ahead and place whatever preview videos you're getting for templates in this thread when you update it? Just a thought.

  • +1 for @Triems23 idea, that would really quick and handy. Or just a direct link to the effect.

  • Not sure why, but the Marketplace updates immediately for me but only on Safari.

    Good idea, I'll be embedding the previews from now on.

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    • Photon Torpedoes by Triem Visual--Four different photon torpedo builds. Includes four different shield impacts. Compatible with Hitfilm 2 Ultimate, 3/4 Express, 3/4 Pro and Pro 2017. One photon compatible with all listed versions. Two require add-ons for Express. One currently only compatible with Pro 2017.

    And, because I like you all, here's the tutorial that goes with the template!

    • FREE 2D Landscape Intro by AGArtsCo - Flat design landscape intro animation. Compatible with HitFilm 4+ Express and HitFilm 4+ Pro.

  • If you have a minute, please take this survey to help me improve the Preset Marketplace:

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  • @inScapeDigital Took the survey, and thanks again for your time in maintaining the site.   I've found it personally useful on several occasions to just look up an effect.

    • Beautiful Rain by Harshit - Quick color graded rain scene. Compatible with HitFilm 4+ Express and HitFilm 4+ Pro.

    • Freeze Frame by Harshit Rai - Simple speed effect to bring video to a stop. Compatible with HitFilm 4+ Express and HitFilm 4+ Pro.
    • Lower Third by inScape Digital - Clean, modern animation, HitFilm-style. Compatible with HitFilm 3+ Express and HitFilm 3+ Pro.

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    Why are the requirements for Free Frame HF4+ ? I'm assuming (I haven't looked) it's just the Preset Speed =0.0, which works on any version of Hitfilm - 3 included - with no addons required.

    I've been using this instead of exporting images to avoid the Anti-Aliasing that's applied on Export ever since we discovered you couldn't export/re-import a frame without it getting softened.

    I've got loads of Presets like this, but as you said Lightning Line was too simple a Preset to be worth submitting, I've not bothered sending them to you. What's your new "worth it" baseline?

  • @Palacono It's two constant keyframes from 1 to 0 for the Speed. It is pretty simple, but the reason I put it on was because I've seen several people recently asking how to freeze frame.

    I still would like the Marketplace to be populated with slightly more complex presets.

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    @Palacono it was probably built in Hf4. The Speed effect might be one that dates back to. Hf1, but project files aren't backwards compatible. 

  • Three color grading presets from Roem Daug:

    • Zack Snyder Color Grade
    • Wachowski Siblings Color Grade
    • Wes Anderson Color Grade

    Compatible with HitFilm Pro 2017+.

    • Silhouette Intro Template by AGArtsCo - Simple intro animation. Compatible with HitFilm 4+ Express and HitFilm 4+ Pro.

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    • "Grid" Lower Thirds by Triem Visual

    Three lower thirds, all made by animating the Grid effect.

    Compatible with Hitfilm 2 Ultimate, 3 and 4 Express and Pro and Hitfilm Pro 2017

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    Now that's clever. :) Now you made me think of it I just used a similar idea with Set Matte to create a Transition. 

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    • "Scopes" Lower Thirds by Triem Visual. 

    Lower Thirds created with the Waveform and Parade Scopes. 

    Compatible with Hitfilm Pro 2017.

  • Thank you to everyone who took the Preset Marketplace survey! Here's a blog post detailing some of the results:

    • Atomic Sci-Fi Title by inScape Digital - Futuristic intro template. Compatible with HitFilm 3+a Express and HitFilm 3+ Pro.

    Accompanying tutorial:

  •  @inScapeDigital  Very cool and excellent tutorial as always!  Even more  flummoxed you're only a third my age and so much more advanced and intelligent than me.

  • @tddavis Thanks, that means a lot!

  • Javert that's a great looking atomic template. I haven't seen Westwood, so I don't know how accurate it is, but just the Hitfilm build is beautiful and elegant. 

    I've realized in the next couple of weeks I should do a quick atomic tutorial/template. Note that Atomic can use a video layer as a particle shape. This gives Express users limited options to, say, do REBELLION style Stormtrooper clones. 

    Here's an old test using Atomic to clone a dancer.


  • @Triem23 Thank you! The title is more inspired by Westworld's clean, futuristic theme rather than pulled directly from it. Nice workaround with the clones, good to know that options exists.

  • The limits with Atomic are a max particle size of 100 (so camera has to get closer. Scaling the layer would probably work, but I never tried it.), particles automatically billboard, and animation frames can't offset (so every particle is in synch), but, yeah, it is a workaround for Express users. :) 

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