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    Not necessarily my best video, but I feel an obligation to truly put in an effort when I make videos with my friends. My solo let's plays I don't even edit at all (unless they really have issues) because it saves so much time producing them, but when I do co-op with friend I almost always put in the effort to do post production.


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    With some help from @Triem23 I managed to complete the ending segment I wanted to finish off my whole let's play with. This is my first ever full let's play of a game and so it's pretty special to me. Hope you enjoy the effect:

    By the way, that is essentially a compilation of every single episode before the finale(Around 88). I thought it would be a cool way to recap.

  • SO it's been a while but I have definitely been experimenting and trying to improve on my editing techniques. One of the things I still struggle with is selection of incidental music but I'm trying to get better at it. The first video is earlier than the second one so hopefully there are visible improvements to both sound design and editing techniques between them.

    My current techniques are generally to use text to emphasize funny moment or hard to understand/quiet dialogue. Not animated, just there for clarification. (Tried to do sovietwomble's style once and that just about killed me lol) The occasional image when I think it adds to the humor, and (attempting to) use background music to enhance the mood.


    (I also make heavy use of the Compositor when making the thumbnails, it's honestly easier to use than many image editors,)


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