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    Small update. It's comming, but OH BOY is this time comsoming and hard work. 12:30am last night and all I did was sort out some audio and two new comps. I recon one more night of of and I might have a rough version. My big concern right now is the audio. Is it loud enough, too loud. I plan on using the tip @Triem23 gave me which was to listern to is on several device types.

    Anyway been fun, but how you YouTubers do weekly updates I have no idea.

  • @Andy001z You and me, both. It takes me hours upon hours just to get a few seconds of video.

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    @Andy001z  In HitFilm clipping is when the R or L channel turn Red, or both, avoid that and you'll be good. In HitFilm this is 0 dB (Full Scale?).

    You may want to go a bit below, for more headroom, but YouTube is compressing, I'd imagine more headroom would be a thing with Blu rays, etc.

    For me that's how I have to look at things, because I run my headphones through an amplifier, because I control the volume using physical knobs instead of in Windows.

    Avoid the red line, I don't know if they changed the UI in HF2017 if that's what you're using...

    The red line is above 0 because I didn't want to hide the 0. =)

  • new promo gif

    Getting close!!!

  •  Well after a lot of work and late nights I am pleased to bring the you my little Star Wars short .

    Hope you enjoy. 


  • Good job. Death Star overloading its circuits is pretty darn realistic.

  • Thanks @dlkeur worked hard on this.

  • @Andy001z : Yeah. I bet you did.  I'm discovering that what I think will be a snap to do takes days and what I think will take days is a snap.

  • 15 views and counting and only 5 of them are mine hehe. Never mind I enjoyed making it.

  • No pressure! @Andy001z

    Great stuff man :-)

  • @Andy001z, this is wonderful stuff my man , loved it.

  • So finally decided to go public with this, no more time to polish and I want to move on. So I give you my little video based on the Andrew Kramer Rain on glass effect tutorial he did. I wanted to show that just using the build in Rain on Glass you could get something near to what Andrew did in his 30min tutorial. Oh and i might have done a little impression of the great man (oh dear!)

  • Looks great!

  • Yeah, that looks really slick. :)

  • @Andy001z Great job on these clips! Keep up the awesome work!

  • That did come out nicely. 

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    Love the lighting and the text etc., but not to umm....rain on your parade :) but that looks like Blur Effect on an image, Rain on Glass below it then adjusting the Blur from high to low. The raindrops are always sharp, even if the image below them is blurred.

    That's not quite what Andrew was doing.

    You also need to blur the raindrops while keeping the image sharp, then fade between them as the focus changes from near to far. You can do this in Hitfilm 4 Express using the Difference Key and some Keyframes for the fade.

    Note as in my latest Bug #38, an image has to be embedded in a composite shot for it to be seen by the Difference Key Effect. Video works fine as is. The resulting difference Matte for the raindrops isn't perfect, but as you're blurring it anyway, that doesn't matter. A lot easier than what AC did.

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    Bingo ladies and gents we have A winner @Palacono has hit the problem that I could not overcome. It was @triem23 that suggested to me about the diff key which I tested and got working but as stated it never looked as good, it always looked dull and not as glass water like. And i wanted to have the lens blue effect the drops and then the text, like Andrew did. But no matter what I tried it didn't work. So basic water on glass effect it was.

  • Sorry should add I am sure that using the raw particle SIM as Andrew did would allow the same look with correct blur, but I was trying to see if I could get Hitfilm built in effect to do the hard stuff. My conclusion I don't think it can.

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    Sure you can do it with the built-in effects, because that's what I used in the video above (forums's currently broken and not showing thumbnail for it, but it works): Rain on Glass with Hitfilm Express. :)

    Process is:
    1) Separate the Rain with Difference Effect. It won't be perfect, but it doesn't matter because you're only going to use that blurred anyway.
    2) Create normal Rain against a Blurred background, as you have.
    3) Create another comp with the Difference Rain - blurred - over a sharp background.
    4) Add text effects etc. in all the layers that need it. They'll all be affected by the rain as expected and do internal reflections etc.
    5) You now have Sharp rain with a Blurred background and a Sharp background with Blurred rain in separate comps.

    Drag both those comps into another one and fade between one and the other with Opacity on the top one. It's not quite the same as changing the focus, but close enough. You could probably do more of a lens blur if you wanted it to look more 'correct', but who'd really notice? ;)

    Want to get it more like Andrew's? Add more than one rain Effect, with different sized drops. I think you perhaps could slip a  Speed=0.5 in there on one of them as well if you tried.

  • @Palacono arrhh not considered that idea of duplication and blending, I tried to do it with one. I'll try to look again.

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    Might be possible to do it on one comp with some grade layers separating things and fading one layer up and the other down and even use a real focus change, but I attempted that and decided it was just easier to make a few separate simple comps each doing one job; then combine their results into the final one. ;)

    If you use a base comp with the image/video in for everything else to refer to, all your text stuff can go in there, so that's only done once.

  • Tried the grade separate techniques but seemed to but work.

  • Just to see how far Express could take this: dropped a Day for Night Effect on the image, put some Neon Glows and a bit of Blur on the text and a bit of Flicker (from the Starter Pack, but could fake it with a few Opacity keyframes) and...close enough for horseshoes. :)

    Just a link as video thumbnails are currently broken anyway.

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    @Palacono ok so tried the Difference Key, not sure I did it right because like before my drips look kinda dull, where as if I apply the Rain on Glass effect direct to the image they look crisp and well drip like. Here is what I did.

    - Dragged the image into a new comp

    - Added new plane layer (GREEN) above this image and made transformation to SCREEN

    - Applied the Rain on Glass to the Green plane

    - Applied the Difference key above the rain effect and keyed out the green, leaving just the dripes.

    Finish look slightly dull drips (and no drip trails)... not like you clip you posted above.

    What the smeg am I doing wrong.


  • @Palacono that looks good, drat and double drat, I need to crack this. Something so simple is smacking me in the face but I can't see it.

  • edited February 2017 green screen is required. And it doesn't matter that the Differenced raindrops aren't perfect because you blur them to death anyway. When they're overlaid on the sharp background they're just smudges. The normal raindrops against the blurred background are as sharp as always.

    Was going to PM you the project file, but just found a few bad sectors on my HDD so doing a restore to a new  drive, so I'm IPading this reply. Will probably be back in action by tomorrow, as last disc image snapshot is pre Xmas ( do them every 2 months)  so will need to check/update a few things, then I can send the file if you haven't cracked it by then.

  • Oh boy I hate that process, my PC is due a failure and I know it's going to be a headache. 

    When ur back send it over. Thanks.

  • Believe it or not I haven't done a single comprehensive backup since I got my most recent laptop in Nov 2015. But I have staggering bad luck, and the only time I have ever suffered critical drive failures is DURING comprehensive backups, at which point I lose the primary and secondary copies. 

    Of course, having reminded my poor luck I exist, something will fry in two weeks... Right after I forget about this post. 

  • OK, I'm temporarily back after CHKDSK spent several hours confirming the HDD must have a small particle flying about and comprehensively knackering the drive with every revolution because it got stuck at 17% for 2 hours.

    I had run it before the swap as I just curious how bad things were and it eventually booted into Windows (where I now am), despite telling me it seemed to be deleting half of it while it was going through the mangled filing system, but running CHKDSK again from within Windows failed at 0%. :D

    Never mind, now it's finished, that disk is a gonner, but at least I know I can put in a USB caddy and get any data off it that I didn't backup in the last few months and the next task is the swapout and restore.

    Anyway, now about to PM you a link to the file, so enjoy.

    BTW, you need (well you don't if you use the project but you will in yours) to scale up the rainy version of the image to 106.9% for it to match the unscaled version you're using for the Difference Key Effect.

    No amount of turning down the glass thickness etc. in the Rain on Glass Effect leaves the original image at the same size, and the Scale option in the Effect doesn't have a fine enough resolution to do it there, it needs another decimal digit.

    Plus, in the 'Main' comp I've slid the two 'results' comps left along the timeline so they're actually starting a few seconds in, so the rain is already in full flow. Otherwise you have to wait while it builds up for the first few seconds.

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