AT-AT 3D Model Point Rig in Hitfilm



  • Your walk cycle is starting to look really good.

  • @spydurhank is one of our resident Blender gurus as well. He's one of the people who can really appreciate how much harder this walk cycle is to animate in Hitfilm, and how impressive it's turning out. 

  • I'm not a guru in anything (complaining doesn't count), but I'm impressed by not only how it's working out, but how from "Do this:<big long list of things>" ZCC_Productions just goes: "OK, sure. Like this?" works! 

    It also says a lot about @Triem23 's 'big long list of things' being well explained. :D


  • Thanks again for the support everyone...

    Here is another test. This one I attempt to create dust using the method @Triem23 listed, although I couldn't quite figure out some parts...



  • You've got the start of something pretty awesome there.

  • I think the dust should go out to the side of the feet. Maybe something like this.

  • thanks for the tip @NormanPCN

    Could you possibly list the settings you used for that?

    In Triem23's post he said something about it being like that for the air rushing out from beneath the foot as it steps, and then some dust shot up in the air that settles down for when the foot impacts. Combining mine and adding gravity and tweaks and yours could create that effect maybe?...


  • ZCC my explanation of the particles might not have been as good as my explanation of rigging. Norman has built one of the two suggested emitters--a circle emitter with a disc trajectory (@NormanPCN did you use acceleration or a Force to get the rise?). Combine that with the emitter you've built (both emitters in the same layer) and you're almost there. For your current version the dust seems like it's rising a bit high, but that's minor velocity tweaks. 

  • @Triem23

    Your explanation wasn't bad, just a little unclear without a visual for reference. But now seeing this video from NormanPCN I can see what it is supposed to look like.

    I will try what you said Triem23. Also, should the disc one start a bit before the foot steps down? And then have my current one take place on  impact, not rise so high, then settle back down?


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    @ZCC_Productions My settings are

    Circle emitter, boundary setting. Adjust size to taste. Explode trajectory.

    10,000 particles per second on frame 0. 0 particles per second on frame 1  and later. Adjust to taste.

    Appearance, Debris dust textures. Appearance variation. 90 degree texture angle per second.

    Movement. 1.5sec lifetime. 50% scale. 150 speed.

    Movement variation.  Life .5. Scale 10%. Speed 50.


    Global, direction, up (180). 1.5% strength. Acceleration in movement should be as good. edit: I just tried 150 accel in Y (middle setting) verses global force. I like it better. Thanks @Triem23 Try both and use what you prefer.

    Global turbulence. Smooth 1%. Strength 5%.

    Lifetime panel.

    Lifetime. Alpha, gradient. Two points. About 25% life and about 25% alpha. 100% life and 0 alpha.

    Lifetime scale. Two points. 0% life and 0% size. 100% life and 150% scale.

    Adjust all to taste. I just came up with something quick to post a sample vid quickly regarding my idea.

    I hope that I am clear enough for you to try my settings. I can provide a Hitfilm 2107 project file if necessary but this description should be enough to hit the ground running.

    A unified 3D space between the model and dust particles should help with realism. 

  • Okay thanks @NormanPCN

    That should be all the info I need...

  • Okay!

    I know I haven't posted the progress for awhile so here it is...

    I haven't done much with the particles yet, because I am still figuring some things out. What I have done is revised the walking animation. (again.) And added a camera move. 

    Is anyone able to/ willing to make some tweaks to the free model I found? There are a few animation groups that are stuck together that need to be separated, but I don't have/know how to use a 3D modeling software. This is why the camera is always closer to a front view, because part of the back of the body and the back right hip are connected in one group. Also, the guns are stuck with some other parts on the head so I can't animate them...

    If anyone could help that would be great!


  • ZCC_Produtions, where did you get your free model? I've found a few, but not a lot of them look very good/don't have animatable groups. Also, is there a simple way to kinda explain how exactly you animated the legs/head?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @HitFilmer14451 Go back to page one of this thread and read my first post there. That was the guide for what ZCC did.

    Long story short, a lot of tedious manual keyframe animation.

  • @HitFilmer14451

    I think this is the model I used:

    As I said above, there are a few animation groups that are not separated properly. It was the only mostly working model that I could find for free. It looks good in the video above, but if you want to animate the guns, or see it from a backward angle you are out of luck...

    Hope this is useful. Might post a video or screenshot of the setup...


  • Here is another test!

    I tried to use the particle technique described by NormanPCN

    Any suggestions or ideas? @Triem23

  •  @ZCC_Productions that looks pretty sweet

    IMO we should start to see the dust clouds a little bit sooner. The dust is being kicked up by air being compressed under the foot as it comes down, so the dust will be kicked up just before the foot hits the ground. Whereas currently it looks like it is kicked up after the foot has already landed on the ground...

    Changing it by a couple of frames should be enough

  • Aha! That is really, really good. Excellent work. :)

  • Thanks @spydurhank and @JMcAllister

    I well shift the dust back a few frames as I see what you mean...

  • Also, how about a slight camera shake upon foot impact to enhance the weight and impact of the AT-AT?

  • @ZCC_Productions  I think the camera shake sounds like a good idea.  It could help sell the effect.  Also, I was thinking that your dust cloud might be too dense and you could adjusted the opacity a bit, but that's really a matter of personal taste.  And I agree with the comment about the timing.  I didn't realize what it was that was a little off until it was pointed out.  He's right.  The puff should begin just before the foot reaches the ground.  Funny, it's one of those things you don't think about but then drives you up the wall trying to figure out.  Looking good, though.  Way above my level!

  • Could you use some (more?) smoothing on the animation keyframes? It looks a bit linear and robotic at the moment.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    ZCC everyone else has already hit any notes I'd give, except...

    Don't worry about dust density yet--this is still an animation test, and dust density is something you couldn't judge until you have this walker on a background. Not worth wasting the time on yet. Same with camera shake--it's something you might use in a final scene, but not for this stage.

    Palacono is right--the keyframes do need a little tweaking (although "robotic" is a funny adjective to use for a mechanical beast. ;-) ). I'm not certain offhand if one of the preset interpolation curves will do it, or if you need to go full manual bezier.

    This remains impressive work. I've said it before, and I'll say it again right now--there's a lot of experienced users on this forum, myself included, who wouldn't have tackled this complex an animation inside Hitfilm itself. Serious kudos for how well you got the feet to stick on the ground.

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    @Treim23 I meant it looks more 'mechanical' and less 'beasty' than in the movies, where (I feel? imagine? assume?) they tend to make it walk like a cross between a camel and an elephant or something, so it's got some ease in and out on the starts and stops. :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Palacono, Oh, I know what you meant. :-)

  • Agree with Triem23.  No need to worry about dust density yet.  It will look completely different when you have a full scene.  Just worry about your motion and timing.

    But . . . you've go this looking so good, I'm looking forward to seeing the walker in an actual scene.  Great work!

  • Alright! Here is another test... This time the particles start as the foot stomps down and are a bit less bright. Also, the step keyframes are set to smooth. Do you like the smooth, or should a manual bezier be used?


  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator
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    Your timing on the dust puff is looking pretty good.  I would quit fiddling with that and move on to your next objective.

    Triem23 has said this many times.  You can work a small problem to death.  When you get something that looks about right, move on to the next step.  I would say you are there with the foot dust.


  • @ZCC_Productions  That is great!  Cannot wait to see what you come up with next.

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