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    • Clean VHS Grade by Ledermarton - Quickly make your footage look vintage. Compatible with HitFilm 4+ Pro.
  • Hi everyone! Just wanted to let new users know about the Preset Marketplace, which has over 50 free templates available for download to speed up and simplify your HitFilm projects.

  • Keep up the good work

  • @Alchemist Thank you!

    Video previews will be coming to the Marketplace! Hope to have everything online by December 1st.

  •  @inScapeDigital Will you need or want the contributors to create those videos?

  • @HitFilmSensei That would be great, but if not I can do it myself. I've just been showing the presets against a black background for 6 seconds.

  • @inScapeDigital What are the parameters (resolution, length of video, etc...) that you would like to see in these videos? 

  • Can be 720p or 1080p, 6 seconds unless the effect needs longer to be properly demonstrated. If it's a color correction or grade, show normal video for 3 seconds and fade to graded version for last 3 seconds.

    I've got a YouTube channel going here if you need more demos.

  •  @inScapeDigital Last question... How do you want us to get the video to you?

  • If it fits in an email you can send it to, if not upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive and send me the link.

  • Cool! Looking forward to video previews. It was often hard to imagine what the presets do.

  • @Inscapedigital how about YouTube links? 

  • @Triem23 If you're willing to have the video on your YouTube channel, sending me the link for it is good too. If you have a tutorial for that preset, even better. I had planned to have all of the videos on a YouTube channel I had made anyways.

  • Hey @InScapeDigital I downloaded my first preset (Stars) last night from the site, nice and easy and worked fine in Hitfilm2017. At first I thought I know how to make stars but then when I see the work that has gone into this preset I am now very thankful someone else has kindly done that work for me.

    Great job, and video preview sounds spot on.

  • @Andy001z Thanks for letting me know, glad to hear it!

  • Video previews are beginning to roll out on the HitFilm Preset Marketplace. Check them out!

  • Forgot to mention that the effects from my Doctor Strange VFX tutorial are available for download.

    • Rune Shield by inScape Digital  - Hologram type display inspired by Doctor Strange. Compatible with HitFilm 3+ Express and HitFilm 3+ Pro.
    • Vortex by inScape Digital - Spinning particle vortex. Compatible with HitFilm 3+a Express and HitFilm 3+ Pro.
    • Ember Flurry by inScape Digital - Quick burst of realistic sparks. Compatible with HitFilm 3+a Express and HitFilm 3+ Pro.
  • Got something a bit different up on the Marketplace today. The two latest icons have a green "$3" in the upper left corner, and the link takes you to AGArtsCo's Sellfy page to purchase the templates if you choose.

    Hoping to help spread the word of some other talented HitFilm users! These are well worth the $3.

    • 2D Intro Template by AGArtsCo - Hipster styled intro. Compatible with HitFilm 3+ Express and HitFilm 3+ Pro.
    • Glitch Intro by AGArtsCo - Distorted, RGB intro. Compatible with HitFilm 3+ Express and HitFilm 3+ Pro.
  • @inScapeDigital that really is a big step for the Marketplace! I'm excited for what it will become! I'd like to suggest something else, if you don't mind: what if you put a star on your favorite presets? Or maybe next to the most downloaded presets? I don't know...just a thought

    Again, great work!


  • Keep up the good work , got some sweet effects from the site.  I Been doing a few green screen particle and ocean effects and space background renders all in HD  etc  in other apps, that i am happy to give away for free, if your interested message me and i can send a link to DL  you can use 

  • Interesting new direction! Good for AgArtsCo! They do excellent work. 

  • Hmmmm, interesting approach!

    Would it make sense to keep things that can be created in Express free of charge, while Pro stuff could be free and licensed?

  • @Roemdawg The ability to sort the presets by Most Popular would be ideal, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way with the plugin I'm using. It's meant for photos, not downloads, and has no way to track the download count for each.

    @Alchemist Feel free to send them over, and I'll check them out.

    @CNK How do you mean licensed?

    • Neon Sign by inScape Digital - Bright, fluorescent titles. Compatible with HitFilm Pro 2017.
    • Plus two more 2D Intros by AGArtsCo
  • @inScapeDigital I just thought that when you buy something you own it, i.e not allowed to share it with others etc, typical license when purchasing stuff online. 

    For instance if someone does something cool with the particle simulator, then I think that should be sold and not downloaded for free, as long as that's allowed in the HitFilm ToU, which is something I'm never going to read or understand, honestly.

  • @CNK Myself and others could choose to sell presets, I believe. It's something I might look into depending on how complicated the project file gets and how much time I put into it.

    But the Marketplace has been for relatively simple effects that make life easier and would take 5 minutes to do on your own. That's why most people have been content with giving them away for free.

  • @CNK selling is, of course, up to the individual creator. :-) Those AgArtsCo templates predate the Preset Marketplace, so it was clever of inScape to just link to their existing site. 

    A little known thing in HFP 2017 is that the preset manager is "license file enabled,"  meaning, I think, that creators have the option to "password protect" presets--useful for those who intend to sell presets. @Ady can you sanity check me on that? 

    • Hologram by Ledermarton - Grades and distorts for a futuristic look. Compatible with HitFilm 4+ Pro.
    • Plus one more 2D Intro by AGArtsCo
    • Sparks Burst by Roem Daug - Simple but effective cone of sparks. Compatible with HitFilm Pro 2017+.
    • Plus one more 2D Intro by AGArtsCo
    • Tornado by StormyKnight - Fast spinning particle twister. Compatible with HitFilm 4+ Pro.
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