Sony Vegas Pro 14 (It might actually happen!)



  • Won't be happy until Apple starts to take FCP and Motion seriously again. haha

    Happy for the sony users though.

  • wonder how long we'll wait for SVP 14 now?

  • Supposedly this fall....

  • I wonder what kind of update it will be. V13 from 12 was a pretty minor difference. V14 might be similar. Supposedly is was done by the SCS staff and I wonder what effort was going to be put into Vegas. SCS has likely been shopping Vegas around for a while. Of course even one feature can be a big deal depending on what it is.

  • At this point, I'm happy that there will be any update at all. 

  • The possibility of a VP 14 is the best news I've heard in a long time.  

  • FAQ concerning MAGIX takeover of Sony products

  • Amazing news.  I use SVP 13 and couldn't be happier.  So fast.  Very excited about MAGIX.  I also use HF for all 3D work for integration into SVP, so I hope HITFILM takes the MAGIX take over seriously.  Keep up the good work MAGIX and HITFILM!  You have a VERY dedicated community of users.

  • Of course even one feature can be a big deal depending on what it is."

    ...Motion tracking...

  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for this post,

    here de latest video about Magix vegas pro 14

  • It did. I forgot to update my own thread! Hah! 

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    Now that Vegas Pro 14 is officially released this question can be asked. No mention is made in the feature set about Hitfilm interoperability. @JoshDaviesCEO is this something that's just gone? Honestly, I didn't use the interchange much--I do enough complex shots where waiting for the Vegas proxy to render was as tedious as waiting for a Hitfilm render, so I would just render from Hitfilm to bring back to Vegas, but this is an important feature for many users. 

  •  At the time of release, Magix Vegas 14 supports integration with HitFilm 4 Pro.

  • This will make @Palacono happy, indeed. Thank you, @AxelWilkinson

    Still jealous of that Transformers collection. I can get a "Rick Hunter" VF-1J and just say it's Jetstrike, I guess, but, nah. Veritechs/Valkyries are cool enough! 

  • @Triem23 Well, that's good for everyone else, of course :) but what would have made me happier was if I was now playing with Sony Vegas Pro 13.  ;) So I'll wait and see if Hitfilm integrates with Magix Movie Studio 14, unless that still has the SMS 13 big button interface, which from the screenshots on the site, it might...although it's basically a cut'n'paste job and they say 13 in the title bar.

  • @Triem23 Sometimes your comments just end up a little creepy. This time it's because this morning I found out Sony is streaming Robotech for free on Crackle and I finished watching Boobytrap just before I clicked this topic and find you talking about a Rick Hunter VF-1J

  • @AlexWilkinson Will it integrate with HF 3 Pro?

  • @Aladdin4d Robotech...Wow that is a blast from the very distant past.

  • @NormanPCN Sony acquired the rights to Robotech last year and there is supposed to be a Robotech live action movie in the works with James Wan as the director.

  • "At the time of release, Magix Vegas 14 supports integration with HitFilm 4 Pro."

    What you need to know is you'd probably need HitFilm to be installed after Vegas Pro 14.  So if HitFilm 4 Pro was already installed before you installed Vegas Pro 14, you'd need to re-install HitFilm 4 Pro to let it appear as a right-click option in den Vegas Pro timeline and to let Vegas Pro read HitFilm project files.

    This seems to be because HitFilm installs a config file into the Vegas Pro program folder.

  • I was literally about to start this thread, as many long time users will know I have a long history with Vegas.  I love it but it had problems.  I am so tempted to buy it but there is some issues as to if there will be an upgrade available for all past users as some (like myself) had not received the email for the upgrade option.

  • At this instant, It does not look like there will be a traditional upgrade option for existing users. There is a temporary price reduction/upgrade price (Sept 27). No previous serial number needed.  Information can be found at the MAGIX forum


  • Users on the SoCalVegas users forum have information that upgrade emails are supposed to go out in a week. I wouldn't be surprised if they were holding those until after the intro price deal. 

  • From the Vegas forums

    "Hey there! During the next days, you will receive the discount via e-mail in the form of a newsletter. You will also get an newsfeed information in your software aswell. If you want to upgrade now, you can contact our customer support. They will give you all the information you need."


  • If someone used the summer promo (buy V13, get V14 for free), the emails with serial numbers are shipping now (got mine 5 minutes ago) :)

  • I have still no email but when i opened Sony Vegas Pro 12 today a window regarding upgrading to v.14 popped up.

  • That popup window in Vegas for upgrade points to the same page being referenced by someone from MAGIX in the MAGIX forum. Upgrade is $249 for Vegas Pro, $199 for Vegas edit, and that expires on the 27th so act quick. I would not be surprised if that time limit is lifted/extended.

  • "I would not be surprised if that time limit is lifted/extended."


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    Info posted today by someone from MAGIX indicates one can get the $249 price for Vegas Pro, $199 for edit after the 27th. The upgrade form/page at MAGIX supposedly will still have the 249 price after the 27. I discounted that some since that web form offered me V13 when I entered my V13 serial #. There was a bit of flap about that on the forum and MAGIX has fixed that issue and now a V13 serial # offers you V14 at the current initial release price.

    Still 249 to MAGIX for V13 to V14 is a lot more than the 149 paid to Sony to upgrade from V12 to V13.

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