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  • @YFTS I used andjust watched prices flex until I was ready to buy. I don't recommend buying all at once but rather as they go on sale :)

    @spydurhank Dang, man. You've been showing so much love for my content lately. It really means a lot to me.

  • @TriFlixFilms - DUDE - I missed your filmmaking alone (one man band) episode somehow, but it just caught my eye. 

    That is some great content. Very honest about the cons of the process but ultimately really positive about what you can achieve as a one man bad. Also shows everyone just how much work is going into these episodes (with the cutaways, which were another nice touch). Really, really awesome stuff. 

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    The fact that you even watch my content mind blowing given that I make videos on your software. It's like Steve Jobs reading my report because I used an Mac to type it. I am very humbled.

    Today has been and rollercoaster of a day and I want you to know that you just put a big smile on my face haha. @KirstieT

    Maybe someday, I have the skill of Triem and the vision of Corridor Digital, we can partner up for some projects. That's what I'll be working towards at least hahaha.

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    FILMS: Pointless Powers - Sneeze Portation

    (First sketch in nearly a year, be gentle on the critisism)

  • edited August 2016 there a missing teleport at 1:04 from atmosphere into space?

    Not really reading the sneeze very much. For comedic value, Perhaps he (you) could have arrived with red eyes and a runny nose and have to blow into a handkerchief? But, otherwise: pretty solid. :)

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    That is a great point! I really wish I could have invested more time into it and I think that the extra port-effect at 1:04 would have been a great touch.
    It was for a film challenge but I was a day late to entry, because of that I thought it would be best to sped my time making the initial effect look polished so the audience understood what was going on, which I believe it did.  Like you said though, it would have deffinatly helped the short.

    The short had untones of humor and the hankerchief would have been very nice comic relief hahaha. I hadn't even thought of something like that :)

    Thanks for the critique, I think I need to improve my adr for the next challenge to bring attention to the audience like "HEY! This effect does this ability." Blending all the sound/music together and making it smooth/seemless. @Palacono

  • Oh yes, there is definitely lots of  great stuff in there - love the phone argument ending with "...Mom", which went against expectations too. :)

  • Nicely done.  Perhaps an Ah Choo would have made the sneeze a bit more obvious.    Other than that, I truly enjoyed the video. 

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    Noted: Make the initial effects more distinct

    Now that I watch it, without the title saying sneeze some may think 'dabbing' teleports me haha. @BobDiMarzio

  • MUSIC: Love in The World - Ammar Javid

  • MUSIC: Piano Beat - Ammar Javid

  • MUSIC: Piano Emotional - Ammar Javid

    (We are so lose to being all caught up to the currently weekly videos!)

  • Nice looking rig, a couple of odd parts though. I was wondering why you brought the GTX970 over say the GTX1060/70 given the price vs performance. I ask becuase it seems the rest of the tech is pretty high end, and the GTX970 while a great card, is a bit last gen tech for such a computer. I might have saved on the SSD and put the power into the GPU.

  • I bought the 970 before this 1070 was announced and it was only a cheap fill in card while I wait for Nvidia web drivers to release, no point buying a GPU that I can't dual boot OSX with ;) @andy001z

  • @TrilFlixFilms arrhh good point. New there had to be a reason. What's the performance like on that beast with Hitfilm 4.

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    The 970 is meh... pretty fast but nothing that will make you say 'wow.' I think the 1080 would be the only thing worth buying thought because the performance gap between 970 and 1070 just insn't big enough from what I've been reading. I'd like a 1080ti though :) @Andy001z

  • @TriFlixFilms I'd like the 1080ti but "I got three kids to feed!!"

  • Totally understand and respect a man that has his priorities in order! @Andy001z

    Depending on where I work for my next summer intership, I should be able to afford it right around when they recieve their first price dip, around Q2 of sales :)

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    MUSIC: Ammar Music (Promo)

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    Its offical, we are finally all caught up. All previously created content has been posted on this thread so... now what?

    Like many of you, I am in the midst of a whirlwind comprised of school, work, and family. My goal is to maintain a schedule of one video per week that will fall into the category of Tech, Vlogs, Films, or Music.

    My next upload will go into more depth on the direction I plan on taking my company, with what will hopefully be some 'Big News'. I try my best to keep thing short and sweet, with that being said...

    Thank you everyone for your support, youve truly helped me grow as a person and a filmmaker :)

  • Congratulations on being all caught up - that's an achievement in itself! Good luck with everything you've got coming up over the next few months - hope that you can keep with the one video a week because it's been great seeing you learn and grow over the course of this thread :)
    Look forward to your next one (and thanks for the lovely sentiment at the end there - we're glad to be part of the support!)

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    VLOGS: Detroit Auto Show

    Wow... so busy semester but finally have time to catch up.

    I was blessed with the opportunity to go to the Industry Preview of the Detroit Auto Show and put together a video. I would love your feedback.
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    Nice video. I saw what you did there with the speed changes, the reversing and the go, go back, go stuff. Nice variety. :)

    No credits for the music in the info? What were the tracks and any links to them or the  musicians?

    Edit: Also nice camera work. What were you shooting with and was that with a gimbal,  EIS or stabilized in post?

  • First off, so glad you enjoyed it! The comments on the footage have varied but all love on the editing (which is my favorite part of filmmaking). I have much to learn but am grateful for the forums encouraging feedback.

    The music was all free from YouTube Creator audio so I didn't bother worrying about legal. If you want the names of the tracks for personal use, I'd be happy to give them to you.


    • Samsung NX500 (1080p at 60fps)
    • Manual 16mm Rokinon Cinema (Canon mount)
    • Dumb adapter (adds a 1.4 crop to the image)
    • Neck strap and rail system for chest pad (You can see it when I step in front of the TV transformer screen)

    As soon as I figure out what I like best, I'll make a video on my set up.

    I was beyond PO'ed with HF/Mocha after that stabilization fiasco on the first shot so (video below)...

    1. Used my PC to transcode my 12gb of h.265 to 160gb of Prores HQ
    2. Put the 160gb on the 256gb SD card
    3. Ran it down stairs and imported to the mac
    4. Threw it on the FCPX timeline and pressed stabilize (Amount = .5)
    5. Went back to the PC to work on a second project (hopefully coming soon)
    6. Half a day later I started to edit down the 45 minutes of footage to 8 minutes
    7. Recorded some narration once I had a story to tell
    8. Back to the pc to transcode again
    9. Back to the mac
    10. Clean zoom h5 (SGH-6 attachment) in Garageband (I love it so much for narrative work)
    11. Add some LUTS/vignettes/black bars here and there for effect
    12. Add the Vlogs intro and call it a day :)

    I have no idea how Casey Neistat does this daily... I'd be happy to get it done 4 days a weeks. @Palacono

  • Well, that stabilisation looked pretty good, so other than the time element: Result! :D

    Yes, please PM me the track names if you prefer not to share them. I'm  always after nice tracks and searching through YouTube is fairly hit'n'miss. It needs some sort of algorithmic breakdown for BMP, volume, intensity, style etc. so you can say "more like this" and send it something to compare to. :)

    If you'd seen Casey's daily timeline - which he's posted a couple of times - he spends about 6 hours EVERY DAY (even after three years at it) editing the videos. That's more time than he spends sleeping. And the variety in his shots takes a massive amount of work. In one of the latest (one of the Inauguration ones, I think), there was an 8- 10 second segment of him travelling on his Boosted board with 5 or 6 x  1sec-1.5sec shots of him simply skating past his camera on a tripod; one after the other. Just filler between story highlights.

    Those alone must have taken 3-5 minutes each shot, even if done at some speed (due to long practice).

    Stop, place camera on Tripod, start camera, go back a way with Boosted board, travel past camera, stop, return to fetch camera, continue journey. Repeat. So 20-30 minutes work, plus Editing time for 8-10 seconds of 'texture'. That's why his videos are so watchable.

    Your little enhancements similarly made your video more interesting to watch too. :)

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    I aspire to reach levels of cinematography that others such a Casey Niestat, Brandon from Linus Tech Tips, and Hardwood Canucks achieve.  @Palacono


    • Undeniable
    • About That Oldie
    • Earthy Crust
    • Neon Storm

    I hate using the same music as everyone else and take great pride when I find unique gems haha. My primary goal is to help others though, so I anytime someone has a question I try my best to assist :)

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    FILMS: You're Awesome & Future Videos

    So much has happened in the last few months and it feels great to be back. Now its up to you to pick what's next!

    New Videos Every Week!

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    MUSIC: Tiny Triggers - Illijam ft. Alive in Color

    Got to collaborate on another lovely lyric video. The artist was really cool and said he loved the results, hope you guys do to :) Enjoy! 

  • I liked it. :)

    The text wasn't done in Hitfilm, unless you separated each word into individually masked letters; because some overlap others. ;)

    What did you use for that?

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