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Fix: S1E1 Pilot Episode

Criticism is always welcome :)



  • will take a look!

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    I liked the titles with the flying through the aperture thing, and all the texty bumpers etc. stuff.  All looked nicely professional (apart from one thing I'll mention below). :)

    Only real note in this episode was the crossing of the arms. Like streams: it's a no no, but that's done and done.. :)

    Then I watched S2E1 and the other note came up again: graphics are too close to the left edge of the screen - including that nice flying logo at the beginning, TBH. It looks a teeny bit uncomfortable with no space around the boxes, like they've been chopped off, especially as they do have a border, which is absent from the left side.

    Overall, eminently watchable, although not sure about the "keep working hard" signoff. As it was in both episodes (not watched more) I assume it's the 'tagline' for the channel, but it just slightly rubs me up the wrong way. It feels a bit like "remember to eat your vegetables" :D

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    @WighingStaffstudios Thanks for checking it out! :)

    @Palacono A lot of great points! I couldn't agree with you more, getting used to the camera is difficult when starting out, but over time I think I worked through it to the point in our current episodes it feels more like talking to another person. Not forced script reading haha. 

    As for the intro, I am currently working on shortening it. 

    Sorry about the tagline, I think it sticks but perhaps I could look into some alternatives. 

    With the: "It looks a teeny bit uncomfortable with no space around the boxes, like they've been chopped off, especially as they do have a border, which is absent from the left side."  Could you elaborate, I don't think I understand what you mean... I believe you're referring to the intro which will be completely changed soon enough haha

    Heres a link to the currently "in progress intro."

    Thanks for your supportive criticism, while I can't do anything to change the episodes I will try my best to implement your inputs into the new content. :)

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    Fridays: S1E1 Cloning with VFX

    (Warning: Poor Acting Ahead) Haha


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    Fix: S1E2 Questions & Filmmaking 101 Advice


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    Oh yes, that was your new logo. Already commented on that. ;)

    Sorry, didn't make myself clear enough. The graphics I meant were the Amazon, ebay etc. boxes at the edges of the screen in your S2E1 - Best Camera Episode.  They'll look "happier" with some space around all four sides. :)

    The (old) logo (which was fine otherwise) was also a bit too close to the left edge of the screen, but your new logo is front and centre, so no worries on that score. Just, IMO (as I said on that other thread) it could be a bit larger, perhaps?

    Don't take too much notice of my comments on the "keep working hard" thing, although..... something like: "the more you practice, the easier it gets"  is perhaps a little softer while getting a similar point across?

    But maybe you don't need a sign off at all; just a smile and a confident "see you next time!" ?  :D

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    Great advice @Palacono. I want to make everyone happy, help others, and please the viewers. At the same time, I never want to 'lose myself' either. I'm still young and learning who I am everyday, as an artist and as a person.

    With that being said, I will consider your sign off advice and give it some thought, there are better alternatives I'm sure. You're suggestions are always appreciated. They keep me on my toes and help the me and the channel grow. :)

  • No worries, best of luck. :)

  • @TriFlixFilms - As I can only imagine the commitment it would take to dedicate time to produce two shows a week- at any length- I salute your ambition. If you haven't acted before, you didn't do all that bad. The head drop was funny. For starting out, I thought the whole overall production was pretty good. I look forward to seeing more and picking up some more helpful tips along the way. Although, if there was one critique- sit up. For some reason the way you sit, leaning back in the chair, doesn't come across as an instructive posture. If you were in my living room and we were just talking about world events and drinking coffee it would be fine. "How about that Putin guy? Nice weather we've been having." But in an instructional role the relaxed friends posture doesn't quite work for me. Admittedly, I have the same problem....just not on video.  ;^)

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    @StormyKnight Thanks for the tip. I will be changing the set up for all the fututre episodes. The teaching stuff will incorporate standing in front of a green screen so... no more bad posture haha.

    My only regret is I didn't start making the series sooner as well as starting this thread, you and @palanoco have pointed out things I've overlooked for nearly a year now.

    It was hard work making 2 episodes a week with College (Engineering) and 20 hours of work at Cummins, but if you love something you'll find a way to make it work... Even if that means no sleep haha.

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    Fridays: S1E2 Cinematic Look in Under 10 Minutes

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Trix, just enjoy the time of your life where you can do school, work, forgo sleep and still make personal projects happen... A wase man once told me the first thing to go as you age is the ability to pull an all-nighter and not pay for it.

    He was right.

    Unfortunately for me, my computer time is down to one 6-to-8 hour block a week, and I'm now dreadfully behind on a tutorials series I started on Hitfilm 2 Ultimate... Tutorials I've had to redo because of advances in Hitfilm tech (I scrapped an hour of tutorial on faking 3D models as particle textures in HF2U since HF3/4 just allows one to use 3D models as textures!).

    Of course, as one might expect from the length of my written replies on here, I wasn't doing 5 to 10 minute tutorials. Mine are.... long...and very thorough... Like well over an hour just on basic particle sim setups. Or over an hour on 3D model import.

    I've finally realized I'm going to have to figure out a series of quicker 5-to-10 minutes tutorials just to actually start getting content out!

  • @Triem23 once you started you will see that it is getting easier, it´s just the start..... :)

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    @Triem23 I actually agree with @StephansBilderwelt on this one. I understand that lack of sleep is bad, as I've already visited the emergency room once as result of it with a mix of stress and other factors. However, I was doing two per week. Once you get started with your 5-10 minute tutorials it'll get easier.

    My suggestion, screen record the process you go through to create an effect. Put the footage in the editor of your choice and do voice overs later.

    If you want to be more personable, but requires more work. Explain it while you do the process and intercut the footage of you talking to the camera. I know I'm not the most qualified for advice but I've learned some things over the years haha.

  • KirstieTKirstieT Staff
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    TriFlixFilms Love how passionate you are - and how determined to learn and improve on your craft! Time and health are the trickiest things to manage - especially when you get conflicting information all the time about what is best for you and your work. 

    It's taken me years and years to even START striking a balance correctly, but the more you take care of yourself, the better your work will be because you won't be hospitalised for exhaustion etc. (hope you're OK now by the way?) 

    If what you're doing aligns with what is important to you in your life - with what you want to offer the world - then it is almost impossible for us to tell you to slow down because you embody it all the time.
    However, learning to play the long game and not burn out is just as important as the first steps. 

    Just one piece of feedback on your last video - around 1:49 I only had one earbud in and thought that your audio had cut out. In my opinion, if the subject is in the middle of the scene, try to make your audio align wherever possible so it doesn't play with the head of your viewer. So in this case, instead of having the audio far right (in one speaker), pull it more towards the middle.Does that make sense?

    Also, there's a bit of buzz in the background - if you don't have an expensive mic (as most of us don't), you could use the software Audacity to rip out that buzz right away if you needed. 

  • @KristieT Thank you! It means a lot coming from someone I look up to.

    I have since been managing my time better haha. My health is good, though I have gained a few pounds since I cut out the gym (I was going twice a day haha). Honestly I should have been dead as much I put my body through. Most of those issues and mulitple episodes per week were last semester.

    I will look into the audio issues, but what I believe happened.. if I recall, was the mic (my phone) only recorded far right by accident. So I duplicated the audio in post and swung it far left to compensate, but the result was as you heard. Thiss happens several times in the older content before I better understood sound mixing and mic setups; I was still learning early on and still am. I have since bought a Blue Yeti and am about to buy a Zoom h5 and possibly the Sennheiser 600. I was using audacity during this time, but I have switched to borrow my dad's mac and cleaning up in garageband as it yeilds better results when paired with the Yeti (in my opinion).

    While I don't claim to know everything, I hope I can share what I have learned to help others.

    1. Lesson 1 - Get at least 6 hours of sleep per night, not per week. haha
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    @KirstieT - "...then it is almost impossible for us to tell you to slow down because you embody it all the time..."

    Right, because in time your body will slow down when you don't want it to and you end up like some of us slightly older guys around here.  ;^)

    6 hours of sleep per week! Going to the gym twice a day?!?!?!?! Yup, I used to be able to do that on a regular basis. Alas, holy cow I just used the word alas!!!

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    @StormyKinght Hahaha I see your concern. Again, the point of my channel is to learn from my success... and mistakes. Not everything I do is perfect.

    In the last uploaded video I explain basically everything you addressed and urge my viewers no to put filmmaking before basic health. I've learned my lesson, while I don't plan on slowing down... I do manage my time better and have cut things that are less important.

    Hope that eases your worries :)

  • @TriFlixFilms - Perfection is a tall order for anyone.

    I take naps every day 'cause I push the time I go to bed too far some nights. Power naps of 20 mins are the BEST for recharging before going to my second job. LOL

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    Fix: S1E3 Cinematic Cellphones & Filming w/out Permission 

    (Uhhh... ever look at your old content and cringe haha)

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    Fridays: S1E3 DIY Universal Camera Rig Under $20

    (Want a Fig Rig but don't have the money? We have the answer)

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    Fix: S1E4 Working Smarter & Universal Camera Rig Review

    (See how well the camera rig we built last week works)

  • Fridays: S1E4 Deadpool Bullet Hole Effect and Skin Regeneration

  • Fix: S1E5 Holes in People & Regen Skin Tutorial

    (Sorry, this tut was for FCP but the principal is the exact same for HF4: masks, feathers, and key frames)

  • Well, good to know that you've learned from the problems you had before :) You say you're cringing at your old tutorials and they're only from September 2015 so that shows what a long way you've come already! 

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    Thanks @KirstieT! You're always so encouraging when it comes to the community :)

    Very grateful for such a wondeful HF community.

  • Fridays: S1E5 DIY Light Kit Under $25 (Part 1)

  • TriFlixFilms Well thank you, but the HitFilm community wouldn't be what it is without users exactly like you, experimenting and sharing their work with each other. It's why we love it so :)

    Nice theme for the video btw - in our experience, DIY and low budget videos are always well received and useful!

  • 10K Views! Thank You

    (It's a bit outdated to say the least as we creep towards 25K!)

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