THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • I agree with the other users who suggested  that it would be useful to be able to add effects to an entire timeline in the editor, for grading etc.

    It seems to me that a simple way to achieve something similar would be a "copy to timeline" option, such that effects can be added and adjusted to one clip, and then clicking the button would copy those effects with the same settings to all the other clips in the timeline. This way a colour grade or a widescreen crop effect could be quickly added to an entire timeline, whilst still having the flexibility to tweak the settings to suit each individual clip, if required.

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    "I would like to see a node based color system. It's very flexible, I'm talking about the system that's in DaVinci Resolve."

    One example that might worth a look at for inspiration/ideas is the Builder nodes in Genarts Sapphire. It's basically an effect (or transition) builder that provides a node-based interface where you can wire up other effects + masks and in the process create your own effects. 

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    Is there a way to numerically change the position of an individual mask point?

    It allows the user to be very accurate when keyframing masks as well as drastically reduce editing time. My entire YouTube series is at a stand-still until this feature is released... Even FCPX has this feature and I'd grown fond of it.

    I migrated to take advantage of custom PC hardware and performance at the half the price and am concerned I may have made a mistake... I really want to love HitFilm (I saved up a lot of money to afford it) and want it to be able to replace my outdated Mac's software. But I keep running into functionality issues that grind my work to a halt. I understand new software comes with a learning curve, but in many situations I am finding no viable work around. I hope my input can help improve HFP4 for others and make the transition from FCP easier for filmmakers down the road.

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    I would love to see an improvement on the import of .mxf files. The mxf format can handle the DNxHD/DNxHR codec (and many more).  No Quicktime required and no 32bit Quicktime limitations! ;)                    (mxf op1a, op-atom)

    Many greetings from Germany 

  •  I am no computer expert so I am not sure if my terminology is correct but I suggest better coding of the program so it works better with slower or weaker computers. Interface and controls on the other hand are perfectly fine for me :)

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    Is it possible in the "Transform" properties at the size specification of an object in addition to the percentage input, specify the size specified in pixels? That would be a great relief, especially when multiple picture in picture processing. 

  • I would love to be able to see the way a font will look when scrolling up and down the font choices .  Sort of a wysiwyg approach.  Not a big deal since I usually know which font I am going to use but sometimes it would be helpful.

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    @LIFE_LEADERSHIP I keep a program called Fontlister3 on my taskbar. Even when using software that does alter fonts when scrolling I prefer Fontlister, since I can ctrl+click fonts in the list and get multiple previews for side by side comparison. 

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    @LIFE_LEADERSHIP It already does that, although it's a little awkward to find.

    Select your text, then click on the Text dropdown list, then click again to close it. Now use the cursor Up/Down keys to step through and see your text updated with the new selection. ;)

    I'd like the Text box to have the word 'Text' pre-filled in it (maybe make this an option in Preferences for those who don't want to have to delete it) so you can see where it is.

  • A simple one - actual video examples of the different effects in action, particularly the effects that come in the expansion packs for the express version.


  • Be able to put images on a video

  • To add my Text Pet peeve, It would be nice if there was an initial cursor when entering text.

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    - multi-cam with audio sync
    - native support for more video and audio codecs (import and export) for more responsive time-lines;
    - accurate multiple gaps deletion option (some kind of ripple delete option);
    - more efficient/context menu option of applying effects and other actions to multiple clips (update the current paste here);
    - create composite shot from multiple clips at once;
    - adjustment layers equivalent;
    - contextualised group clips option;
    - XML import and export option;
    - vectorscopes; [Implemented HitFilm 2017]
    - save project option (trimming unused assets).

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    @mariojrmatos +1 to everything (but one), above. Although all these have been logged before, it never hurts to give a nudge. 

    The Grade layer is the Hitfilm Adjustment layer. ;-) 

    @Yananananana your question has been adressed in your thread. :-) 

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    You're right. My mistake (kind of, because I was thinking of make it also available on the editing module).

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    @mariojrmatos Happens. If you're transitioning from AE remember Hitfilm calls Precomping "Embedding," and instead of "Track Matting," you move the Matte layer into an embedded composite shot then put a Set Matte effect on the target layer and select the embedded Matte. Pretty much embed anything you're using as a source layer for an effect. Hitfilm looks at a "raw" layer when using a source layer, so a plane with fractal noise reads as... A plane. The embed bakes the layer. Important workflow difference. 

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    I'm very much hoping for R3D support and XML or EDL or AAF import/export. Import especially... and improved handling for multi-mono audio would enable me to edit several projects in HitFilm that I'm currently editing mostly in Resolve. :)

  • Thank you... a lot
    I'm trying. I use Nuke and Natron but for some things After Effects (or AE layer based software) is better, so, I'm trying to assess if HitFilm can help me there.
    I use Lightworks, Premiere CC and Encore, Photoshop+Lightroom (I'll be leaving them for two open-source programs within two years). Ardour is a long-time Audition superior.

  • I don't use Nuke for anything except learning Nuke right now (that will hopefully change...), but I use MambaFX which is based on Mistika. Mamba and Nuke are more flexible than HitFilm since the nodes let you build and combine tools more easily than layers in HitFilm, but the quality of the results is indistinguishable, IMO.

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    Another advantage is with more complex projects. Managing and editing nodes is easier for magnitude shots.
    I tried both Mistika and MambaFX but since I learned node compositing using Nuke I work much more efficiently using it and Natron (its open-source counterpart).

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    I started with MambaFX because it was so much more affordable... :)

    I agree though; nodes scale up better. I worked through a tutorial in Fusion from CMIvfx, and the resulting node tree was something like 70 nodes. That would have been a nightmare in layers. :)

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    I use it but it's an older version I got after transitioning from the education package (I paid €600 for a lifetime license, Linux version of Nuke). Now I'm learning and testing Natron, a powerful counterpart that is going in the right way and it's open-source.
    Yes. A while ago I made a composition with 230+ nodes... Just impossible to deal with using layer-based compositing software.

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    230 nodes is more than I've even come close to yet :)

    I'm definitely intrigued by Natron. 

    The competition is getting intense in this field!

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    I did it on both... Of course, on Natron I didn't put in as much work since it was only to replicate the results in order to see if it could deal with it (and it dealt like a champ!).
    From my tests I may be able to dump Nuke for Natron... Personally I prefer to support (promoting and paying or donating) a multi-OS project/software that listens to its users (hence my interest in HitFilm) than a major software company that doesn't gives a rats *** That way I'm not locked-in to an OS and I know our concerns/expectations for the software are being taken into account.

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    Being a fairly large company doesn't necessarily mean that they don't listen to their users... and my experience with the Foundry is that they do, but they're a bit unusual in that. Most companies that are as well established as they are don't seem to though.

    That doesn't mean that we shouldn't support FXHome, of course; I'm still hoping to be able to use HitFilm for more post work. :) 

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    Actually, why there is no possibility of, for example, changing audio level for several clips in one step? Why unlink right click menu option is not available if more than one clip is selected? Please give more attention to editor workflow in newer updates. Currently, there are a number of things which hampers the workflow in editor.  Updates of Hitfilm is mainly focused into compositing, but relatively little has been changed in editor. That is what I've noticed.

  • The other thing, where is keyboard shortcut of rate stretch tool? It seems, it is forgotten. It seems somewhat bizarre, that all tools have hotkeys, but rate stretch tool doesn't. However "r" is used for ripple edit. So, I recommend changing hotkeys of tools to the following, as Premiere uses. That would be better.

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    And how about End Credits Crawl? Where are text align options? The text is just centered and currently there is no possibility to change the align.  And where is the option to change color for a different text parts similarly as with a font? For example, I want that title would be red and roles and names would be white. In my opinion, the best behavior is to import image with text and scroll it, if End Credits Crawl currently is so limited.

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    Also currently it's not possible to remove all applied effects for multiple clips immediately. It seems that the only way to do it, through controls panel and delete that effect for each clip individually.  For instance, I applied film grain for several clips in editor. But suddenly I've decided that I don't need that effect. The best behavior is to simple undo and film grain is removed immediately. Although there must be another way to do that. Therefore, I suggest adding right click menu option named something like that "Remove clip effects" or "Remove effects from selected clips". However, if Devs want to dive deep into coding and programming stuff, they could add track FX feature or another alternative way, such as matching effects search or whatever. But this what I've suggested should be somewhat simpler and I don't use a lot of FX in editor. So removing all effects used in clips, instead of few, is not a big issue in my case. Another extra, is to add hotkey (I prefer ctrl+delete) for that option. Thanks.

  • I'm probably repeating something that's been mentioned before, but I'm noticing that the biggest issue a lot of first-timers (myself included) have with Hitfilm is its incredibly poor performance with "delivery" formats like WMV.  It's almost a bait-and-switch; Hitfilm allows you to import a lot of common formats that then cause it to curl up in a ball and cry because of how badly said formats cause it to bog down during decode/seeking.  For me, at least, proxying didn't seem to help.  I had to spend an evening experimenting with different formats in order to find an efficient workflow.

    This isn't an issue with any other editor I've used, and it's obvious from the forums here that the first thing everyone does with the software is import their webcam footage, which is never in one of the formats Hitfilm does well, then come here and rage about how bad it is.  It's definitely a poor first-time user experience.

    Is this something that can be improved?

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