Looking for affordable royalty free music.

I make short films for youtube and vimeo and I'm looking for high quality fresh copyright free music. It shouldnt be too expensive.

Any suggestions guys?



  •  try find FilmRiot, as what I remember so they have some free ost

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    AudioBlocks  is $99.00/year. 

  • Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech  has a very generous license agreement. The mp3 files are free with attribution, and for under $6.00 you can download the uncompressed elements (still under attribution). If you want to purchase a license without credit I believe his stuff is in the $30.00 range.

  • You're welcome to use mine.  You can get it from carsonstevens.bandcamp.com or soundcloud.com/carson-stevens

    Also, YouTube has a royalty-free music and sfx library.  Check it out.

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    I use 909 Music. They have over 100 free tracks


  • I'll note both Digital Juice www.digitaljuice.com and Video Blocks www.videoblocks.com have royalty free music. Both sites are yearly subscriptions but, besides music both sites have tons of stock footage stock photos... Video Blocks has AE templates if that's in your toolset. 

    In my opinion the Digital Juice fire and explosion assets are superior to Action Essentials. Not music related, just an observation. 

  • @Triem23 I don't think Video Blocks has audio anymore for new subscribers since they started Audio Blocks. I'm pretty sure we both have subscriptions that started before Audio Blocks and we get grandfathered access but new subscribers have to do both subscriptions to access everything.

    These days I keep forgetting about Digital Juice. I didn't have the money when they first changed over to their new plans. Overall it's a really good deal if you can handle the one time cost

  • @Aladdin4d I was fortunate enough to be able to get my DJ membership on one of those years where I actually made money. I locked in my "Founders Price." I paid for the privilege if getting the same four rotating "sales" in my email... 

  • Hey davidlynch what did you think about the free tracks being offered here? : https://www.909music.com/free-music

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    Thanks a lot guys. Found some really good ones. It's become difficult to choose now :P

    hey cleanshot4k, I did check out 909 Music, the quality is absolutely incredible. Top-level studio quality. It says 100+ tracks are for free, but such high quality music is being given out for free which astounds me.

    Is there a catch?

  • nope no catch.. all licenses seem to be in place. looks pretty straightforward to me

  • The catch is, eventually you realize you've heard those hundred tracks before. ;-) 

    It's just a common business model--the hope is, of course, people will buy more songs. 

    Works with video software, too. 

  • Very true Triem.. It has a psychological effect for sure.

    I buy tracks from 909 regularly now. But as long as the quality is so high and i get unlimited use for just 1 price I don't mind at all..

    I didn't have to pay extra licenses for festival screenings

  • Need to check your tips. I've found next one: http://www.melodyloops.com/music/free/. Free to download background music. But maybe you have better one. If you can, help me to decide what are the best. I am searching the coolest.

  • Last week this seemed to go viral on facebook ads.  I happened to download a few and the quality is just supreme. By this composer Arnav Sriavistav who has offered over 100 copyright free tracks.

    Here's the link: http://909music.com/free-music

    I think courvo mentioned him, and i read about the FB ad here: https://www.editingcorp.com/get-100-royalty-free-music-tracks-absolutely-free/


    Hope this helps ;)

  • You might also try MusicRevolution.com http://www.musicrevolution.com , an online marketplace for royalty-free music with over 43,000 affordable, high-quality tracks. MusicRevolution.com has also created this page of royalty-free music tracks that are free to use: http://www.musicrevolution.com/free_production_music/ I am the co-founder.

  • I think you should give a try this list of royalty free music websites and this spreadsheet containing some other royalty free sites for images, video etc.

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    Some great recommendations on this list guys! I personally like the YouTube Audio Library - it's got loads of great pieces of music (though as @Triem23 said, depending on how much time you spend on YouTube *cough cough* you may recognise some tracks which will be jarring). 
    Generally though, an awesome resource. 

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    @KirstieT although, to be fair, this can be an issue with any stock media, whether music, SFX, photos, videos... When I was doing the audio mix for the Simon tribute... let's just say that other than the HF2 logo, and the couple of clips that have voices in them that's a complete remix--it just turns out that I have the same audio libraries as Simon, and was able to match the original audio from the tuts... Then there's things like stock explosions. It's so good that FxHome, RodyPolis and Triune Films all released pyro packs recently, because I was getting damn tired of that same Action Essentials explosion being in anything.

    Also, the Willheim Scream is dead. You're not Ben Burtt. Don't use it.

  • Try http://www.freemusicpublicdomain.com/royalty-free-country-music/  They have a number of good country songs that are totally free.

  • https://www.jukedeck.com/ - Find music that fits your films easily with its great search engine, Free if you credit / or $0.99 per download without credit.

    https://filmstro.com/ -Modify pre made tracks to perfectly fit your films with a library gaining new music every week, $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

    Gosh I sound like an advert...

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    I'm kinda to the point where I can instantly recognize any stock effect I hear.  "Doom doors.  Pig squeal.  Gun cock."

    Also, the Willheim Scream is dead. You're not Ben Burtt. Don't use it.

    Just try and stop me. 

    More constructively, just a word of caution about all of these "royalty-free" sites.  Read the fine print and make sure that the material they're offering is actually what they say it is.  Any shady Sadie can rip a bunch of tracks from random locations and put up a website saying it's "royalty free" when it is, in fact, not.  (Oh, and I guess this is where my first bit ties into my second bit)  I occasionally hear stuff that I know isn't free to use while shuffling through them, so do your due diligence.

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    Hey I'm about to do a sketch type thing for a youtube show that I do.

    And I'm looking for some FREE soundtrack.

    It needs to have an overdone Cinematic/fantasy type feel.

    I usually use http://noisetrade.com/ But they don't always have what I'm looking  for.

    Any help with this would be great!!


  • Soundcloud has SOME free music, kind of hard to find. Also Incompitech.com  is good choice. Lastly Youtube's creator studio music library is decent option but many of those sing get reused which I am not in favor. 

    Sound keep you busy for a bit hahaha. Hope that helps.

  • I agree with @TriFlixFilms, the YouTube audio library is a great resource. Some of them are overused, but they do update them fairly regularly so you could come across a great one. 
    I had a quick look for you - they don't have a fantasy section but Ambient Drmatic music would work well - and there's a pretty cinematic song called 'Belief' by 'Silent Partner' which could work well for you (depending on your vid of course). It's all free, so worth a peruse!

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    Here is a thread from a few months ago talking about different sources for free music. I hope this helps!


    Moderator Edit: above link was merged from a different thread. Link is to this thread now. 

  • I found these 2 sites yesterday. Both royalty free creative common license and YouTube friendly.



    Both sites are searchable by Genre. Look for Epic and you may find what you are looking for.

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    Thank all of you.

    This is very helpful, I didn't even know about the youtube thing.

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