VFX for Guerrilla Filmmakers: New 4-week course!

We've teamed up with FutureLearn, MPC and NUA to create a new 4-week VFX course. It's entirely free and is going to be a really exciting mix of film history, theory and practical stuff.

Find out all about it and sign up over on the blog.



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    Thanks Simon, I registered. :D

  • Wow!  Ok, also registered. @SimonKJones I'm not seeing times of day listed here. I assume this is a live stream? 

  • It's not a live stream. FutureLearn is an interesting hybrid, whereby the course takes place in a specific time period (the upcoming 4 weeks) but you can take the course entirely at your own pace. None of it is presented live, but during those 4 weeks you will have the entire student base flowing through the course.

    It provides the feel of being on an in-person course, while having the convenience of fitting around your lifestyle (babies/school/work/Fallout 4). The other crucial thing is that you don't have to complete it within those 4 weeks - as long as you're signed up, you'll be able to work through the course at whatever pace works for you.

    The nice thing about this course is that it has such a broad base of content. If you're a complete beginner, the practical lessons are designed for you. If you're an expert and already familiar with layers, masking, green screen etc, then you can skip the tutorials but you've still got all the insight from MPC and other indie filmmakers and the historical perspective from Saint and NUA to provide interest.

  • Well, I'm sold! Thanks for the info @SimonKJones- can't wait to start!

    And thank you to FXhome for another awesome opportunity to learn!

  • ALWAYS BE LEARNING. To paraphrase Glengarry Glen Ross.

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    @SimonKJones - I should have read the blog first and thanked you directly seeing as how you are one of the educators! Thank YOU, Tarn!

    This sounds like it's right up my alley so I'm really looking forward to diving right in.

  • @SimonKJones Always be learning? Of course. That's why I signed up. ;-) 

  • Well this is just awesome! I've been eager to learn all I can about VFX and this will help a lot! 

  • Very cool.  I signed up.


  • All signed up. I am assuming it is alright if I use Hitfilm 4 Pro and not Express?

  • @SRSStudios I would assume so--after all, Hitfilm 4 Pro has everything in 3 Express... and lots more. :-)

    Or, go ahead and grab 3 Express. It's free. You'll never need any add-on packs. I have 3 Express installed along my 4 Pro so if I'm trying to help someone on the forums in 3 Express I don't accidentally tell them something 3 Express can't do. ;-)

  • I'm In too. I only became aware for futurelearn recently through work and then this came up. gonna be interesting for sure. Like many others I have 4 so will be interesting to follow along. I think I might have express installed as well but either way can't wait to get started 

  • Software looks good ..hope to enjoy course

  • I am signed up as well!

  • I'm in as well. Looking forward to it.

  • Yep, signed up. I have done a Futurelearn course before, it worked well for me. Can work at my own pace and replay videos to go over the tricky bits, or get help from the discussion bits.

    @SimonKJones are you going to be covering that tricky topic of getting the right video format in Hitfilm for best performance and editing?

  • A full course with Hitfilm? I have been waiting a long time for this :) Thank you in advance!

  • Quick reminder that this course kicks off tomorrow! Don't forget to sign up. ;)

  • Loving the course so far!

  • Looks awesome.

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    Signed up and really enjoying it...

  • Enrolled.  Was thinking of seeing who else was.  Good to see that as usual, you guys are one step ahead of me. lol

  • Just enrolled... looking forward to it :)


  • @SimonKJones I have to say I am very impressed with the curriculum you and Saint have put together.   If I were still teaching, I would definitely look at this as a model for a 101 course in CGI. 

    Great job explaining the history behind the effects we take for granted today.  The first tracking lab with the flare is spot on.

  • Wow, I am just starting to delve. I honestly wasn't expecting over 20 videos and articles! I've been sharing this course around a lot, hitting up not only my friends who use Hitfilm but the working VFX artists--figuring they, too, would enjoy the BTS discussions. 

  • A day later, and, wow, obviously a lot of people put a lot of time and effort in preparing this excellent course! Simon, you've all been busy, indeed. 

  • Ya, I blew through the entire first week's material last night.  I really enjoyed reading the insights from the other filmmakers, especially regarding tracking techniques.  And the bit about Quad Warp means I've already learned something new.  Thumbs up all around.

  • You bring warm feelings to my heart.

    (someone on the course commented that I was like Yoda, so I figured I'd milk it for a bit)

  • @SimonKJones you're more an Obi-Wan (Which means you're occasionally right, where Yoda is always wrong, expect once).

    BTW, to be pedantic--isn't this an 8 week course? This thread headline says 4.

    Also, great muzzle flash tutorial.

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