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I have just purchased a new laptop, and I am trying to put Hitfilm Ultimate on it. I originally bought standard, and then upgraded via a download. The serial number for that download is partially illegible, and as a result, I need to find it agian. I still have it on the old computer, so would there be any way to go back in and find the serial number? Please let me know if you have any sugestions.
Thanks a ton!


  • You should be able to look it up on this homepage. Go to "Account" in the top right corner, then click on "Your HitFilm Software" and it should show you your serial code there.
  • All set, thanks!
  • How do I find my HitFilm 3 Express serial numer?

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    Click "Account" in the menu, top right of this page,  then click "Software" on your profile. 

  • I just downloaded the hitfilm 3 express but was not sent a serial number.

  • You need to register for a free serial at

  • I am not sure about the express but Hitfilm Pro 3 once you login with your forum username and password into the software the serial and registration information is downloaded directly to the software. No need to remember any codes.  You just have to be online when you first sign in, then you don't need to be online again for it to work.

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    Ifvworse comes to worse, you can always retrieve your serial from this site. Click your own user name to open your profile page, then select "Software." From there you can retrieve your serial, manage your installations, and download the most current version of the software. 

  • Me too cant find serial key even in my profile, 'software' or going to

  • hi , i cant find my serial code for The express one ?? it is not standing with " software"

  • @Jarno2002Kobe - From the 'menu' button- top right of this page- select long as you are signed in. From there you should be able to find the serial code.

  •  how do i get the serial number for hitfilm 2 ultimate 2.0.0225 so it can work on a older mac osx10.7.5

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    The same as every single person has outlined here.  If you bought it, it will be there in your account.  If you did not buy it, then download the free express edition or buy the newest Hitfilm (well worth the money).


  • As various helpful folk have said above, if you have previously bought or registered software, you can find it in your account (Menu > Account at the top of every page), or click here.

    If you're looking for a serial code for Express, and can't find one in Account, chances are you never registered for one. You'll need to click "Get HitFilm 3 Express" at the bottom of the page, and fill out the form.

    If you can't find your serial code, or are having difficulty, send us a support ticket with your order number, date, and any email addresses you might have used - this will help us track it down quickly. For obvious reasons, please don't post this information publicly!

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