Boris FX Tutorial?

Is there any way we could get a Boris FX tutorial so that we (I) know how to implement it? The new HitFilm 4 Pro boasts new features like animated titling and unique lower thirds with animations, but I've no idea how to use them.


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    At least for now you will have to look to Boris TV tutorials. Now, none of those are Hitfilm specific, and Boris may never do Hitfilm specific TUTs, but the Sony Vegas tutorials are using the same OpenFX interface that Hitfilm is using so the usage of the available controls line up pretty well. Here are some links.

    Extruded text

    Mastering Materials

    Transformations and Animations

    Beyond that there is massive value in simply clicking on stuff/controls and see what happens and shows up on screen when you try various things. A tutorial can show you how to do "A", but playing with the controls and just trying things can fill in the rest of the alphabet.

  • We will definitely get to Boris tutorials at some point, but Norman is right - checking out Boris' tutes is a great place to start. I found with 3D Objects that the best approach was indeed to just play around - they've got some really good presets to try which are a good way to figure out the potential.

  • Does Boris FX work with the demo version of HitFilm 4 Pro? It never shows up in the effects list for me. If it doesn't I don't mind too much, cause I'm getting the software in 3 days.. But still, is it for demo as well?

  • Sorry, No.  Third party stuff like Boris and Mocha, and OpenFX plug-ins are not available until after purchase.

  • Hi, I've found those tutorials, they are fine and great.

    There is one question left for me:

    how to make its background transparent?

    I have video layer, plus a grade/plane layer with the Boris Type On Effect. I tried the Blend modes, but none of them does what I need (I have not found that so far). The background remains black, the video should be displayed in the background...


  • [solution]

    Well after some trying, I put the Boris effect onto a plane layer, instead of the grade layer. Now it appears, as I wish. (regarding keying)

  • +1:

    I do not know if it is a bug or normal behaviour:

    Type On effect, I change the preset on the top (animation preset), the Material settings, colors, etc... disappears, resets to ... the default (gray, empty). 
    How can I change the animation without loosing the material settings?

  • To control the animations go down to the "Do Reveal effect" and "Do remove effect". These enable the reveal and remove animations. Once enabled controls will be made available for you to control the animation. "Type on reveal" and "type off remove".

     The Preset you are selecting at the top changes most all parameters. Possibly including an animation. There is so much more available than those few top level presets provide.

    If you look at the controls, you will see that some sections also have their own presets you can try. The material property has many presets for example. It has even more texture options beyond the available presets. These do not touch any other settings.


  • @SimonKJones any word on this Boris tutorial, I have to admit I have really struggled getting it working. Thanks.

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    @Andy001z I'll have one coming on Friday, if that helps any. I'll be starting with the Extruded Text effect and then move on to the other ones if people want.

  • @InScapeDigital that's great, I'll check it out.

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