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    I've now updated the official HitFilm YouTube channel to feature this course list, for easy access: http://youtube.com/fxhomehitfilm
    You might also start to see a few tweaks on the main tutorials page - if you head over there now you can see we've removed some of the less useful filtering options and have also beefed up the 'search' box to be more powerful. This means you can now search by tag, which makes it far easier to find all the tutorials relating to, say, '3D models'.
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    Bumping this thread for the new users. This one needs to be a sticky, @SimonKJones . Strip out the page of redundant "Thanks" comments, close it and update with current tutorials. This is still the best reference for existing tutorials. 

  • Not a bad idea - although the video tutorials page itself (and the YouTube channel, in fact) is now structured in a more flowing manner as well, based upon this initial list: http://hitfilm.com/video-tutorials

    That said, I'll consider making more of this topic as well. I do want to avoid having a giant list of stickies at the top of the forum listings, though. :)

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    Yeah, I get what you mean, but, at the risk of insulting random users who walk into this thread, it's obvious a lot of users aren't finding the manual and tutorials through the convenient links on this site, or within the Hitfilm software itself. A fair percentage of the questions on this forum could be answered by the person asking the question with a Google search or looking on this site in less time than it takes to type the question. And the occasions where the same question/answer process happens in multiple threads on the same day are... Annoying. And of course usets can be tripped up jumping into a tutorial that presumes prior knowledge from an earlier tutorial that user hasn't yet found. 

    You,the rest of the FxHome staff, myself and several other users here are all willing to answer user questions, but there are so many questions where the answer is "detail-detail, now look at tutorial X." It can be frustrating staying ahead of redundant queries, and it would certainly make it easier to direct users to relevant tutorials rather than cutting/pasting YouTube links. 

    Since users don't always seem to be finding the tutorials through the Support section of this site  or the Help menu of the software, I feel making this thread a Sticky will help FxHome staff and users more efficiently point out answers to user questions. While you don't want too many sticky threads for obvious reasons, the list that originates this thread IS the closest thing you currently have to a comprehensive course. 

    So,yeah I made my case. :-) You guys will do what y'all think best, of course. :-)  

  • I totally understand not wanting to clutter the entry page of the forum with too many pinned topics... BUT, as a newer user, I'd lean toward Triem's position on this one.  When I first started following topics on here I'd see occasional mentions of Simon's mystical monster-list of tutorials but posters didn't seem to have the link handy.  Not being new to tech forums, I spent a few minutes searching back until I found it, the veil was lifted from mine eyes, and I was bathed in the welcome light of knowledge.

    I really do appreciate the organization you've put into the YouTube page, it is definitely easier to get around now, so THANK YOU!!!  However there are times when it's helpful to see all the tutorial topics presented in a comprehensive list at a glance.  Whether I'm searching for a particular topic, or trying to come up with the name of a tutorial I watched previously but can't quite remember the title of, just having that ability to quickly peruse the entire compendium of historical HitFilm knowledge is a real time saver both for noobs and those helpful souls who want to quickly point them to a particular video.

    I know from long experience elsewhere that there will always be those who ask questions of the forum without bothering to search for previous posts addressing their issue of the day, but I also think it would be nice to help those who DO want to help themselves by putting your impressive list within easy reach.  Now that I've got it bookmarked, I don't really have a dog in this fight... just a "newer" user's two cents.  Regardless... thanks for the resource!



  •  Yes Bravos for the updated youtube pages.




  • Awesome, Simon!  

  •  @SimonKJones may I suggest you add this Imagineer tutorial to the list? A great tip from Martin Brennan on alignment of Mocha data to Hitfilm's 3D space. (You can also scale the master point he discusses to change the size/distance of Mocha-generated 3D points. 


  • Done! You also reminded me that I hadn't put the Projector #2 on the list, which is now done.

  • I think you need a "Hitfilm 3 Pro Only" tutorial section or re-do many of the old tutorials. There are many changes that make following the  older tuts using the newer '3 Pro' difficult because of changes in the software.

  • I m wondering if some of the project files and media used in the tutorials can be put into a repository, some of it is linked here on some of the videos, and on YouTube I saw some links.

    I would love to have the files used so I can really tackle each aspect.


  • Simon, sad to say that Littlevisuals.co  seems to be all but closed down, it seems the creator behind the site died a year ago and nothing has been posted since. 26yrs old, Sudden death syndrome.

  •  @Andy001z - I did indeed see that. Very sad. :(

  • Great stuff! Keep them coming! :)

  • Hi Simon,

    I am new to HitFilm and new to video editing. Wanted to see if you could direct me as to the very first step in this new exciting process. I'm all green so feel free to talk to me as if I don't understand a thing...because I don't lol. Thx!!!

  • I agree with BriRedd  April 19th , it is a bit confusing if you are following a tutorial and have to keep stopping it, especially when the tutorials are so fast.

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    I cannot find any information (useful info that is) on how to make those awesome title screens and lower thirds that HitFilm 4 boasts about. Is there any way someone could make a tutorial on that? Or at least point me in the direction of a video/doc that accurately explains the new plugin.


  • I agree with briredd, but now a pro 4 only tutorial section. 

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    Up until now I had only used AE ... I must say Hitfilm is  a great package and on top of that you all set up great  practical tutorials of things that your users  will like use and build on... I recently purchased the software and look forward to doing some nice things with it.. You guys are doing a great job .. Keep moving forward ...and keep up the great work 

    I do agree that it would be nice to have some tutorials geared toward the 4 pro version of the software

  • I have got Metropolitan from Videocopilot , i put few Buildings on timeline with lights looks good, but when i use the camera from the new layer to zoom in or out or animating position of the camera it looks horrible , antennas and sides of buildings flickering and shaking specially on the shiny side of the buildings not sure why, i am using hit film 2 ultimate  .THANKS  Guys

  • The problem specifically with some of the antennas is that at a distance they become thinner than 1 pixel in width, which causes the shimmering. Ramping the anti-aliasing up can help, or moving the camera closer. It's something we're aware of and will be looking into improving.

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    Hi, Is anyone aware of any volcano like tutorials? By this I mean, I have taken some footage of a volcano my son made out of magic sand, the volcano in the video would need motion tracking as the camera is moving a reasonable amount. What I want to be able to do is add a big plume of smoke and then ideally some lava/rock bolders coming out of it and then if not too tricky, lava coming from the top of the volcano running down it.

    I may be being a bit too adventurous here as this is my first real use of HitFilm (I backed the Kickstarter Mac version of Hitfilm 2 Ultimate), I then upgraded to Hitfilm 3 Pro and more recently Hitfilm Pro 4, I have just never had the time to use it until now.

    Any recommendation would be really helpful, I love looking through the various tutorials and seeing the great work people are producing, just amazes me all the time.

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     @SimonKJones reminder-lots of newer tutorials to add... 

  • Fantastic stuff here.

    I've watching tutorials but all in random way. This list will give a better approach to learn.


    Thanks alot Simon

  •  Making my way through these, thanks!

  • How do you do an Iron Man inspired suit up effect?

  • Hey Hitfilm! Whatever happened to the second half of Joshes "Olie's iron man boots" tutorial ?

    Was looking forward to that

  • Sorry @LiamMcM1 - our year got away from us! So many exciting things going on :)
    But, for you, in case you hadn't seen - here is part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q90Z4f_bZbQ

  • KirstieT 

    Thanks, I saw that one, was glad to see it wasn't forgotten 😁 also, I think I understand why it was delayed.

    Thanks again.

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