VFX artist Michael Scott injured in car accident

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If you were around in the mid-2000s, you will have already seen that fanfilm. It was a big deal in fanfilm, Star Wars and general amateur filmmaking circles at the time.

Fast forward 8 years and one of the creators has just been involved in a very nasty car accident.

There's a fundraiser to help with his medical bills bills here: http://www.gofundme.com/fafe9s


  • Gee- I hope he has a quick recovery!

    This is the first time I've seen this particular vid and all I could think is...

    J. J. Abrams should pick these guys up as choreographers. They had better moves than what I've seen in the actual films......and I don't say that lightly as I am a die hard SW fan.

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    Unfortunately, it's probably not going to be quick. 

    According to gofundme, Michael was hit by a vehicle, pinned to a wall, is suffering from internal injuries, a fractured skull, and is in a (medically induced) coma. In short, he's really effed-up. 

    These injuries are severe enough where recovery may take years, and, unfortunately, there's a real possibility that he'll never be the same again. :-( 




  • Yeah, it sounds super serious. :( They're bringing him out of the induced coma and he's showing responsiveness, so fingers crossed.

    I don't know the guy personally at all, only through his old fanfilms and his current rep as a VFX dude. He was pretty vocal about VFX worker rights over the last couple of years.

    While I was more than happy to donate to the fund, I was surprised that his medical bills won't be covered by insurance - though I'm not an expert on US medical stuff by any means.

  • Remarkable they've raised $65,000 in 5 days!

    I had a hard time not getting choked up reading through the updates on Mike's condition. It's very encouraging that he can move his foot and give a hand squeeze. He'll be included in my prayers and next payday I'm making a donation too.

    I wonder why insurance won't cover his injuries. You pay money to these companies and they just walk away with it. There ought to be a law against that.

    @Simon- ;I don't think anyone understands our medical insurance anymore since the advent of the almost twice as costly Obamacare. Men are mandated to have coverage for hysterectomies which, according to the Obama administration, is a  "better comprehensive" insurance plan. It's just insane if you ask me. Glad my company offers insurance but it's probably just a matter of time 'til everyone ends up with Obamacare.

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    Medical insurance in the USA is in a strange interim state right now--while ACA ("Obamacare") is now the law of the land, the Federal Government keeps adding exemptions, extentions, and changes, which means that, at the moment, which insurance an individual is covered by is highly variable. A cynical man would say that the exemptions, extentions and changes that prevent ACA from being fully active until next year are a cynical ploy to wait until after our current midterm elections next month to avoid consumer displeasure from the fallout.

    Speaking only for myself, President Barack Obama stated that ACA would reduce medical costs, and, of course, "If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance." My insurance didn't meet minimum requirement for ACA, so I did NOT get to keep the insurance I liked. The insurance plan I was shifted to is twice as expensive as my previous plan, and has a higher co-pay, higher-deductable, and higher max out-of pocket. (Last year I was severly injured and had a shoulder rebuilt--under my insurance at the time my personal bills came to $5000. Under my current insurance, I would have paid $12k.)

    However, as Stormy noted, under current law, insurance for all people must cover things like hysterectomies, gender-reassignment surgery, maternity care, and pediatric care--all coverage I deperately need as an unmarried, childless male.

    Add to this that most insurance in the US currently works under the "you pay at time of service, your insurance company will determine what they cover, pay their bit and send you a refund check two months later" and you end up in the kind of situation where you need to have a fundraiser to aid with the bills for a catastrophic injury.

    Effing stupid--a convoluted, expensive solution to a problem that was a very very simple fix (like simply passing a law that insurance companies cannot deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, but may charge x additional dollars for being a "high-risk" client.), but, sadly, over the last 15 years or so both major political parties in the US seem to have moved to a "GOVERNMENT SHOULD TAKE THIS OVER" model.

    Anyway, that's enough of my ranting. Besides the fundraiser, there's the Facebook page for updates to his condition: For example, as of this posting, the bolt has been removed from his skull, the feeding tube has been connected directly to his stomach, the ventilatior tube has been moved from oral entry to a tracheotomy, and tomorrow they begin rebuilding his legs. Michael is starting to show awareness of his surrounding and seems to respond to direct stimulus from those around him.

    Unfortunately, while the fundraiser has raised an amazing $65,000 or so, $60k of that was in the first two days. So, you know, let's share out the fundraiser and facebook page on our own social media. It's painful to hear that someone that talented has been cut down so badly. And, since the Ryan vs. Dorkman vids have generated over 20 million youtube views (I'm counting mirror vids as well), if all his viewers kicked in a measly dime, the fundraiser would go well over goal. I have donated, myself.

  • Latest news is encouraging for Michael's condition. Thanks for posting this story, Simon.

    "...over the last 15 years or so both major political parties in the US seem to have moved to a "GOVERNMENT SHOULD TAKE THIS OVER" model."

    And that is why I'm a conservative 'constitutionalist independent'. The republicans left me long ago.

  • Being a lefty Brit, I'm a huge fan of the NHS here in the UK - a state-provided health service. It's far from perfect, has all sorts of issues....but generally means everybody can get a good (if not excellent) level of healthcare at any time, for free. It's kind of amazing (though many would disagree with me).

    Regardless of the political/ideological aspects, though, it does sound like Obama's implementation of a universal healthcare system is pretty messy and half-baked. With this kinda thing you really have to go all-in if you want it to work, I think.

    Back to Michael - it sounds like he's making steady progress, which is great news. As Triem noted, if only all his viewers would donate a tiny amount and he'd be immediately sorted, financially.

  • @Simon- Something I've wanted to ask you for a while but the opportunity never came up. This was reported here in the states during the whole Obamacare debate. Is it true the NHS has a program called "The Pathway" in which after a certain age and health degradation the patient is denied care or "put on the ice flow" as it were?

    The architect of Obamacare, Ezekiel Immanuel, is purporting the idea that when one hits 75 years of age, you're done. That seems rather dystopian to me.

  • I've never heard of that or seen any evidence of it, no. Part of the difficulty in terms of NHS funding is due to the ever-increasing numbers of elderly people (which is happening partly due to improve health care, ironically).

    Maybe we should all just go full Logan's Run and be done with it? :P

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    Or Soylent Green, Simon.

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    @Simon- Thank you for clearing that up. It has been the subject of debate among Obamacare dissenters. But...if I ever hear,"Capricorn 15's. Born 2244. Enter the Carousel. This is the time of renewal." -I know I'm gonna run!

     @Axel- Ewwwwwww.

    Rob Rhinehart, a software engineer, recently developed a high protein drink which he hopes will bring high nutritional value to people in poorer countries. It's main ingredients are derived from soy beans and lentil beans (I saw him interviewed last year on the news). Yup- you guessed it. He actually calls it Soylent. You can't make this stuff up!


  • Hehe, but what color is it, StormyKnight?

  • Ummmmmm- it's Soylent Khaki(?)  Another eeewwwwww.

    Just checked Michael's status. Sounds like the broken bone surgeries went well.

    I wonder if he realizes fully or otherwise what has happened.



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    I know this being lying idle but one of my cousin was best friends of Scott and he told me once that he was very depressed after what he did. That moment my cousin was working for a Los Angeles DUI lawyer and he helped him out to a great extent.

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  • @Mccarter52 but Dorkman's IMDB page has him working now. It took a long time and a lot of support, but he's obviously made a massive recovery. Certainly enough to rebuild a career. That makes me happy, because he's shown so much talent that the initial reports were heartbreaking. 

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