Help with Timetunnel effect

Hi there, i am trying to create and doctor who intro sequence but i am struggling to get the time tunnel to bend and curve, i have followed the tutorial, but the tunnel still seems to travel in a straight line, the camera moves from side to side, but the tunnel still looks like a tunnel and not a wibbly-wobbley-timmey-wimmey tunnel. Can any please help me? 
I have attached the Project files i hope someone can point me on the right direction.


  • I took a look at your project, and I see a couple of things to look at.
    First, I set my viewer window to a three view set up, so I could see your active camera, a top view and a right view.
    Then I turned off your tunnel layers and looked at your camera points.
    Then I looked at your motion paths, then turned your tunnel back on.
    Here's what I noticed:
    1) Your particle settings are really really pretty--that's a very colorful tunnel, and it's going to look fantastic once you fix your animation.
    2) Your tunnel is very very big compared to the amount of movement you've given your points.
    3) Your tunnel and camera points are synched. They are moving at the same time in the same position. You want to tweak those a bit so that the camera lags behind the tunnel, so that you see the tunnel bending in the distance.
    4) This is the big one: In the particle simulators for your time tunnels, you correctly have the Emitter>Shape>Attach to layer set to your tunnel point. HOWEVER, in your layer stack you also have the layer itself attached to the tunnel point.
    When you attach the LAYER to the point you're repositioning the entire particle system, generated particles and all. And, since your tunnel point and camera point are locked together, it's like you've attached the vortex to the camera, and you're always looking down the center.
    In the layer stack, set the parent for the vortex layers to "None," and leave the emitters attached to the tunnel points. Right away you'll start seeing some tunnel twists.
    Now just go back and either adjust the tunnel and camera points to have larger movements, or reduce the size of your emitter to be smaller, and adjust the camera point so that it lags behind the tunnel point and you're good to go.
    Hope this helps.
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