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  • Dang!!! I'm pretty impressed by Gimp 2.8 so far. New enhancements, new tools & new render engine. I'm almost as stoked about it as I am about HF2U. :D
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    Here's my second test using Mocha with HFU2. I used a Drone that I've been modelling off and on, for the past few days. You'll definitely see some problems with the 3D mesh's normals... that's because I'm not done modeling it and I'm using a mirror modifier which I did not apply because... duh... I'm still working on the model, plus I did some sculpting on it. 8-|
    However... you can still export a model out of Blender as a .obj file without applying any modifiers.
    It still needs a camera, weapons and flaps on the wings. I may, or may not give it some landing gear... not sure yet. Oh and, it needs textures as well.
    Anyway... I sorta did the same thing that I did in my Blender camera tracking tutorial... where I use an "empty" to orient the camera to the 3D grid. Except in HFU2... I parented the Mocha 3D camera to a 3D point and used the point to orient the camera. Pretty simple stuff but it worked great. If you guys want a tut on it... let me know.
    So here's the clip.
  • Awesome! Definitely would appreciate any tutorials you can put together, Spydur! You got a really good track on that shot.
  • Thanks Simon. :D
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    Hey guys. My second tutorial is up.
    I briefly show you how I drew some blue prints in Gimp then show you how to export the model that I used in Blender for use in HFU2.
    I also show you how I match moved the shot in Mocha, then I show you how to orient the camera and points with HFU2's 3D grid. Pretty cool stuff.

    You can watch it over on my site,
    Or just watch it here.
    I hope you guys like it and thanks for watching, :D
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    Here's that clip that I was working on a few weeks ago with some tips and advice from "In The Flesh" I didn't notice the issue with her left eyelid casting a shadow near the bridge of her nose till after I uploaded it to YouTube. That's what I get for not stepping back and taking a break to rest my eyes. Dang! :D
  • That is absolutely horrific. And brilliant! Remind me what you used HF for - just the final comp?
  • In this case... yes, just for compositing. :D
    I did however try, a mocha match move with the same footage & brought that into HFU2. It was actually faster to match move in Mocha than in Blender because, I had to do some manual work in Blender that took a little while, whereas Mocha just chewed up the frames and spat out a camera solve.
    I'm not gonna lie... I wasn't so sure about Mocha at first. But now that I'm sorta-ish getting used to it... it's pretty damned awesome. :))
    Oh, and thanks for your reply Simon. :)
  • Yeah, I am really liking mocha but I'm still figuring out its quirks. It's massively powerful and flexible, but it rather unlike anything else. It does seem to be able to handle some shots that are just impossible in anything else, which is great.
    Would love to know a bit more about the process of making a shot like this.
  • Someone actually asked me for a breakdown of this clip on YouTube. I could definitely do a tut on this if you want. I'm not sure if I could include the modeling part, only because modelling a mesh takes forever and there're already a bunch of tuts on modelling a human head.
    I can, probably show you guys a pretty cool way, that I found, on how to texture meshes very easily so that you don't see any seems. I can throw in the Sub surface Scattering tips that "In The Flesh" gave me. Also the match moving, then the compositing in HFU2.
    Let me know what you think, and if you want to see something in particular. :)
  • Looking much better spydurhank :)
    Just need to fix the shadow you mentioned and possibly blend the edges a bit more. You should be really proud of this :)
  • Thanks ITF... for all of your help and awesome advice too. ;)
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    Well... bought some air soft guns yesterday, gonna have a go at filming an action type sequence tomorrow. My brother is drawing up some simple story boards right now. Hopefully it won't rain tomorrow but I'm sure it'll be overcast.
    Man... why does it always rain when I'm trying to film something? :wacko:
  • Here's a little something I've been working on for the past two days. I'm sorta on this Sci Fi kick right now. My girlfriend bought the Prometheus BluRay... it was pretty awesome and inspired me just a tad. I know it looks DeathStar-ish... maybe?
  • It could also be a Dyson Sphere. I thought about making one of those, if for no other reason than to stick it into a VFX/Animation reel. Maybe put a hanger type doorway on one of the faces and have the camera move towards it, the door opens, and there is a small star inside.
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    So here's some Sci Fi stuff that I've been working on. These ships are extremely high poly but HF2U handles them amazingly well. I know this first clip needs some work with the sky replacement and compositing but I really like how the back end of the ship fades off into the horizon.

    This 2nd clip came out really cool, I think. I really... really love the design. I made this ship in Blender, still need to texture it though... may do it procedurally because it's so detailed... maybe too detailed? It's fracking huge too.
    Hope you guys like these and thanks for watching.
    Oh and... I'm probably gonna use one of these ships in my next tut. :)
    Hmm... something's up with the embed feature, not sure what's going on? @-)
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    Hmm... something's up with the embed feature, not sure what's going on? @-)

    These look really nice. I can only imagine when you get some textures mapped on.
    The embed isn't working because you have the &feature= in the URL. You need to chop that and what's behind it off.
  • Oh wow... thanks... E.S.P. :D
  • Nice greebling!
  • Thanks... not sure what greebling is though. :)
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    I think the term first came into being when the modelers for the first Star Wars were building the original death star physical model. They invented the term to describe the little blocks they were sticking all over the place on its surface.
  • Nice, thanks for the info. :)
    Here's the ship with some really simple Gray scale textures that I made in Gimp... I'll add some finer details to the texture later. I did play around with the mesh a bit to make it more streamlined... the only problem is "even though I really like the design" my girlfriend says that it looks like a toilet seat. It kinda makes me want to make it look old, grimy, & weathered.
  • Here's a different ship, this one's textured with some type of inner light thing going on. It's just a still pic composited in HF2U.
  • Looks kind of circuit board like.
  • Loving these ship designs!!
    At some point this year I really, really want to do a big sci-fi epic space battle sequence using HitFilm. What do you plan to do with these models you're creating?
  • Simon!!! You're back!!! Awesome and congrats on your brand new baby. :)
    I'm glad you like the designs... I dig them a lot too.
    I was thinking of filming a short with these ships and the Air force drone that I've been modelling. I'm also thinking of making a few more mother ships and several small alien fighters. At least that's the plan... I need to texture them properly first.
    I wish I could say that I'm giving these models away for free but... seeing as how my corrupt government has all but flushed our economy down the toilet... I've got to make some extra cash wherever I can. I am gonna sell them fairly cheap to the HF community, or anyone that owns a copy of the HF software.
    Anyway... here's the latest ship. It's got some place holder "generic" textures till I can texture it properly... which takes a bit of time when you've got over 220,000 faces, well... it does for me. :)
  • What I like about the asymmetrical doughnut shape of these designs is that it suggests a very clear design ethos. So even with different ships, they can all share a core design principle that would identify the ships as being from a particular species.
    That's something I always enjoy about good sci-fi designs. Star Trek is one of the best at this, with the Federation ships all sharing the nacelle concepts.
  • I haven't forgotten about that tut. :)
    I've just been really busy with this ships.
    Thanks Simon. :)
  • Here's a model for a small fighter to go with those Mother Ships that I've been making. Still need to add more detail to the hull plating but it's looking pretty good so far. I'm gonna use this first, base model to make a few variations of the fighters. They'll be a lot more streamlined than this one.
    Here's a front view.

    Lower view.

    Rear lower view.
    Here's the part where I'm kinda stuck and would appreciate your advice. The Mother ships don't have any visible form of propulsion because they fly with anti-gravity, so I'm wondering... should I bother modelling some conventional type engines for the smaller fighters or should I just do the anti-gravity thing? I'm modelling these smaller ships so that they can have engines just in case. But I'm stuck right now, maybe even a little burned out? Let me know what you guys think. :)
  • I really like the design ties in well with the mothership
    To me I dont think fighter spaceships would have exterior engines, windows, external lights or weird rotating bits so the design is great. I suppose they might be needed to add visual interest and a sense of movement in space
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