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  • Moonraker - 3/10 - Created to cash in on the Star Wars sci-fi boom, personally I think Moonraker is rubbish. The dialogue is unwieldy, the plot daft and the music camp. The only two positives are the effects, which are masterful considering the time, and the sets, which being Ken Adam creations, are epic.
    For Your Eyes Only - 7/10 - After Moonraker, this entry very much down to Earth. It's gritty and far more realistic, and doesn't include too many gadgets or locations. Moore does a good job, as does the lead female character and Chaim Topol in a supporting role.
  • Premium Rush - 3/10 - This was one of those movies that the trailer showed all the "good parts" and everything in between was a huge letdown. It tries to get you into the world of bike messengers but it just falls short.
    Jiro Dreams of Sushi - 8/10 - Solid, great looking documentary with a look inside to an 85 year old sushi chef. Great insights to how he makes them, his passion, how they pick the fish at the market and global fishing.
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    The worst week of my Bondathon so far:
    Octopussy - 5/10 - There are a few positive points to this entry - the locations in India, stunts on trains, and the opening sequence isn't bad either. Unfortunately though that's just about it. Grandad Roger Moore is by now looking far too old for the part, which the film seems to accentuate by giving him more ridiculous lines than usual, plus the infamous Tarzan yell. With a younger lead and a cut down script this would have been a lot more enjoyable.
    A View to a Kill - 2/10 - Ugh. The opening minute or so is actually pretty good, with a classic ski-chase. Then for some reason The Beach Boys - California Girls starts playing, and the film gives up. Old Father Time has aged approximately 6000 years since Octopussy, so his usual punch-up/seduction shenanigans hold up even worse than usual. Christopher Walken actually does a good job as the sociopathic arch-villain, sadly the script lets him down. The soundtrack is the only other redeeming feature, a wonderfully 80's effort from Duran Duran.
    EDIT: My English also holds up worse than usual. Will try to improve for Dalton next week
  • The Blob (1958) 7/10 I hadn't seen this in years. Classic sci-fi horror film with Steve McQueen!!!. This really is a unique film. Most monster movies, the monster has a shape. Usually a monster is just a guy in make up or a rubber suit. This was probably one of the most interesting creatures because its just an amorphous mas of goo, a great big space amoeba. I think the movies final line is probably the creepiest bit of foreshadowing ever.
    I marked it down a few points, mostly for the stupid theme song. It really is the worst part of this movie. Yes, it loses 3 points just for that dumb song.
  • Side by Side 10/10
    A absolutely must see for anybody who wants to become a filmmaker. Watched it on Amazon instant video.
  • Snow White and the Huntsman 4/10
    Derivative, uninteresting, and badly written. The Art Direction and Production design was top notch, other than the creature designs which were just decent. Dialogue was really bad, performances were ok, but Theron was so far above the rest of the cast, in terms of screen presence, that she ended up being the only character I really found interesting. I imagine with a better script the rest of the cast could have done better, so I can't blame it all on the actors. The entire story was lame though; they apparently thought that to make an original take on Snow White, they should just use the story of Rapunzel, but name her Snow White. There were hints at a very interesting back story for the Queen, which was never properly developed. The fight choreography was terrible, and each character's skill was entirely dependent on the writer's needs for the scene. They could be the worst fighter ever on one scene, and then battle a half dozen men in the next. In fact, the Huntsman is introduced as about the most inept, unskilled fighter ever. So all in all, quite disappointing. Excellent production design, and the shattering warriors you saw in the trailers was a cool effect, and well executed. Other than that, weak in pretty much every respect.
  • Dredd 3D - 6/10
    I quite enjoyed this version, a far better/more serious take on the character than the 1995 film (which is only good for a laugh/painful watching experience). It was brutally violent, took it's self very seriously (bar a few morbid visual gags), and was a very grounded version. The Slow-mo sequences were visually great. The 3D on the on the other hand was slightly uneven, sometimes working well, but frequently blurred too much but it was probably down to dark lighting and shallow focus being used for much of the film. I would have preffered to watch in 2D, but I think it was a 3D only release.
    The film shares a lot in common with 'The Raid' even down to the way the characters progress towards the gang leader, but I looked into it and it's simply down to co-incidence and timing.
    Worth a watch if you enjoy action films though.
  • I enjoyed Dredd too. In fact, your review reflects my own views so well I won't even type my own. I'd probably give it a 7 though.

  • I enjoyed Dredd too. In fact, your review reflects my own views so well I won't even type my own. I'd probably give it a 7 though.

    I considered giving it a 7, but i marked it down based on the slightly uneven 3D in places, and based on how similar it was to The Raid. It's a high 6, or a borderline 7, It could be a great start to a new sieres of films that could easily expand into bigger more badass plots with larger budgets.
  • Really, desperately want to see Dredd. As soon as I have a moment's respite from Arms Race post I'll be there. Good to hear positive reviews from such men of good taste as yourselves.
  • Looper - 9/10
    Fantastic, really enjoyed this film. Entertaining throughout, some good effects, and it carefully avoided going too far into "explaining" time travel. Solid production design.. a must watch.

  • Looper - 9/10
    Fantastic, really enjoyed this film. Entertaining throughout, some good effects, and it carefully avoided going too far into "explaining" time travel. Solid production design.. a must watch.

    Totally agree. Amazing. Great story in general. Nothing too unpredictable or *new* but a very well told story.
  • Looper - 8/10
    As previously said, great film but sometimes felt slightly on the slow side in a few scenes, and i couldn't help but think there was a time paradox going on throughout... or maybe i was over thinking the time travel aspect throughout. Apart from my very minor quarrels about time, Looper is enjoyable and recommended.
  • TAKEN 2 - 7/10
    Taken was a tight action thriller that's main downside was most of the supporting cast's acting - Taken 2 suffers from the same problem but gives the weaker performers larger roles. The film amps up the action and dials down the investigative edge that set Taken apart from other action films. Having said that, the action is fun, even if it does feel choppy in places (final fight scene especially) probably to do with appealing to a wider audience (much like the first was edited for cinemas), so we can expect a 'extended cut' on blu-ray with approximately 4 and a half seconds of edited footage put back in.
    There were some interesting parts in the film where Neeson uses explosions to work out how far he is from his daughter and as i said, the action was fun - and i can't help but like anything where Liam Neeson punches people/animals. Turn your brain off and have fun.
    Also the Daughter learnt how to run.
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    That's the only positive write-up of Taken 2 I've seen.
  • TED - 8/10
    Very amusing show that keeps you laughing throughout.. Interesting.. way to go!!

  • That's the only positive write-up of Taken 2 I've seen.

    Probably because I wasn't expecting anything intelligent or groundbreaking, I went in to watch Liam Neeson punch people, and i saw plenty of it, hence I came out moderately satisfied.
  • Drive - 9/10
    How did it take me so long to watch this?! Excellent, really enjoyed it. Soundtrack great, looks great, loved it.
    The Grey - 6/10
    Tense and emotional, though it did drag on a little in my opinion.
  • The latest from my Bondathon:
    The Living Daylights - 7/10
    The cheesiness and slapstick comedy of the Moore era is almost entirely gone. Dalton's Bond is tough, skilled, and charming but not over-the-top. The plot however, is a little contrived. Drop a few elements and characters, and this would have been very solid indeed. An excellent pre-titles sequence, and a great score.
    License to Kill - 7/10
    Unusually violent but still very much enjoyable, the plot here is actually pretty believable, certainly by Bond standards. The lack of silliness is refreshing, and there aren't as many exotic locations as most Bond films, yet it is still entertaining throughout.
    GoldenEye - 9/10
    Fantastic action, sleek and stylish, better villains and a good performance from Bronhomme. A brilliant if daft opening sequence. I expect this is in my top three Bond films overall, at least for another few weeks.
    Tomorrow Never Dies - 5/10
    The opening sequence is by far and away the best part of this formulaic film. The villain is fairly weak, product placements ubiquitous and the silliness is back. Michelle Yeoh's female lead is fairly good, though her character is still obviously only present to show how Bond is better than every other agent. The action however is well executed, so it's not a total fail.
    The World Is Not Enough - 4/10
    Some of the elements of the plot are ok, and it does deliver some good action sequences, but that's where the goodness ends. As has been pointed out by just about everyone everywhere, Denise Richards is the least convincing nuclear physicist ever, and one of the worst Bond girls. It also introduced John Cleese as Q... I like John Cleese, but he's no Llewelyn.
    Die Another Day - 2/10
    From the moment the gun-barrel title card appears, and the music starts, it's obvious TECHNO BOND has arrived. Such a fall for Brosnan from the lofty heights of GoldenEye, and so quickly! Lots of silly slow-motion sequences, ridiculously over-the-top gadgets (invisible cars? COME ON), and a mind-boggling number of obtrusive special effects. The one part of this film that isn't utterly daft is actually the beginning - Bond is captured, tortured, and doesn't pull off a miraculous escape.
  • Oh god. Die Another Day came out the same year as xXx and Star Trek Nemesis. That was a bad year.
    Brosnan's Bond films always sadden me. I think he was consistently brilliant in the role, but the actual films became progressively worse (a bit like David Tennant's tenure on Doctor Who). There were wild rumours at one point that Tarantino was going to come in to direct Brosnan's last Bond...I would have loved to see such a thing, even if it was only ever fanboy dreaming.
    With every Bond they reboot, bring in a bunch of fresh ideas, then get over-cocky and become progressively sillier until it all falls apart. Such a shame the producers haven't kept better control of the tone of the series as it's gone along.
  • Prometheus
    A rental from our cable company's On Demand service. There had been a big build up for this as my youngest had already seen it and had been telling me all week how much she thought I would love it, apart from the fact that Charlize Theron was in it. (Yes I have the jones for Charlize ever since 2 Days In The Valley.)
    Storyline & dialogue are predictable. After a bit, my wife & I found ourselves guessing what the characters' dialogue would be next. Several times we almost had it verbatim.
    Some great graphics and special effects, however alot of the scenes are so dark much of the detail gets lost.
  • Prometheus 7/10

    Still trying to put my finger on exactly what was wrong with the film, I might of enjoyed it more if the Alien film didnt exist and this was the first one. Possibly it all felt to me a little much like a comic book rather a hard scifi/horror film.

    Did enjoy the use the name Doctor Elizabeth Shaw though
  • Prometheus 5/10
    Great special effects, visuals and scale. Story fell short of all the hype and disappointingly so. There were better ways to tie Alien in more than what was chosen.
    I've even listened to Ridley's commentary track and like his behind-the-scenes on Bladerunner he promotes the notion of "I know what I want and I've earned the right by now for people not to be asking me stupid questions." But I have to wonder if that's what helps him to fall short nowadays.
  • Yeah, that attitude probably explains why he hasn't made a great film for about 15 years. Consistently beautiful films, sure, but always lacking in the story department.

  • Yeah, that attitude probably explains why he hasn't made a great film for about 15 years. Consistently beautiful films, sure, but always lacking in the story department.

    I'd have to disagree there, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven(director's cut) and Gladiator are among my favorites - if i had to criticise, it would be that he rarely releases a definitive cut into the cinema, feeling he knows all too well what the cinema audience/studio wants. I personally found Prometheus pretty fantastic, but it was plagued by a few issue that hurt it - some on the nose dialog, obvious cuts and that ending reference that was utterly unnecessary.
  • I really like Black Hawk Down, but it loses its nerve at the end when the daft Hanz Zimmer choral music kicks in. All the while it's an unfussy war movie it's great, though.
    Kingdom of Heaven (DC) I thought was pretty awful, though looked lovely. Orlando Bloom is woefully miscast, which pretty much destroys the rest of the film. I don't mind Bloom, but he just doesn't work in that particular role.
    Gladiator is really good, I'll concede that. :P
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    I'm one of those crazies that has no major issues with Prometheus. I think the only parts I don't like are when Vickers spells out to the audience that she's Weyland's daughter ("FATHER..."), which was totally unnecessary, and the very last shot of the proto-xenomorph, which was just a bit of a cheesy way to end the film.
    Other than that, I absolutely love it. I think it's a brilliant love letter to pulp sci-fi (and the genre in general), and I think it's intentionally cruel to Alien megafans, being that one of the biggest themes of the film is disappointment. Scott and Lindelof knew full well that even though they explicitly stated numerous times that it wasn't an actual prequel to Alien, the megafans would still go in expecting it to be something it isn't, and their disappointment reflects the characters' disappointment in discovering that their existence is banal, and their creators are just some dudes. I think it's quite brilliant in almost every aspect, and I enjoyed it even more on the second viewing.
    I have already written tons about why I love Prometheus, though, so I won't do it again here. :)
  • Side by Side 9/10
    A great doc on the progress of digital cinema. Great interviews of directors, DPs, editors colorist and reps from camera makers with all different opinions.
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    The Amazing Spider-Man: 8/10
    I was highly skeptical that this could be any good, and the trailers didn't lend much hope, but I got to see it last night, and I was very impressed. Andrew Garfield is so much better as Parker than Tobey Maguire was, and Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy was way better than Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane. Some of it was a little cheesy, and I wasn't particularly impressed with the villain design most of the time, but the tone and style are so great.
    Surely, Spider-Man 2 is still my favorite Spidey movie, but this one is certainly better than Raimi's first and third outings. So awesome.
  • Skyfall: 9/10
    Awesommmmmmme. Such a return to form after Question of Sport. So many good points. Argh. Watch it now. If you're in America, fly over here and go to the cinema (aside: the plane ticket will probably be the cheaper part).
    I shan't say more for fear of ruining it, though I will warn you: if you've successfully avoided all trailers/coverage in the hope of not ruining the best bits, you should also take some earplugs and a blindfold for the pre-film product placement ads.
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