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  • Hah, awesome. Really like that. :)
    Couple of other things to maybe tweak prior to the tute:
    - The shadow looks like it should be a little softer and lighter, comparing it with the tree's shadow on the bottom-left of frame.
    - It might be fun to have the dragon blow fire directly at the camera at the end of the clip.
    - That mailbox is crying out to be destroyed somehow. ;)
  • Thanks Tarn.
  • edited August 2012
    Grrr... Sorry for the long wait guys.
    We've been having a ton of rain in Florida the past few weeks. Had a few power outages that may have damaged my computer. My GF was changing a lite fixture and didn't tell me that she was going to kill the power... when she did that, my computer was all messed up, so I took it to a repair guy down the road. He called me today to let me know that I lost all of my files and 3D models in my second HD... grrr, so I've been using my girlfriends laptop. He was able to save my main HD which is really great. :D
    Anyway, I'm fixin' to go to the gym, then I'll pick up my computer and record this damned tut. It won't have the dragon in it I'm afraid because it was in my second HD.
    Okay so... my computer seems to be running okay so far. The skies cleared up enough for me to shoot some footage for the tut... although I can hear thunder in the distance and the sky is building up with clouds. I finished doing a screen capture for the match moving portion of the tut and it didn't take too long. I've gotta go online and find some free 3D models to use for the export portion of the tut, May do some animation but I'm not sure about that just yet, it depends on what I find and whether or not I like the 3D models, then just need to bring it all together in HitFilm. :D
  • Good looking stuff on this thread!
  • Hey guys. It's been a little while huh?
    Here's a teaser of my upcoming tutorial... just finishing up some final touches to make sure we cover as much as possible and don't miss anything. Hope you like it. :D
  • You're not going to tell us that car is CG, are you?
  • Yeah man... it sure is. Why?
  • Wow, that looks great! Great job!!!!
    Can't wait to see your tutorial for it!!!
  • Thanks Orange Pekoe. :D
  • Did you use pfhoe for the tracking?
  • I used Blender for the match moving. It's pretty easy and will be in the tutorial.
  • Spydurhank, I wanna be just like you when I grow up!

  • Yeah man... it sure is. Why?

    Because that looks freaking real. Is that cycles?
  • Robin... I wish it was Cycles. I'd have way more realistic lighting on the 3D render. It's actually from the Blender internal render. All I really did was render out separate passes... Diffuse, Reflection, Specularity, Ambient Occlusion, Emit and a Z depth pass. It came out looking fine to me with just the AO pass so I didn't render out a shadow pass... didn't really need one because it was overcast that day.
  • Wow, very impressive! I thought it was a real car also. I had to look real close to find just little things that were wrong. I mean really close! Fantastic work.
    I'm currently making a medieval fantasy film called the Pilgrim's Progress. It is a religious film of a girl named Arial who takes a journey to the legendary King.
    This film will most likely be seen by at least four industry professionals just through a couple of contacts I was able to make and because I will be heading to a week film school in Texas. There hopefully I'll be able to show my work.
    Would you ever be interested in helping out with effects for my film or any future films?
  • Thanks Vic. I've no problem helping anyone with stuff... as long as it doesn't interfere with my regular projects. :D
  • A little update. Got the screen capture finished last night. Gonna be really busy today so may record the audio tomorrow. It's coming along great. Made use of the Z depth pass too.
  • Nice job, reminds me of something... :P
    Never really got into Blender before, just doesn't provide the right features for my work.
    But very interested to see the methods you use :)
    Did you create your own HDRI or use another method for capturing the reflections? Or is it just a "generic" reflection map that looked close enough to your scenes surroundings?
  • Amazing work spydurhank! really mind blowing-just wondering though what's the next step for this? it would be cool to see the vehicle moving perhaps or some kind of interaction with it- it'd be quite hard and long work i suppose but judging by the rest of your work you'd pull it off amazingly! Cool thread by the way,
  • Thanks InTheFlesh & Sam. :D
    I'm not exactly sure how to make an HDRI image yet but I do know that you need one for these types of things. It's just a really high res image from my Nikon D3100. Normally I would recreate the geometry in the scene and texture it with stills to get accurate reflections. I forget what it's called in Blender... something like a world map or something... not sure though. I tweaked the size, and the X and Y axis of the world map till I got a reflection that was close enough to pass any critique. Mainly... I did it this way for speed.
    Again, thanks so much guys and I'm really glad you like it. Hopefully I'll be able to record the audio or voice over for the tut. We've got lot's of really cool stuff going on. :D
  • Yeah, for my video I made a HDRI of the surrounding area for general reflections, and then camera projected the video onto stand in geometry to get the realistic reflections from the front of the garage and the ground.
    There's a video tutorial here showing similar methods to what I use for the HDRI probe creation, though some parts do vary. All in all it ends in a similar result:
  • Awesome. Thanks for the video man. :D
    Trust me... you're super hero effects entry has my clip beat by a long shot because your lighting set up is much more realistic.
  • Cheers :)
    It wasn't really a complex set up though. Mainly a combination of my HDRI of the scene (used for reflections and ambient lighting only), hand placed lights to match the sun direction and sky contribution, the camera mapped geometry, following a proper linear workflow and a fair bit of compositing work. So all small things that are relatively easy to learn, and when pieced together correctly can really help step up the quality of your work.
    Really, one of the most prominent things that has changed the output of my work is linear workflow. Check out my article I posted in my thread for basics behind it (even though it's written for 3ds Max, there is a lot of good knowledge and techniques in it), and look at utilizing it in blender. It does change your compositing workflow (and to be honest, I don't think Hitfilm supports a proper linear workflow, though I have requested it so we shall see what the future brings), but once you get what is technically going on, it becomes just as easy and natural as regular rendering and compositing.
  • Hey guys,
    I just made this 3D HitFilm logo in blender a few minutes ago. It's got very basic materials. I think it looks cool. Will probably do some more tweaking on it though. :D
    By spydurhank at 2012-08-21
  • Nice :) One thing to look at though is the crossed faces from too much bevel/chamfer. That's causing the black faces in the corners of the h, t and f.
  • Dang! Good eye man. :D I didn't even notice it till you mentioned it.
  • Here's a new one after a bit of work.
    By spydurhank at 2012-08-22
  • Dang, spydurhank! Nice work. I like the sugar glass appearance of the logo. Looks good enough to eat!
  • Thanks Zed. :D

  • It's been a while, worked on this last night. It took around five hours to render out the ocean simulation over night. It took forever to matchmove in Blender because it doesn't have automatic tracking yet. Rather than having to roto masks for the front porch to composite the ocean into the scene, I modeled the geometry of the front porch and textured it with stills taken from the actual live footage. That only took about 30 minutes to do. It's a lot easier than having to manually roto masks. I rendered the geometry as a separate image sequence from the ocean sim to have more control in the compositing stage. I had a spot light which you can see a reflection of on the ocean sim footage. I added an empty in the same 3D coordinates as the spot light for use in Hitfilm as a "point" I selected the matchmoved camera and the before mentioned empty and used the brand new HitFilm export script mentioned here.
    After placing every thing in order and after some grading, I added a plane with a light flares effect on the timeline, changed the plane to 3D and parented the light flare effect to the empty that was exported out of Blender as a point in HitFilm. I also added a nice sky background and used the clouds preset in Hitfilm and slightly animated the effect, it's very subtle but really gives the shot some more depth.
    This was really fun to work on and I hope you guys like it.
    Wow, I really love this!
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