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  • Sorry to keep on asking questions but do you know how to import not only the movement of camera ect. but the actual model? I watched the some videos where they got the actual model in AE but didn't show how. Thanks for the help.
  • Oh wow, I don't know that AE can actually import 3D models, I tried to learn how to use it back in 08' but couldn't grasp my brain around it. The only way to sorta do this is to render your 3D animations in blender as a .mov avi or an image sequence. I always render as an image sequence and composite everything together in HitFilm.
    I look at a lot of tutorials even if they're for other compositing software. As far as I know, Nuke is the only compositing program that can import 3D models. It is super complex though. It uses a node based system where as AE and HitFilm use layers. Blender also uses a node based compositing system which is a pain to learn. The only time that I use it, is to fake the appearance of motion blur on 3D models.
  • Oh O.K. In the tutorials I saw they probably exported the camera light ect. and then the actual video separate. I think I get it...
    I've tried to export the video in mpeg but it gives me and error. I guess I'll have to do some research on it. Thanks and please keep up the great work to inspire and compel me to get better. Have a great night.
  • Thanks Vik, I fell asleep and just woke up. Freaking tired. My sleep pattern is all messed up. Once I get started with Blender and HitFilm... I can't seem to stop and quickly lose track of time. Gonna try to sleep normally tonight. :D
  • Here's a test render of the clip that I've been working on.
    The smoke plumes are just place holders from Action Essentials, till I can render out some decent smoke sims from Blender so, I didn't do a whole lot of color correction too them. The flames are stock footage from NCC. Hope you like it. :D
  • That's pretty cool, though the actual shot framing is a bit weird: the cameraman should be trying to keep the city in frame as well. :)
    Would love to see those ships comped into a moving shot, District 9 style.
  • A little light or smoke by the engines wouldn't hurt. It looks good but after looking at it for a little bit it may look like just a picture floating there. Or maybe have them come toward the camera after it pans up. Just a thought. Good work.
  • Thanks guys, I'll see if the director can take a trip back to San Francisco and re-shoot some back drops. I know he was kicked out of the area that he was shooting in, by cops so I'm not sure if he'll be able too.
  • A little update.
    Yesterday I bought a Nvidia GEForce GTX580 video card with 3gigs of DDR5 memory.
    Today... UPS delivered my 32gig kit of ram.
    My computer is running super duper fast and I'm pretty stoked about it. :D

  • A little update.
    Yesterday I bought a Nvidia GEForce GTX580 video card with 3gigs of DDR5 memory.
    Today... UPS delivered my 32gig kit of ram.
    My computer is running super duper fast and I'm pretty stoked about it. :D

    OMG what are your computer specs >.<
  • It's an Alien Ware Aurora, easily up gradable. It's at the bottom end when concerning performance but that's why I bought a 3gig graphics card for $500.00 and 32gigs of ram for $260.00. It'll take another graphics card with no problem but I'll wait on that for a little while. I don't know as much as I should about computers but it has an i7 something or other with 8 cores which seem to help.
    Sorry, I went out to celebrate my new graphics card and ram tonight, just got home so I'll post the real specs to my computer when I sober up a tad bit. :)
  • Here're my computer specs. :D
    Aurora Alienware.
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
    Intel Core i7-2600k Processor.
    Graphics card. Nvidia EVGA GEFORCE GTX580 3gigs GDDR5
    Ram. Corsair Vengeance 4x8 32gigs DDR3
    Blue Ray & DVD Burner
    Hard Drives.
    1 Terabyte HD
    1.5 Terabyte HD
    1 Terabyte external HD
    500gig external HD
    Blender 2.62 & Cycles render engine.
    Gimp 2.7 & 2.8
    My Paint.
    Vegas Pro 10.
    Morpheus Photo Morpher.
    And yes... I sometimes still use VisionLab Studio. :D
  • Great stuff mate those latest ships look incredible! Looking forward to seeing more!
  • Thanks Merc, here you go. These are 2 more WIP clips. I used the 2D matchmover in HitFilm for both of these clips because there was very little movement, not enough parallax info in the clips to get a solution from the 3D camera tracker in Blender. They need a bit more tweaking in the color correction department but it's a good start. The director couldn't make it out to San Francisco Bay to get clearer shots so I have to make do with these.
    I rendered the engine glow in a separate image sequence to enhance the glow in HitFilm. On a side not, I did have to Rotoscope out some sailboats and small water craft from the bay. I hope it looks okay.
    This time I did animate the ships as slowly as I could and finally got some good results from the Smoke Simulator in Blender. One of the explosions is from Action Essential and the rest of the flames are from the No Control Cinema stock pack.
    I can't change the way that the camera is moving because the Director wants me to use the footage as is... but if you guys think of anything that these shots might need... please let me know. Your input is always welcome and appreciated.
    Thanks for watching. :D
  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator
    edited April 2012
    WIP2 is looking pretty good.
    - The closest spaceship needs a bit more distance haze. Compare it to the buildings below, which are far less distinct. Currently it kinda looks like it's really small and hovering over the guy's head.
    - The smoke works, but the fire all has a very hard horizontal line which doesn't really work. You need to hide it in amongst the buildings more.
    - The fire is moving too fast. It looks like a small, furiously burning campfire, rather than a giant building fire. From this distance it might be worth not having the fire at all, and just having the smoke plumes.
    WIP3 is better, distance-wise. The explosions work nicely, too. The electricity beam could maybe do with a bit more customisation so it doesn't just look like a random bit of electricity - maybe add some extra layers around it so it looks more complex?
  • Thanks Tarn, will do. :D
  • This is a very interesting shot to work on so far, had to do a ton of experimenting because I couldn't find any tuts on how to render a depth pass out of Blender... and I still don't think that I rendered it out properly, My eyes see the awkwardness but I can't really seem to pinpoint the problem. It's like the depth pass is too sharp or something. I added a blur to it but it only helps to a certain extent. I'll do some more tweaking on it later today.
    I really wanted to use the Fluffy Cloud effect in HitFilm but it dissipates over time and I can't figure out how to make it last longer, so I just used a high res picture of a sky and turned it into a 3D plane. The shot looks okay but I really wanted to get the effect of the ship moving and displacing the clouds as it fly's through them but like I said, I don't know how to control the lifetime of the Fluffy Cloud effect.
    I exported the cam and some empties that where parented to the center of the ship and at the end of, each of the 3 large columns protruding from the side of the ship. My plan was to parent several instances of the Fluffy Cloud effect out in 3D space for the fly through and also to the imported empties "points" and because the points were already animated in Blender... the cloud effect that is parented to each point would move along with it and truly give it a sense of the ship flying through the clouds because all of the Fluffy Cloud effect layers would intersect with each other. Well... that was the plan and I couldn't get it to work. I hope I can figure it out soon. :D
  • Looks to me as if the problem does is not an incorrect depth pass but something with the particles... Maybe what you see are the edges where the individual particles intersect with the ship. But then the particles must be quite big to make it that apparent... Did you try to reduce the size and up the amount of particles?
  • I watched three different times but couldn't really see what you are talking about. I think it looks great. Very nice. I like it a lot. Keep it up.
  • edited April 2012
    That's the thing... there're no particles. The only things in the scene are the ship, engine emission, depth pass and the pic of the sky... not counting the camera and 3D points.
    Thanks Vik, I used the depth pass as a mask... doesn't it look like, maybe it pops a little? Almost like the transition isn't smooth? I dunno... maybe it's just me because I've been working on it since yesterday and I've been staring at it for so long?
  • Ah, I see... Now that's weird.
  • Right? Hmmm, I got the idea from an Andrew Kramer Video Copilot tut so, it could be the Levels and or Exposure effect that I'm using on the Depth Pass. It's late and I'm tired so I'll mess with it some more tomorrow. For now... gonna go and have a couple of Brewhas and Shots. :D
  • Here's the next shot that I'm working on. This is more of a test and I may end up texturing the actor on to a low poly 3D model so that I can add movement to it and depth because this was just a still pic. There will be an energy type lightning effect that disintegrates him. I used the particle engine and smoke sim in blender... only because I'm not used to HitFilm's particle engine just yet. Need to practice with it a lot more than I have so far.
    I'll probably end up using it anyway for more subtle effects and because it actually works in 3D. :D
  • Nice disintegration effect!
  • Thanks Robin. Still tweaking it a bit. :D
  • Here's my second WIP. It's a bit more interesting looking.
  • that looks pretty kool
  • Nice. Coupla things -
    1. Currently it looks like the clothing is disintegrating. There's no sense of a body being in there. Add some additional layers behind the one you already have to show blood, gore and skin disintegrating. You could probably simply duplicate the plate your already have twice, then tint one of them red and one of them skin coloured. That way as they all disintegrate, you'll get a sense of there being volume to it, and less like a flat image of some clothing being split up.
    2. The animation is a little dry. I like the start, but rather than having the particles drifting aimlessly for the duration of the shot, you could try having them start off like this, then all fall to the ground. Or maybe start off like this, and then violently explode out in all directions. Almost as if the beam weapon disintegrates him, holds the particles in place for a moment, then deactivates. I think that'd make it a lot more interesting and visceral.
  • Great idea Tarn. Thanks. :D
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