Film Sensei's Stuff: Super Easy INK Drop Effect in HitFilm Express! (August 7, 2020)



  • @FilmSensei ; I had no idea it was a free plug in.  A million thanks for that piece of info alone.

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  • Very cool tut. :)

  • @FilmSensei ; A very useful series, Jay.  Loved the part about creating a sun.

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    @tddavis - Here is an extended setup to show you how far you can build out. I think I saw Javert set this up somewhere in one of his tutorial?

    Remember that set matte is your friend. Lets say you have an asteroid field , planet and a ship inside the field and the Sun is far behind the ship and the make a matte of the entire scene just duplicate your main shot, turn off all grading, lights, etc, - put  a Grade layer at the top of the stack and crush everything to Black (all parts, models) with Curves. Add a white plane to the bottom of the stack...whala..your Matte sir. Bring that back in to the main comp as J shows and in your sun setup set matte  just reference that Matte.....and by the way.. me thinks there are a few matte effect in Hitfilm Pro  now that do exactly how I describe it manually.

    Great series for a tutorial J and as usual you knocked it out of the park!  👍

  • @GrayMotion ; Thanks for that info, sir.  Set Matte is but, yet, another area that I need much learnin' :)

  • @GrayMotion That looks fantastically cool! I will definitely be playing with that. Unfortunately, my copy of HitFilm Pro has broke. I am working on getting it back up and running properly, but so far, it is not going well. The good news is that Express is still working fine! :)

  • @FilmSensei ; Ruh Roh, Scoob, what did you do? :)

  • Sorry to hear that J. I too have problems with Pro 14 on PC. It seems it does not like to render particle systems and 3D model scenes very well from previous version(s). Been playing chase my tail for a week with older projects (big projects that are hard to share with the Devs). Been trying to nail down exactly what (effect) is causing the problem.

    I was actually going to do a tutorial with an older project on the exact thing I typed out to Terry above but performance is shot so the tutorial would be crash riddled. All in due time I'm sure...

  • @GrayMotion @tddavis

    I believe that the Override Materials feature of HitFilm Pro 14 must put a larger strain on the the PC than previously. I too have had issues with big projects crashing, but only with models involved, especially if I have overridden the materials. As far as my current problem, it started when I was attempting to import a fairly large  model of an asteroid (see above!). The import module window never appeared, and HitFilm refused to respond. I finally was forced to kill the application though the task manager. Now HitFilm runs just fine... unless I want to import a model, in which case the import module window never appears and I have to ultimately kill the application. Interestingly, the import module window appears just fine in HitFilm Express 13. I have updated drivers. I have uninstalled, and reinstalled HitFilm Pro. I have rebooted several times. Nothing has fixed the problem. I submitted a ticket, but because it's the weekend, I don't expect anyone will see it until at least Monday. So I am now working on other projects instead. :)

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  • @FilmSensei super cool! I didn't expect EbSynth! Been looking at it for a while and contemplating some projects. I noticed you briefly showed off some other effects you used with it, how well did you feel they came out?

  • @TheBenNorris As you probably know, EBsynth is not designed to do an "aging effect," but rather it is specifically designed to create an animated video utilizing your own cartoon style out of a regular video. The way it works is you hand draw a frame of the video in your own style and then have EBsynth translate that into all of the other frames. As you could tell in the video, I am not a very good artist, so my drawing came out really bad, and therefore it did not translate well into the final video. I did, however, run it through a few different cartoon filters (including HitFilm's), and they came out very well. I was really pleased with the Deep Dream Generator version! I have to admit, I was surprised at how well the aging effect came out, especially given that EBsynth was not originally meant to translate that kind of effect. It does get me thinking about how many other ways you would translate a video using it, however.

  • @FilmSensei I haven't looked into its workings too deeply, but I'd assume that all it is doing is learning the relationship between the images then attempting to apply that transformation to other input as well, so theoretically it could apply any transformation to a video...could certainly be really interesting for some VFX

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    Jay, @TheBenNorris have a buddy at MIT Media Lab who threw out some insights. Finding his comments would be a deep tedious Twitter dive, but, underlying tech is similar to Deep Dream, so there's a lot of adaptive learning and brute force comparison happening. 

  • @TheBenNorris @Triem23 Yup... that's exactly right!

  • Playing catch-up on a lot of your videos that I've missed in the past (mumble mumble) months, Jay. Didn't have time to watch the longer live streams, but I hope to catch up on those as well eventually. Some really fun stuff in there! I especially loved the latest one using EBSynth. At first I was afraid that it was a Windows-only tool, but was pleased to find that they have a Mac version as well. Definitely want to have a play with that.

  • @CleverTagline Thanks and I hope that your move went well!

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  • @FilmSensei Good one Jay!

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  • @FilmSensei Neat trick with Hitfilm.  I watched waay too early this morning and got all bumfuzzled on the math when you started doing rotations :)  I was convinced in my head that it should have been 3600 for the second hand.  I don't want to tell you how long it took my to sort that out in my head!  It has been too long since I had to do math I can tell you.

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    @Tddavis That second hand be a movin'! :)

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